What Makes a Good Manager: Informative Essay

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Being a good manager is more than just common sense. Managers over time have developed the need for additional skills to be successful in the workforce. While managers are very important, they are not just concerned with themselves, but also with everyone around them and the mindset they put forth. Although a manager’s achievement is commonly based on physical skills, talents, leadership skills, communication abilities, and organization in general, the ability to delegate and the ability to be anonymous are key factors that are essential to creating and making a good manager. Each of these factors doesn’t only deal with managers themselves, but also the people they work with and their overall qualities as an individual.

Having leadership skills is crucial and impeccable for management. Above all, managers need to be supportive, they set examples for all employees. As Pearce states, “Leadership styles are trusting, empowering and enabling others” (Pearce, 2019.) These traits are subfields of a manager who can express their leadership skills in a professional manner and that can represent their skills. Leadership itself relates managers to employees. By setting examples, managers can show characteristics of autonomy and self-direction. While autonomy on its own can help create a perfect and good manager. “Systems create an organizational climate wherein caring about employees’ concerns, fostering employee engagement, involvement and retention at workplace become normal but extremely powerful rituals played by the persons in the leadership roles” (Singh, 2018).

Communication remains a practice that benefits any environment and the people in it. A manager’s roles are to help and identify problems that arise within the workplace. Therefore, communication enforces reinsure-meant to employees that they are excelling in their tasks at hand. Indeed, being able to apply openly and feel that they’ve been heard encourages them, this is supported by Cyphert, Dodge, and Duclos’s article (2016): “Communication managerial applications require an ability to encourage and develop others”. The authors here are implying the importance of communication and the context it should be used in. While a respectable manager will have no problem applying their thoughts in a conversation, others can feel overwhelmed, which can be expressed negatively.

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Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Assisting employees in being organized and having an organized mindset will help run a company smoothly and efficiently. The idea of organization is not just being clean and being able to know where everything and items are, organization is a way of practice and development, to be arranged in an orderly and logical way that benefits a company. Managers can create a climate and can lead by example by creating objectives and purpose described here: “An organization of people is intended to serve some human purpose and operates under the internal environmental influences of individual and group values and the needs of people within the organization” (Barber & Taylor, 1990). Consequently, having a specific organization of individuals can also create a theme for external controls that managers appreciate and recognize. Using resources that are currently and already present in a company can improve the organization within a company and its team members. Additionally, as something so raw and present in everyday life like an organization, it creates significant changes and improvements in the overall interactions between employees and managers. This is though in the certainty that managers are able to delegate their priorities and manage reality while completing their tasks.

The ability to delegate is the ability to assign responsibilities and encourage others with a successful work ethic. A good manager can encourage employees to make the right decisions by giving them freedom. Additionally, delegation in itself is not depending on others, it’s your ability to use others’ knowledge but to allow yourself to instruct what the next step might be and how to achieve it properly. Although many managers succeed in the ability others get baffled on how to help others, explained here, “many practice owners and managers don't delegate effectively. You can't expect someone to do a job if you haven't outlined what you want him or her to do” (Opperman, 2006). Though this may seem easy there are factors, involving resources and their scarcity that increase the chance of an overall win. While the real reason to increase and improve the workload is to properly delegate employees, Johnston explains the reason why delegation is required, “appropriate delegation of decision-making results in an increase in productivity and efficiency” (Johnston, 2000). As a result, managers and employees benefit in such a way that implicates the need for the ability to delegate to be a key factor in constructing a good manager.

In conclusion, there are many factors that make a good manager, the most important of which have been described in this essay.


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