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Many people prefer to have two different jobs at the same time, but some only prefer one. in our essay, we will tackle the similarities and differences between two specific jobs. These two jobs are a Manager and a waitress or server. We will also know the importance of their role, how they help one's business to grow, and how they both deserve to be recognized.

The manager's job is a job of a person who is in charge of his employees and also in all the operations. He is responsible for planning, overseeing, supervising, and managing staff and the business. In all establishments, a manager is the one who is having responsibility in maintaining or monitoring the staff recruitments, selections, and also giving orientations. As he is in charge of hiring and selecting new staff, he will be the one who will examine the character of the applicant before he hires them. Most of the company is trusting the manager to select and hire the right people for a specific job for them to maintain the efficiency and quality of the job of the team. Part of his responsibility to think of something that can help his staff job improvements and development, by giving training and coaching. Meaning the development and improvement of the staff is also depends on how their manager is compassionate to organize and set a schedule to give them many pieces of training and seminars.

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It is important to the managerial job the leadership skills of the person. If a manager is a good leader he will be successful. So, being a manager is not only to always give commands to the employees, he should be also the doer of what he is commanding. To show his leadership skills, he should know how to motivate his people, know how to resolve and handle any conflicts, and know how to make hard decisions. Whatever the decisions the manager will make will always affect the company or business. Even it is not easy for him to make hard decisions, he needs to make it as it is part of his job.

Managers do a lot of communicating with their employees, customers, and management. Sometimes they have one on one conversation with the customers when there are concerns, suggestions, and comments about there product or service. He should always have good verbal communication. In terms of manager requirement, a person can be a manager if he has Bachelor's degree, have a strong understanding about business management, excellent in communication, and committed to providing good service to his customers and always know how to support his employees.

The waitress or server, normally they have to take orders and serve food to customers. Greeting customers, presenting menus, collecting bills, and working in a fast and pressured environment are part of their responsibilities. If we will observe, the server is polite, smiling, and always making sure that their customers enjoy the food and their service. They also good team members and always communicating with the chef to make sure that the orders they are preparing are correct. In every restaurant, we can see that all tables are well set up because of them. Sometimes they are also the ones who clean the dining area. They check the cleanliness of the dishes and utensils that they will use before the customer arrives. They also carry all dirty plates and utensils to the kitchen once the customers are done eating.

Waiter or waitress is not an easy job, it is one of the hardest jobs that other people have just to earn money. Their salary is not also high compare to the managerial position. Even the time or shift of their duty is not normal like the office. But still, they are doing their job with excellence. They play an important role in giving satisfaction to their guest, meaning all the servers have brought a contribution to why any restaurant receives compliments and a higher rate of satisfaction. We can also say that they are flexible in their job because they are not only serving food, but they are also taking necessary actions to any complaints or problems from customers. The requirements for this job are having a good personality, dining experience, can work under pressure, team player, and high school diploma or undergraduate.

These two jobs are different, but both are the same source of income. The manager is a higher position with a lot of responsibilities while the waitress or waiter is a position with some responsibilities but a tough one. Many people are degrading the job of a server, but they did not know how hard is there job is. It doesn't matter if a person is a server or with a position, as long as that person is happy and earning by his job. Even if a person is earning a lot but not happy with his job, all his work is nothing. If a person is earning so small, but he is happy and loves what he is doing, so all his work and sacrifices do not go in vain. Position can be paid by a high salary but enjoyment and happiness at work will never be paid by low or high salary.

Managers and a server are both normal employees and they are both important to the company. Both of them are contributors to aiming the goal of the company to have more customer satisfaction. Both jobs can be the feet and hands of the business. Businesses cannot function with the manager but without a server or with a server but without a manager and or without both of them. They both play an important part in helping the company to grow. Without them, it will be hard for a restaurant or business to function well. Who will talk to the customer? Who will serve a good service? Who will manage the business and manage the dining are? So, both of them are important. both jobs deserve to be recognized and deserve to receive an appraisal from the higher management. Remember, without them no business will be managed successfully. All the success of one business is because of all employees like managers, servers, and other positions.

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