Life As A Nurse: How Does It Look Like?

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Violet Gosset is a young American female who just graduated training school for nurses and writes a diary of her experiences. Not knowing what to do, she signs up to become a nurse for World War I with her best friend Julia Stimson. The day they are leaving for France, Violet’s brother gets sent to the front. As soon as Violet and Julia reach France, they are put straight to work and throughout their time there, they come across many problems and difficulties. As soon as there is news of the war being over, Violet leaves to go find her brother to see if he’s still alive. On her many adventures, she meets many fantastic people who have done many great things and also accomplished many great things during the war.

Today was a splendid day. I graduated from The School of Nursing with Julia Stimson, my best friend. During our time there, we learned many things however, we’re not sure when we’ll be able to use our knowledge. Later that day, I came up with an idea to become a nurse in the war and go to France at the front. This way, I can help my country and also spend my time learning even more. I then asked Julia how she felt about becoming a nurse in the war and she was more than happy to join with me.

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I contacted Red Cross and got a reply 10 days later. The letter said that they will be sending about 100 more nurses to the front on July 9. If we wanted to be one of the 100, I would need to be a female, unmarried, between 25-35 years of age, Caucasian, and graduates of nursing school (Vine and Marble). If we qualified, then we could register and then they would send us a letter back telling us we got in. We would then leave on a ship going from New Jersey to France and we would be put straight to work.

I know that it can be very scary to be a nurse during the war and work near the front but I want to help my country so I chose to become a nurse. Although my family is very scared about sending me near the front, they know that it will make a great learning experience. As I am waiting, I am becoming more and more eager to help the men who are serving our country.

I got accepted by Red Cross to volunteer and go to France. At this time, I am on board a large ship that is sailing to the war front with Julia. As we are waiting to get off the fatiguing ship, I am caught up in my thoughts thinking about how life will be like living as a nurse. Even though I am excited, I am truly scared of losing my life to save to save the lives of others.

The day I was leaving home, my brother, Humphrey, pulled me aside and told that he was drafted and would be leaving in two weeks. In shock of the news, I left quickly and didn’t even get to bid my farewell. Now that I think about it, what if that was the last time I would be able to say anything to him, and all I said was nothing.

As Julia runs outside, I follow her and I am able to see a large strip of land. Seeing that we are almost there, I get my things ready and wait for the ship to stop. Just as the boat came to a halt, Julia and I get off and are confronted by Edith Cavell. She tells us that she is a matron of a Red Cross hospital in Brussels (Hatt, 30) and has come here to greet us and take us some of us to volunteer there. Before we could even get a word in, another lady says that we are to report to the large blue and white bus and that we will be leaving in five minutes.

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