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Why I Want To Become A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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The job I picked was a pediatric nurse practitioner and I picked this job because I wanted a job that worked with kids. When you are a pediatric nurse practitioner, you specialize in the care of newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. In this job you focus on primary care, growth and development, preventive care, and treat acute and chronic illnesses. They are limited on the medication they can prescribe because if they need a medication that they can prescribe they have to ask the pediatrician to prescribe it. I they need help they have the Physicians to ask for help or a second opinion. For this job you can work between 8-12 hours a day. On an average you will be treating 24 patients a day.

The education for this job is around 6-8 years. First you will need a bachelor’s degree in the science of nursing. After you will have to go through a program for 2-4 years to get your nurse practitioner degree. In this program you have a significant amount of coursework and clinical work. But before you get your NP degree, you have to prove to the state that you learned and obtained all the skills information needed. So you have to take the state-specific NP exam to get you degree.

After school, it's not going to be that hard to find a job because the job outlook will go up 19% by 2020. There are about 240,700 jobs available in 2018. Some of the places you can get employed at are doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, surgical centers. Some of the places in the hospitals that needs PNP are the pediatric units like critical, neonatal, and the oncology units. You will work between 8-12 hours a day and have about 24 patients a day. Working as a PNP your salary is average $88,597 and highest salary is $143,000. pediatric nurse practitioners about $49 per hour and $1,974 per week. Some of the benefits are free housing, partial expense compensation, and range of opportunities. After getting enough experience that you feel comfortable, you can open your own practice.

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You have to have certain qualities and skills to be able to succeed as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Some of the qualities you need are compassion, resourceful, multitasker, and detailed oriented. Some of the skills you need are strong communication, critical thinking, and the art of distraction. You use the quality of compassion and the skill of distraction mainly because you are working with children and you want them to be calm and feel safe. You need to be a multitasker because you have to keep the child occupied while doing the things you need to do. You also need to be detailed oriented so you will know if the child is lying that they are sick or to see the big picture of why they are hurt or scared to talk about what happened to them. Being a strong communicator is important because you are not just talking to the children, but also their parents that are worried about their child. Lastly you have to be resourceful and a critical thinker because you work in a hospital, clinic, pediatric critical unit, pediatric oncology unit or other places. and people are relying on you to figure out what’s wrong with them and save their life.

When you become a pediatric nurse practitioner there are a lot of different duties and responsibilities you have to do. Some of the duties you have to do are physicals, immunizations, developmental assessments, and well-child exams. The physicals can be for sports or school and the immunizations are for programs and school, so both of them are important for you to stay up to date with. The well - child exams and the development assessments are to check the child's height, weight, vision, hearing, and other screenings. By doing these testings it helps you see if the child has developed problems. You also treat childhood illnesses like chicken pox and chronic illnesses like leukemia. If the child is sick, you can prescribe medication but there are limits and if it’s a medication you can’t prescribe you can ask a pediatrician. You can order lab tests and xrays to see what is wrong with the child. You will have to teach patients and families about what they can do to help themselves or the child. You can provide resources like teen birth control counseling and newborn and lactation education by becoming a liaison. If there are any problems with the child you are in charge of telling the family. You use basic equipment like a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, heart monitor, pediatric pain scale, and a pocket guide. Some of the procedures you proform are suturing, starting IVs, giving medication, wound care, ear washing, and strep screenings.

In conclusion, I would choose this career right now because I like helping children. The biggest reason I would be a pediatric nurse practitioner and not a pediatrician is the schooling because if I become a PNP I don’t have to go to school as long but be able to help the children just as much. Another reason is I have a chance to have my own practice and be my own boss. The next reason is that I already have some of the qualities like compassion and resourceful because I will try my hardest to help the children and not give up when I don’t know what is wrong. If I go to college for this career I would go to is Brown University because it’s close to home and I don’t have to worry about dorm charges. It’s close enough that I can live at home. I also go to Brown a Saturday a month because I’m in a program there and I like it there.

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