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Job Satisfaction In McDonald’s And Its Relationship With Personality

Job satisfaction, as Wood et al. (2016) mentions, represents to which extent people consider their job positively or negatively. As an emotional affiliation with the job environment or tasks, job satisfaction strongly influences the employee’s behaviour. As a result, job satisfaction plays a significant role in achieving the goals in any organization. For example, if there would be too much employee turnover due to the low job satisfaction, organization must invest a lot of money in training new crew members....
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Impact Of Spirituality On Job Satisfaction

To survive in the 21st century, organizations need to be spiritually based. This, in turn, will lead to workers being satisfied with their entire work experience. In order to get an improved understanding of behaviour at work, employees should be studied from physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Although the physical and psychological dimensions of individuals at work have been studied extensively, the spiritual dimension has been neglected for many years. The objective of the current research will be to determine...
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Job Satisfaction And Motivation: Factors And Effects

ABSTRACT Today’s organizations are highly dependent on how it attracts & motivates its employee. Therefore, organizations are adapting strategy to improve employee engagement & satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a key of success to organization growth. The aim of this study is to learn the factors that affect the motivation & satisfaction of the employees. INTRODUCTION Organizations have realized that major differentiators & uniqueness of an institutions comes from its human resources. Since then the approach of personnel or HRM has...
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The Influence of Job Satisfaction and Leadership Behavior on Employee Engagement

ABSTRACT This research was conducted to find out more about the relationship and the effect between job satisfaction (X1) and leadership behavior (X2) on employee engagement (Y). Data analysis utilized in this study consist of; data quality test, classical assumption test, multiple regression analysis and hypothesis testing. While, the amount of participants in this study were 50 (employee) at Cipete Coffee shop (South Jakarta) by using the Incidental method and they should experienced of working in the company as a...
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Employee Motivation & Job Satisfaction

Today’s organization highly dependent on how it attracts and motivates its employee and employee satisfaction is key of success of organization growth. Therefore, organizations are required to adopt a strategy to improve the employee’s quality of work life to satisfy both the organizational objectives and employee needs. Motivational strategies play a bigger role employee’s Job Satisfaction. Employees need to be more flexibility at work place to enjoy their commitment. The aim of this study is to learn and identify the...
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The Elements Of Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction has exceptional significance for an individual to gain lustrous and pleasurable life. In fact, it has been one of the most researched variables in the area of workplace psychology and has been correlated with various psychosocial issues ranging from leadership to job design. Job satisfaction brings two most common definition as “the pleasurable emotional feeling resulting from the appraisal of one’s job as achieving or facilitating the achievement of one’s job values”, and “the extent to which people...
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Critical Review of the Article 'Workspace Satisfaction: The Privacy-Communication Trade-Off in Open-Plan Offices'

In recent years, open-plan offices have been the subject of considerable controversy. This journal argues that the benefits of open-plan offices which can be defined as the interior office space without the partition of wall or door are less than the disadvantages of it and the main reason for the dissatisfaction with the open-plan offices is the lack of privacy (especially in acoustics). The purpose of this journal is to evaluate the impact of conflict between advantages and disadvantages of...
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Effect of Leadership Style and Work Environment on Job Satisfaction of Teachers

Human resources (HR) is the most important factor in an organization both educational organizations and other field organizations, the involvement of human resources in the organization is implemented in the form of labor, employees or employees. In the field of education, certain educational institutions are demanded to always improve their quality by providing comfort and safety to every teacher so that job satisfaction of a teacher can be achieved and will have an impact on the performance of the teacher...
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Impact of Emotional Intelligence Dimensions on Employee Performance

The study aims to do an extensive study on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the impact of EI and its overall dimension on the Employee in Resin Manufacturing industry at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune region. The study focus on overall dimension of EI of Employee in Resin Manufacturing industry. A sample size of 100 has been selected from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune industrial region in order to carry out a Pilot study. Convenient sampling technique was used to collect...
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Critical Analysis of Job Satisfaction in Generation X

Introduction Job satisfaction means good feelings or a positive attitude towards work, due to the work that the person has been responding to the level of expectations that a person has both their own internal needs, such as the need for acceptance, self-esteem proved ability and meet external needs, such as receiving compensation from work and have more stable’s life (Spector, 1997). To further explain ‘Job satisfaction’, ‘level of job satisfaction for two different categories: X and Y generations will...
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Definition And Factors Of Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction, as the name suggests, is the feeling of contentment or a sense of accomplishment, which an employee derives from his/her job. It is a result of appraisal that causes one to attain their job values or meet out their basic needs. It helps in determining, to what extent a person likes or dislikes his/her job. Overall job satisfaction is a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction: Intrinsic job satisfaction is when workers consider only the kind of...
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Employee Motivation & Satisfaction

ABSTRACT Today’s organization highly dependent on how it attracts and motivates its employee and employee satisfaction is key of success of organization growth. Therefore, organizations are required to adopt a strategy to improve the employee’s quality of work life to satisfy both the organizational objectives and employee needs. Motivational strategies play a bigger role employee’s Job Satisfaction. Employees need to be more flexibility at work place to enjoy their commitment. The aim of this study is to learn and identify...
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The Meaning Of Job Satisfaction And Its Factors

Human resource is considered to be the most beneficial or treasured asset in any organization. The human resources should be employed to maximum extent, in order to achieve the organization’s and the individual’s goals. Hence the employees work and performance has an impact on motivation and job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is all about how one feels towards one’s job. An employee who is contented with their job is said to have a positive attitude towards the job and a dissatisfied...
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A Study on Impact of Organizational Factors on Job Satisfaction among Doctors of Teaching Hospitals

Abstract Job satisfaction has different perspectives. Considering the point of view of an employee, it reveals the benefits people might be looking for while taking the job. And these benefits are agreed by the employer considering their own strategies, benefits and profits. Moreover organizational factors that affect their satisfaction articulate employees’ aspiration to utilize their potential to make a valuable and meaningful contribution towards fulfilling their individual goals. From an organization’s point of view, they take up people to perform...
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Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction Of Nurses

Critical care unit is considered as a very hectic workplace in the hospital and the shortage of specialized nurses are the common issue at the international as well as at the national level. Level of job-satisfaction among critical-care units is directly associated with productivity and positive outcomes. A number of studies have been conducted in different countries but, limited studies are available in the Pakistani context. The purpose of selection this topic is; being a critical-care practitioner I myself observe...
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Job Satisfaction as a Conflict Trigger Between Staff and Officer in a Local Bank

Introduction Like organisms, the individual units of the organization need to function as one. Its units are interdependent to each other, so the individuals assigned to these units. Symbiotic relationships exist within the organization for it to function efficiently and effectively. Sometimes individual attitudes, culture, and behaviors collide and create conflict with is oftentimes bring regarded as counterproductive (George & Jones, 2006). Conflict is inevitable in organizations – personalities, worldviews, attitudes, and various cultures collide and inevitably ensue. On one...
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Impact Of Educational Attainment On Job Satisfaction

The impact of educational attainment on job satisfaction is ambiguous. Existing literature has acknowledged there to be a positive association between education level and job satisfaction in some cases, a negative association in others and also found cases where there were no association at all between the two variables. This was documented across worker’s gender and wage-earning status (Martin and Shenan, 1989), working conditions (Weiss et al., 1967), and various aspects of health (Pisani, 2009). Empirical evidence suggests that level...
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Review Of Research: Aspects Of Job Satisfaction In The UAE

1. A review of research papers on job satisfaction in the UAE “The degree to which people like their jobs” (Spector, 1997, p. 7) is the simplest definition for job satisfaction. . The level of job satisfaction is important because it indicated the strength and the success of the organization. This is because if the employees have a positive feeling toward their job, the level of productivity will rise, they will be more loyal and committed to the organization and...
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Analyzing the Organizational Behaviors Model of Intel (M) Corporation

According to CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel is known for its corporate culture of meritocracy, which considers employee ability and output. This culture differentiates Intel from competitors, maintains a high-end brand, and influences customers and suppliers to adopt technological efficiency in their mindsets. The following are the main characteristics of Intel’s organizational culture: customer orientation, risk taking, discipline, great place to work, quality, results orientation. Intel is a multinational technology company with its Malaysia main headquarter located in Penang. Intel is...
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