Job Satisfaction And Motivation: Factors And Effects

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Today’s organizations are highly dependent on how it attracts & motivates its employee. Therefore, organizations are adapting strategy to improve employee engagement & satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a key of success to organization growth. The aim of this study is to learn the factors that affect the motivation & satisfaction of the employees.


Organizations have realized that major differentiators & uniqueness of an institutions comes from its human resources. Since then the approach of personnel or HRM has become employee centric, considering it as an asset. The treatment of employees affects their attitude & working behavior. The best approach is to adopt the motivational strategies to satisfy employee to determine effectiveness. Different studies on Psychology and considering different motivational theories, each employee have different needs hence the motivational levels are different which need to be adopted by the organization.

PROBLEM STATEMENT - Factors Affecting Motivation & Satisfaction of Employee

Employee Motivation at Workplace

Employee motivation is very crucial as it will affect its position in the market. We know that motivated employees can bring the high valuable products to the market. It is important for the leaders to know the behavior of each employee- their strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities which will eventually help them to motivate.

Motivation & Engagement has been the subject of Research the last 70 years from many Scholars and Psychologists. Below are the most important theories. The most known attempt to Investigate the Subject is found in the work of Maslow (1943), where a hierarchy of needs is set as Levels of satisfied Needs. In that Pyramid, a satisfied need is not a Motivator anymore and the Person then seeks to satisfy the next Level of needs. The five Levels are: Physiological needs, Safety or Security needs, Social or affiliation needs.

Herzberg et. Al (1959) set another Model to distinguish between Factors that affect Satisfaction or dissatisfaction from Work. In that scheme the absence of specific Factors acts as “Dissatisfiers”, and these are: “salary, status, security and working conditions”, whereas the Presence of another set of Factors are the Satisfiers, which are: “personal achievement, recognition, development”.

Employee Satisfaction

Work Satisfaction, Employee Engagement and Creativity, have been hailed by the managerial world as foundations of a successful company course. In today’s competitive and globalized economy, companies seek always to recruit the best employees and to keep them satisfied. The requirements from an employee these days are extremely high because of the complexity of the tasks. It is those employees that the companies are after, and these are the employees that a company should not only find and keep, but also bring out the best of them. In this difficult task, many factors come into play. Not only salary and working environment, but also learning opportunities, identification with the task and emotional connection are among the things the today’s manager should procure to his employees.

Quality of Work Life refers to the level of satisfaction, motivation, involvement and commitment individuals experience with respect to their lives at work. Companies interested in enhancing employees Quality of Work Life generally try to instill in employees the feelings of security, equity, pride, internal democracy, ownership, autonomy, responsibility and flexibility. They try to treat employees in a fair and supportive manner.

Job satisfaction is emphasized to be the most major element in the organization. Because of to achieve success, the organization must keep their employees satisfied in the job. Similarly, job satisfaction is explained as the level of the positive or negative feeling of staff toward their job.


When there was era of recession Globally (around 2007 & 2008), There was a huge number of layoffs happening across the organization, employees were not feeling secured. Hence there were having negative emotions. They were having a fear that they might lose primary source of Income. Understanding these emotions were important and to encourage them to make them feel secure.

In this situation, Organization understand emotions play valuable insights in workplace, Hence Communication played a major role in boosting employee’s mindset to be optimistic. Similar issue happened in TCS where organization out sourced the employees to one of the Huge Revenue division F&R (Financial and Research) Department to Blackstone in the year 2018. “Blackstone signs contract to buy F&R, staff in F&R are no doubt sitting ducks. Expect 25-40% job cuts especially in all high cost centers. Employees (black)'stoned' to the exit door. Rumor is that severance package, service continuity benefits may be dishonored going by the weasel words of the reigning CEO.

Theoretical Causes of Problem

  • Job satisfaction and Dissatisfaction
  • Emotions and Moods
  • Motivation Concepts

Initiatives of TCS for Motivating Employees to get satisfaction of their work

The variables affecting the satisfaction of employees can be identified as Organization Development, Policies of Compensation and Benefit, Job Satisfaction, Promotion and Career Development, Job Security, Relationship with Superiors, overall Working Environment & Condition, Leadership Styles, Work Group, personal factors like personality, education, expectation, age, gender differences etc.

To achieve Employee Job Satisfaction, TCS follows below factors in their work environment. We want to ensure our employees are shaping their careers, their communities, and their local environment, so TCS is seen as a great place to work.

Flexibility to perform

Named as one of Forbes, Best Companies for Work/Life Balance, TCS provides you with the flexibility to structure your work in ways that meet our expectations for high performance while allowing time to enjoy and enrich your life

Careers without boundaries

With employees in over 90 countries, working across 3 different industries, we offer opportunities as big as the world. You’ll have the ability to create a career path that matches your talents, interests, and goals. Whether you want to change functions, industries or countries, we give you the freedom to explore.

The chance to Innovate

Innovation isn't limited to creating new products and services. Being innovative is about doing things in new and improved ways. We’ve created the Catalyst Fund, which is designed to engage employees and enhance the pipeline of business ideas that we ultimately bring to market through the sponsorship of early stage innovation. The Catalyst Fund has been created to provide the funding, process, and transparency to advance great ideas, as well as new opportunities for learning and career development.

Learning and development opportunities

It's a new world of learning at TCS, one that harnesses your unique perspectives to build a platform for shared insights. No matter where you are in your career, the company or the world, you have plenty to contribute. With access to Harvard Manage Mentor, we have learning and development opportunities for everyone: employees, managers, senior leaders, executives, sales managers, emerging leaders, and women leaders.

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Your wellbeing

All TCS employees can participate in ‘Your Wellbeing,’ an initiative that will focus on providing opportunities to make all of our lives healthier. Your Wellbeing provides the tools, information, and motivation to help us collectively make consistent changes that will positively impact our health.

Employee networks

TCS has established a formal process for employees to develop Business Resource Groups (BRGs), which are voluntary, employee-driven associations that benefit both our employees and the company’s business goals.

Their current BRGs include:

  • Asian Affinity Network
  • Black Employee Network
  • Early Careers Network
  • Global Disability Employee Network
  • Latino Employee Network

Understand the traits and behaviors, skills and motivations by interviewing candidates formally and informally

  • This helped in understanding their challenges like problems of fatigue, boredom and other factors which will impact the work performance.
  • Cross- training technologies, continuous learning, leadership effectiveness, needs and motivational forces, job satisfaction etc., also play a role
  • Understand the job satisfaction levels of each employee and created the responses to dissatisfaction.
  • Observed Neglect response then we used to have regular interactions, provided them additional responsibilities, share them the customer appreciation mails, motivated them to boost up their confidence and in turn become the high- performance team
  • It was a great challenge to move the active Destructive to Active constructive.

Motivation is a key component to unlock true potential, but these triggers vary from person to person. So how do you create a work environment where all employees feel motivated and energized?

At TCS, we encourage our employees to be curious and challenge the status quo. We also focus on ensuring we have an environment of trust and openness, where our employees can feel safe to take interpersonal and ideational risks. Research shows that being motivated in the workplace fosters productivity. What motivates you? We asked employees #workingatTCS to share what inspires them to work hard each day at TCS.

Staying curious

“Every day brings something new and different and that surprise is motivating to me. I like learning new things that I never could have imagined I would have encountered or comprehended.” – Claire Crossman, Director of Product Management | Hoboken, NJ, USA

Learning something new

“Learning is what I love about my job the most, and I would do it even if I didn't get paid. This isn't just about the technology, although I love that too, for me it's also about finding ways to be more effective. I always want to see what's around the next corner, and having the freedom to apply that learning to the work I do every day has been one of the best parts of working at TCS.” - Matt Buckley, Director of Barossa Technology | Exmouth, UK

Having fun

“The work we do is complex and never-ending, but every call or meeting, even the tough ones, are always dotted with a personal connection, laughter and a bit of fun. We spend the majority of our time in the office, we should enjoy it.” – Christine Imaizumi, Manager of User Experience | Carrollton, TX, USA

A great work environment

“The workplace environment often has the biggest impact on how motivated you are at work. You thrive when you are part of an upbeat, supportive environment that gets you 'in the zone' that you need to be in so that you succeed. That’s exactly what TCS offers me here! I fortunately have a support team that helps motivate me and encourages me to be better at what I do.” – Sneha Panesar, Senior Business Analyst | Hoboken, NJ, USA

Having flexibility

“The value that embracing flexible working practices brings to the lives of TCS employees should not be underestimated. Work is such a big part of everyone's life but is always balanced with home life. I've written previously about the advantages that flexible working brings to both TCS and its employees - it's a two-way benefit. I have no doubt that my motivation to work here and deliver results has been hugely influenced by this.” – Stuart Morris, Technical Business Analyst | London, UK

Strong Values

“The company is about more than just making profit. It’s also about making a positive difference in this world. There are few that not only state that but illustrate that in their mission, strategy and execution, and TCS is one!” –Gabe Madison | Community Relations Director

Rewarding Challenges

“It’s 7 am on Friday and I’m drinking my first coffee in the office. I’ve recently started some new challenging project that requires conceptual work…It gives me a great flow and motivation to start my day earlier.” – Karolina Majowicz-Prager | Manager, Talent Acquisition

“The work I do on a daily basis makes a huge impact when I am able to find candidates that ultimately improve the organization’s bottom line and culture. I feel like I am making a difference.” –Markda Awada | Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist

“I’m constantly feeling challenged and learning something new”. –Estelle Ling | Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, North Asia

“I love the autonomy my manager gives me to use my creativity, curiosity, and resourcefulness to solve complex problems for our internal customers.” –Teymy Bahmani | Head of People Metrics and Analytics

“TCS has given me an opportunity to better myself and progress as a professional.” –Ted Nehrbas | Talent Brand Marketing Specialist


A culture that supports learning autonomy and gives more meaningful Job would influence every employee to be satisfied. This can be measured by commitment of employees on their daily duties and their motivational levels. Motivation on the other side, can be influenced by meaningful and comprehensiveness of job characteristics. It has also been shown that the personality traits play a role on the degree to which an employee feels engaged on his duties.


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