The Elements Of Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction has exceptional significance for an individual to gain lustrous and pleasurable life. In fact, it has been one of the most researched variables in the area of workplace psychology and has been correlated with various psychosocial issues ranging from leadership to job design. Job satisfaction brings two most common definition as “the pleasurable emotional feeling resulting from the appraisal of one’s job as achieving or facilitating the achievement of one’s job values”, and “the extent to which people like or dislike their jobs”. (Hassard, Teoh, & Cox, n.d.). To make it short, most of the definitions are related to affective feeling of a worker or employee towards one’s career. This ties in with neither the job in general or one’s attitudes towards specific aspects of it for example working environment, pay, distance or coworkers.

The person itself plays an important role during the process of achieving job satisfaction in one’s career. The first element is having positive emotion, those who owned are often described as more passionate, enthusiastic and energetic about their job. Hichki, starring by female Indian film actress, Rani Mukerji as Naina Mathur, presents a woman who turns her most daunting weakness into her biggest strength. Naina Mathur, suffers from Tourette syndrome, her condition causes her to make uncontrollable sounds likened to hiccups. Although she has been unsuccessful for the past 5 years in landing a teaching job, she still continues to apply jobs and have interviews in various schools and believed one day she will be employed despite the Tourette syndrome which became a big obstacle in applying vacancy. Other than that, person with positive emotion enhances problem solving, decision making and can lead to more flexible, innovative and creative solutions. For example, in the scene Naina uses different methods to teach her students, instead of boring classes and lectures in the classroom, Naina teach them in an interactive way by using daily acts as examples from reality life to relate back into the syllabus. The reason was to let them understand knowledge is actually not hard to obtain as it has massive connections with real life.

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The second element of job satisfaction is job conceptualization, job conceptualization is divided into three kinds which are job, career, and calling. According to Cambridge English Dictionary, calling refers to a strong wish to do a job, usually one that is socially valuable. As a person who sees work as calling, most felt work as a source of personal fulfillment and meaningful. Naina discover her calling during studying at St. Notker’s. During her childhood, she was expelled from multiple schools because her disorder interferes class progression. Until she studied at St. Notker’s, when she and her mother participate orientation day, her hiccup was disturbing comparing to other silent people at the hall when everyone was listening to the speech from Mr. Khan, the former principal, Mr. Khan noticed her and asked her up to the stage, but instead of asking to leave or rebuke her, he encourages and inspire her. Mr. Khan had believed in her and announced that she would never be expelled for being different. From that day onwards, Naina felt her calling to be a teacher like Mr. Khan’s and pass down his saying, being different does not mean you can’t have equal rights like others do, instead, you deserve it too.

Next, the third element in job satisfaction is being in flow at work refers a state where you’re operating at your optimum. As in the scene, Naina challenges Mr Wadia that students from 9F have the rights to earn the prefect badge as long as they are academically excellent as 9A class students. This scene shows great challenges faced by Naina because in a few months’ time, students from 9F will have to follow up syllabus they missed, but still Naina teaches the 9F students patiently and creatively and started to slowly win their trust when she prevents the class from being expelled in the incident where the students prank her with liquid nitrogen and causes a mild explosion that shatters the classroom windows by taking the blame and saying that it was a badly executed chemistry example. Furthermore, she even teaches them to be brave in pursuing knowledge and helps them realize their individual strengths because everyone deserves same level of education and to be treated by the same way despite the 9F students belong to families from a nearby slum and that they were given admission to fill the government-prescribed quota for the underprivileged.

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