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Impact Of Spirituality On Job Satisfaction

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To survive in the 21st century, organizations need to be spiritually based. This, in turn, will lead to workers being satisfied with their entire work experience. In order to get an improved understanding of behaviour at work, employees should be studied from physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Although the physical and psychological dimensions of individuals at work have been studied extensively, the spiritual dimension has been neglected for many years. The objective of the current research will be to determine the relationship between workplace spirituality and a positive attitude related to work, that is, job satisfaction.

The strength of a nation lies in the system of education in which teachers occupy vital place. The most important factors in accomplishing the aims of the organization are human resources. Its success is greatly reliant on potential capability and prominence of the teachers who are vital for the social progress. Hence, the high-spiritedness of all the educational organizations inclines the degree to which the teachers are satisfied with the jobs they are into and dedicated to contribute to the expansion of their organizations. The most vital human resources in educational organizations are teachers who act as facilitator for attainment of knowledge but also an inculcator of values and metamorphosis of inner being. They also have to cultivate the young minds to produce quality individuals.

Spirituality has turned out to be a vital part of our lives and it is considered as one of the significant factor for the success of the educational institutions and eventually for the professional life of an academician. According to International Commission on Education for Twenty-first century “Education should contribute to every person’s complete development-mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetics, appreciation and spirituality”. So in the present context of modernization, the quality of being workplace spiritual is necessary for the teachers too. Teacher must have spirituality at workplace which will be the highest guidance to them to carry out their functions as educators with the highest regards and as noble as possible. This is because teachers are regarded someone very high in society. In case of teachers, their task goes beyond imparting knowledge but also necessitate in character building of students to build up future leaders. In view point of Emmons (2000), “People who are workplace spiritual have the capacity of using spiritual resources to solve problems.

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They are also conscious people who have the ability to link daily activities with sacred concepts, and also able to perceive physical matters. Moreover, to encourage spirituality to grow in classroom, it is important to make teachers’ workplace spiritual”. It is prospective that if teachers are satisfied and committed to their respective jobs it would result into larger withholding and weakening in their attrition rates. In today’s era, organizations are in desperate need of extremely satisfied, fulfilled, creative, committed and dynamic teachers to attain and survive their competitive growth. But teachers are somehow feeling stressed, discouraged and insecure due to unstable work environment , rising job demand and rapid acceleration of alteration which may necessitate them to stabilize their inner and outer life to stay healthy . So, all these uncertainties prepare them to quest for spiritual manifestation. Hart and Brady (2005) reported “Spirituality is undeniably a human need for many people and workplace spirituality is a ‘reality’ that must not be disregarded by society and organizations”.

It appears that unfulfilled spiritual needs inspire teachers to look for the actual meaning in their lives. Therefore, the spiritual outlook is producing alteration in the workplace values endorsing cooperative teamwork rather than panic at the workplace. It is desirable that teachers in educational organization should work with not only their minds but also with their hearts (spirit) so that they discover meaning and motive, a kind of accomplishment that means the workplace should be a place for them to express entire selves and be pleased. Giacalone and Jurkiewicz, (2003) reveals “Enabling the expression of human experience at its deepest, most spiritual level may not only reduce stress, conflict, and absenteeism, but also enhance work performance”. Thus, teaching that include a spiritual dimension facilitate the development of the complete person and not only the ‘head’ and ‘hands’. In view point of Howard (2002), “Developing our spiritual selves means expanding our consciousness so that we might see the world free of normal constraints and setting ourselves free to see more clearly thereby enables opportunities to creatively enrich our relationships with others”. Organizational science studies accept and see organizations as spiritual entities. Employees regard for the satisfaction of their spiritual requirements is so inimitable, to unite with higher self, to turn out to be constructive, to be coherent with other beings, and to understand in what manner they merge into a superior context. They aspire to recognize a sense of reason and meaning at workplace as well as a sense of linkage with other fellows in their work circle.

Teachers, as spiritual creatures, gaze to feel linkage and a sense of personal completeness and significance in their lives if they incorporate spiritual dimension in their workplace and they will be more deeply enrooted to self-reflection, become more aware to the association with the inner experiences, with other beings and with the supreme than the self. While spirituality is restricted to the private realm of individuals lives and if teachers are not proficient to unite spiritual dimension in their lives and classroom teaching then teaching degenerates into a mechanical and de-spirited act. Teaching activity as a sense of exploring meaning in lives cannot be separated from spirituality.

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