How Spirituality Guides You Towards A Stress-free And Prolonged Life

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The path of spirituality begins with prompting internal harmony paying no attention to turmoil going around. Spiritual is as important as mental and physical, and with this blog know how spirituality guides towards a stress free better living.

“Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.”- Acharya PrashantN Life is beautiful, isn’t it, and complicated too in its own vary ways. What make life beautiful, what makes it complicated- but how about it stays simple and easy, free of agitations, fear, doubt and misery.

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Life is always beautiful, it is believed so, and our thoughts, perceptions, decisions, judgements, experience, and knowledge contribute and make its complicated. To add more, rom-com, social media, chick flicks, etc. convince us completely that living a hectic, complicated and fast paced lifestyle is worth living.

TBH! There is nothing such glamour about dealing with excessive stress level daily, only to realize that how hazardous it is for us health, mental peace, growth, and longevity. But the bitter truth is, our generation is facing unprecedented level of stress and tension due to uncertain pressure, and further complicating the matters our sedentary lifestyle plays a huge role.

Tapping scientific literature to help with the same, it suggests stress, anxiety and depression is rooted in either pharmacological perspective or cognitive behavioural one. Our mind takes a lot. The big step to relieve it from all the struggle and pain is in our hands.

It comes to us whether we choose to stay the way we’re living or heal ourselves. Here comes the point when we need to take certain life-altering steps, where spirituality takes it way to show us the right direction by giving meaning to our life making it better, simpler and help regaining inner-peace.

At point we feel that there is something beyond and greater than this concrete world we inhabit, bigger that gigantic mountains, powerful than ocean waves, and wider than the sky. The kind of energy we experienced is connecting us with universal conscience, and the moment can be both grounding and humbling, and all together form a base of our notion of spirituality.

People often confused spirituality with religion, which is not the case. Spirituality arises with your connection with self and others, and gives your life context. It may have various definitions but is about personal growth and adding meaning to life. For many it is religious observance, meditation, prayers, or a belief in a higher power, for others it can be art, music, nature, community. Spirituality is different for everyone, so its experience.

Spirituality, Stress Relieves and Prolonged Life

Spirituality is about faith, a very personal practice to form a connection with their spiritual being with practices like yoga, meditation, spending time in nature or any creative expression. Approach to spirituality can be different for all. Important thing is to recognize the journey.

Spirituality Benefits for Stress

Spirituality adds meaning to life bringing in inner peace and makes you a happier person. This calms you releasing stress and transforms the way of living.

  • Connect: Being spiritual make you grounded and you feel having a purpose in the world. You may feel less solitary, even if you’re alone and feel connected to everyone. This leads to inner bliss and harmony in difficult times.
  • Sense: Cultivating your spirituality or feel connected with you spiritual being may uncover the life meaning. This brings clarity and you feel a sense of purpose, you can focus less on the unimportant things and eliminate stress.
  • Release: Holding on is a biggest burden, letting go give you a sense of calmness. Spirituality makes you release that you’re not responsible for every thing happening in your life. Releasing yourself and not taking full control on your life fill it with joy.
  • Expand: Spirituality is indeed person, but there are people out there who travelling on the same path and can lend support. Sharing of spiritual expression is wonderful, and helps to build relationships.
  • Health: The one who are spirituality awake or considered themselves spiritual are able to cope with stress and experience greater health benefits.

Stress Free Life through Spirituality

Spirituality is a key component to touch the inner-self and reflect. With any medium one can be spiritual and discover themselves.

You Feel More Hopeful: Through faith you become able to hold yourself strong to bring in the positivity and new hopes. Spirituality relieves stress, strengthen you, and more.

Start Believing: Believe and faiths are two important actions that influence your spiritual journey and connection. It all started with belief- where your mind is clear with no cloud of doubts and self-judgment. It is the belief that makes you stay stronger and positive when things or situation didn’t go as you planned.

Become Mindful: Spirituality brings mental clarity that opens door for you to stay connected with the present moment. Mindfulness help you to know your feelings better and stabilize emotions, stop you to over thinking and separate you from behaviours and thoughts that lead to stress.

Bring Calmness: Calmness doesn’t come to us naturally, especially in this chaotic world we’re living in, and our emotions, feelings, and thoughts are equally blamed. Imbalanced emotions, provoking thoughts, and feelings never let us keep calm. It is where spirituality becomes a great help to control us in any situation and embrace our emotions, thoughts, and feeling without letting it negatively impact the mental and physical health.

Evolve in a Positive Direction: Choose you’re kind of action that direct you to spiritual awakening, and experience positive change in yourself- attitude, behaviour, and perspective. You learn to tune into the calm and quieter part of yourself and give moment to understand and appreciate simple thing you have.

How to Become More Spiritual to Release Stress and Restore Overall Wellbeing?

  • Make the changes slowly keeping in mind your intentions
  • Take Spiritual Retreats and Wellness Getaways to stay Connected
  • Embrace yourself and find a support group to grow and evolve
  • Affirmation, Meditation, Practice &Commitment is all you need

Spirituality impart the benefits of living stress free and connect with your soul, true essence, and spark the infinite energy within you. Be your own energy healer with being spiritual.

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