Why Is Leadership Needed To Be Guided By True Spirituality?

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We observe now a day’s business leaders get involved in some ethical and unethical practices We know according to the law of Karma the activities of a person are adjusted by the outcomes. Success and failure depend on the karma of leader. Leader must adopt a mission to create and sustain value. Spiritual principles are the missing constituent in most past approaches of leadership which shows innovative progress in inner mind of the leaders. Bad Karma of leader like, cruelty, lie, partiality, hatred, intolerance, violence, cheating and gross exploitation of basic human rights are to be replaced by good karma truthfulness, honesty, compassion, love, creativity, innovation, kindness, integrity, peace, wisdom, spirituality, respect, tolerance, self-reliance, justice, etc. Leader’s Consciousness will not be in the grip of blind desires. His consciousness will be pure. Leader will be guided by spiritual unattachment. Unity of consciousness is needed. The leader will find that there is but one absolute existence. The true knowledge of the leader comes from the perception of self, the true spiritual knowledge. Leadership karma will be guided by spirituality for higher motivation which will help attaining the ultimate truth of self-realization.

The present study supported the secondary knowledge, collected from the various sources. In the light of Indian Spiritual literature. Qualitative study will explain Corporate karma leadership, for attaining material success as well as the goal of peace and bliss for the leader, and his followers. With a value-based ethical organization structure, as a by-product of the true spirituality.

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Ancient, primitive man had to work the whole day to gather food and other necessities of life. Their working is for sustenance of life. In advanced and complex industrialized civilization work in our life has become an important part. Our identity and purpose, as well as meaning of life, is also guided by work. Attitude to work, ethics of work are turning with a greater dimension that with integrity, loyalty, honesty, service to the God and society. Work ethics in corporate karma leadership shows the performance will be excellent and quality of work will be excellent for the better corporate achievements and sustainable social development.

Today’s leaders face steady argument and chaos throughout cultures and globalized markets. There is also the requirement for leaders to interact with a wide variety of, stakeholders including suppliers, customers, government and industry regulators, or employees from diverse multicultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. This is a monumental assignment as performance excellence depend on the corporation’s capacity to direct employee conduct in the direction of collective goals. Often, a company’s harmony depends on how intelligent the corporation is interpreting the dynamic world context in which it operates, how it makes the way it finds methods to include its knowledge of the global network in which it operates

Our karma, the work and the activities both physical and mental, guides our achievements and success. We know that work (karma) is the primary steps in spiritual development. Karma, for instance corporate karma will be guided by spirituality for supreme quality leadership. Good habit formation with proper work on oneself for better psyche, better concentration, better orientation and better self-management goes with corporate goals. Profit and wealth maximization are the byproduct of good Karma. General individual can earn Dharma, Artha, Kama Moksha, by following leaders performing good karma. Gita, Upanishads, Bhagabatam, ,Ramkrishna Vivekananda literature, shakta , Aurabindo literature care the supreme spiritual facts and are scientific and psychological approach in understanding the human mind and its applications in self-management and leadership.

‘Pure spiritual development finds expansion in character development, capacity to work together in team and love and sacrifices” (Ranganathananda 2007). Great Indian leaders are Guided by, and controlled by, spiritual ideas and principles. The individual atman assimilates into Brahman that is microcosm to macrocosm. Spiritual liberation in Advaita is the entire comprehension and awareness of oneness, that one's unchanging Atman (soul) is the same as the Atman in absolutely everyone else, as well as being identical to Brahman. Spirituality is observed in the knowledge and realization of God, Pawar(2013) study showed that “individual spirituality will moderate the effect of workplace spirituality aspects on work attitudes” .Transformational leadership behavior as a source of intrinsic motivation (Lee & Koh, 2001)

“Spirituality is a hot topic of research in recent times in the management arena” (Chawla & Guda, 2010,). Accordingly, this systematic review of the than has been previously attempted in the higher education context. Literature reconciles diverse viewpoints into a more cohesive conceptualization and definition 21st Century has certainly ignited a scholarly interest in Spirituality and Leadership (Cavanagh & Bandsuch, 2002; Milliman, Yang & Fry, 2018 transcendental self-concepts, important to the Chinese in the process between the spiritual leadership and employee outcomes. Other dimensions may also exist, for example, transcendental. Literature reconciles numerous viewpoints into an additional cohesive conceptualization and definition twenty first Century has definitely kindled a scholarly interest in Spirituality and Leadership (Cavanagh & Bandsuch, 2002; Milliman,Yang & Fry, 2018 transcendental self-concepts transcendental motivation toward the structure harmony (Vallejo,2008; Yang, 2004),

How leadership may deliver positive alternate that enables the corporation to enhance and be innovative inside the modern-day business environment. If there's no leadership inside the corporation they will no longer can business within the way they desire and could be negative business activity instead.

Huang et al (2010) urged that participative leadership might influence work performance through completely different mediating mechanisms, that is, management (motivation-based) for social control subordinates and trust (relationship-based and exchange-based) for nonmanagerial subordinates. We tend to observe work which means, and self-concepts don't lead to completely different work performances between social control and non-managerial subordinates. Leader’s spiritual belief is that faith in God and love. in time of loneliness he will explore relationships with everyone.

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