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LEGO: Road to Success

The strategy and performance of LEGO® has seen many changes over the years it has been operating. This initially family-run business has gone through major fundamental changes which has allowed it to become one of the largest global toy manufacturers with high quality products and strong customer loyalty. Some key changes over time include changes of focus in strategic management, changes of top leadership figures, investments in LEGO® theme parks, advancement from physical products into digital gaming and movie franchises...
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Lego Brand Structure Overview and PESTLE Analysis

Lego is the world’s and most profitable and successful toymaker (Bhattarai, 2020). “Lego is a Danish company, best known for the production of Lego-brand toys which consist of interlocking plastic bricks” (Barakaat, 2019). Since it was founded in 1932 the brand has made innovative and ground-breaking designs to entertain children, and others worldwide. The iconic brand has a major influence and significance within the toy industry as it is the leading competitor and holds a major market share and a...
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Lego Business Identity Analysis

Lego is world’s famous and largest company of plastic toys manufacturing. Lego was using petroleum manufactured ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) to make its toys’ bricks, which is not environment friendly. Lego is proactively decreasing their carbon footprints and they also announced and took initiative in 2015 that by 2030 Lego’s products will be entirely sustainable. LEGO company efforts towards their sustainability is significantly appraisable. Lego partnership with World Wildlife (WWF) promotes globalization which helped them to reduce their carbon dioxide...
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Uniqueness of the LEGO Marketing Strategy

Toys are a fun and necessary part of each child’s development. Totally different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic are wont to create toys. Several things are designed to function toys, one amongst the foremost well-liked toys is Lego and additionally popular toys of all time and could be a house name everywhere the world. Around 300 million people all over the world play or have played with lego. The name Lego was introduced by putting together the first...
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Lego Target Market Analysis

The LEGO Company is a very good example of the importance of understanding the target market. The main target market for the LEGO Company is children between the ages of 1-15 years. Having said this, whilst kids are the main target audience for the LEGO company, LEGO understands that parents are also the key target market for their business. Four Main Target Profiles Young children who are encouraged to learn: interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related activities;...
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The Impact of Online Crowdsourcing on LEGO Marketing Strategy

With the advancement of the Internet and social media with the ability to be able to communicate with everyone worldwide, information and ideas are abundant sometimes not shared with the right people or get into the hands of the right people. There is a misconception that crowdfunding, and crowdsourcing are the same thing, in essence they may be, but the main thing that separates the two is one is based off of money that you may or may not get...
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An Analysis of The Lego Group’s Innovation Activities

Executive Summary Use key words from the assignment brief The following report will investigate the extent to which Starbucks Corporation is an innovative firm. This will be done by identifying their core innovation activity, determining the set of circumstances, as well as, the processes used to develop it. Ultimately representing how this activity contributes towards the overall sustainability and competitive advantage of the firm. The opening section, 1.0, will introduce the report, giving a brief overview of the nature of...
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Marketing Term Project: Lego-themed Amusement Parks Called Legoland

1. Introduction: Lego is known all over the world as one of the most successful toy manufacturing company that ensures its popularity with trust in their quality and strength of the product. Primarily, the brand manufactures the classic interlocking plastic bricks, however, they’ve diversified their range of products and have moved to the entertainment and experience industry as well. Various Lego-themed amusement parks called Legoland and movies and direct-to-video such as The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and Lego...
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Lego Case Study: Marketing Audit and SWOT Analysis, Marketing Plan

Executive Summary The LEGO group is a primarily a toy manufacturer which successfully trades globally. Established in 1932, the company’s continued innovation has not only provided a gateway for LEGO to enter into different market segments, it has also permitted LEGO to remain relevant and popular over the decades. LEGO Education Solutions is a division of LEGO designed for primary schools to provide engaging, hands-on experiences. LEGO Education Solutions can be used in education to support lesson plans for teachers,...
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Critical Evaluation of Effects of Globalization on Lego Company

Introduction: The company that has been chosen to be analyzed is LEGO. LEGO is a company that manufactures a line of plastic construction toys and is owned by The Lego Group. It was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark initially. After passing over almost 85 years – LEGO has accomplished its transformation from a small carpenter’s workshop to a modern, global enterprise. Correspondingly, Lego groups contain 17,000+ employees in 15 countries nowadays. (, 2019). It becomes the...
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LEGO Games Company Case Analysis

1. Introduction: In Denmark, the company LEGO started in 1916 with the focus on housing and farming furniture. When the first wooden building blocks were created in 1932, LEGO sought its niche, which was the first time the business saw an interest in making children’s toys. The play line was more improved and eventually the wooden blocks for plastic parts were slowly withdrawn. Through designing numerous product ranges and engaging in the creation and manufacturing cycle for specific age groups,...
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