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The rapid increase in new digital technologies accompanied by the progression of media and communications have brought about moral, social and political issues, especially in the ethics behind government surveillance. These critical issues have sparked a wide spread debates in morality in social justice, social freedom and privacy, and digital censorship in the power of surveillance. With the current state of academic literature limited to Wikileaks, an international non-profit organisation which publishes networks of corruption that assist in US lead...
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Hacktivism is derived from “hack” and “activism,” it is an act of hacking that is described as a “combination of grassroots political protest with computer hacking [1]” through the “nonviolent use of illegal or legally ambiguous digital tools [to pursue] political ends [2].” There are many forms of hacktivism are used to access illegal information, steal money and create damage to businesses/ government. Hacktivism can often be anonymous, sometimes gratuitously so, and can operate with a kind of impunity that...
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Originator of WikiLeaks Julian Assange imprisoned in London. Julian was taken into detective custody for neglecting to surrender to safeguard and on a U.S. removal warrant. The U.K. Home Office stated: “he is blamed in the US for PC related offenses”. Detective captured Assange after the South American country chose to disavow the political shelter that had given him haven for very nearly seven years. Ecuador's leader Lenin said he made the move because of ''rehashed infringement to worldwide traditions...
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Technological development has had a strong impact on the way society communicates particularly with its growth in the last few years. From the invention of the telegraph and the telephone to the advent of the internet, technology has given people the tools to not only keep in touch with each other but also express their feelings and opinions to a broader audience that would otherwise have been impossible. Since the first Internet transmission on October 29, 1969, we have been...
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Radical transparency is a term used in various fields, including business, software design, politics, and governance, to refer to approaches that radically increase the openness in a specific process or data. It is also a method that utilizes vast networked information to reveal previously confidential information. In the 21st century, radical transparency has been incorporated into the public through the use of modern information technologies such as the internet. The use of the internet has led to radical transparency being...
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In the prosecution of cybercrime one of the most problematic issues is jurisdiction. Cybercrime presents difficulties in prosecution because it’s borderless. Cyberspace has made it possible for criminals to commit crimes anywhere in the world with ease of movement across geographic borders unmatched by law enforcement. Many of these criminals are not committing crimes in their country of origin which presents a challenge for law enforcement to apprehend them from a country, state, or nation where they have no jurisdiction....
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