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Compare and contrast essays are a popular form of academic writing that explores the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. These essays require students to carefully analyze and evaluate the characteristics, features, or qualities of the subjects being compared. By highlighting both the similarities and differences, compare and ...

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Social Issues

Essay on Space Exploration Vs Ocean Exploration

Over the years, only less than twenty percent of the ocean of the Earth was explored. According to many scientists, humans know more about space than the oceans. For years they have been equipped with knowledge about what is beyond the atmosphere, what the stars look like, what is it made of, what the color of the moon and many more things that involve outer space. Contrasting under the sea, you never know what is down there. Deep-sea exploration is...
3 Pages 1257 Words

Comparison Essay on Foods in During the Progressive Era to Today

The Food and Drug Act was passed in 1906 under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and was the first of its kind in the gradual process of enactment of consumer rights and protection laws. Long before the first legitimate interventions of the government in consumer industries, companies had free reign on everything they produced and how they produced it. Their corporate interests superseded the wants, needs, health, and welfare of the consumer base well into every consumer industry from meats...
2 Pages 1009 Words

Essay on Liberty Vs Equality

From the initial creation to the groundbreaking ideas that led to the creation of our great nation more specifically during the late 18th century and throughout the early 20th century, the ideas of liberty, equality, and power have echoed throughout as key to the fundamental and structural ideals on which our country was built upon. The Revolutionary Period, the Civil War, and the Jim Crow era brought with each a new and different way of interpreting what was meant by...
3 Pages 1167 Words

Comparative Analysis Essay: Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer

“We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow”, the serial killer Ted Bundy cautioned. Serial killers don't kill out of greed or jealousy. So what makes a person not only murder, but murder multiple people over periods of days, weeks, and years? We will be looking at the lives of 4 different serial killers. Theodore, or ‘Ted’ Bundy, was one of the most notorious criminals...
1 Page 643 Words

Flowers for Algernon' Comparative Analysis Essay

Nonetheless, Keyes stresses another predominant theme: that self-awareness, the ability to acquire knowledge about one’s self, ultimately decides an individual’s identity. As the experiment progresses and Charlie’s academic knowledge, and personal understanding increase, a sense of inner confinement emerges. This interior conflict is apparent when there is a “sharp switch in perception” as the narration alternates between first-person, and third-person (page 100). This change of perspective elucidates how Charlie considers himself as two, distinct people; as if “the old Charlie...
3 Pages 1313 Words

Comparative Analysis Essay: Samurai Vs Knight

You are a feudal Knight who has traveled to feudal Japan. You visit a samurai, his daimyo, the shogun, and the emperor. Write a letter home explaining the similarities and differences you notice between these people and knights, lords, and monarchs. Weapons Armour Training Weapons - Samurai They had a long and a short sword The swords were symbols of honor and status because only samurais, daimyo, and shoguns could carry them When a samurai lost his sword it was...
1 Page 452 Words

Comparative Analysis Essay: Catholicism Vs Islam

Classical antiquity spiraled down with the fall of ancient empires like Greece and Rome. Consequently, Christianity and Islam, along with their cultures, began to grow and even trade routes like the Silk Road and the Trans-Saharan developed, marking the start of the Post-Classical era. Although these trade routes were new and innovative, Muslims and Christians had opposing views on trade in general. At first, Muslims tolerated trade because of their religious laws while Christians were against it because of prophetic...
1 Page 597 Words

Essay on Formal Vs Substantive Equality

Concerning leading UK academician, Sandra Fredman, this paper will be arguing the extent to which the Equality Act 2010 permits positive measures to promote substantive equality in the UK. It will be addressed from two perspectives; ‘Does positive action allow substantive equality to be fully promoted’ or ‘Do the arguments against Reverse discrimination stop it from being fully promoted. A much more extensive definition of positive action could thus include all measures that seek to use positive steps to amend...
4 Pages 1846 Words

Pride and Prejudice': Book Vs Movie Essay

Introduction: Jane Austen’s bestselling novel Pride and Prejudice earlier named' The First Impressions ' was written between 1796 and 1797 and was published in 1813. The basic theme is love and marriage with social classes, prejudices, and pride. There are several movies made in this novel, a good comparison can be made with the one filmed in 2005 acting as a sublime condensation of the actual story of the novel. In the novel Mrs. Bennet, the fussy and inappropriate mother...
2 Pages 1018 Words

The Hate U Give': Compare and Contrast Essay

The two books under comparison are Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. These two books might not seem like they would have a lot in common but there are a few similarities to compare between them. The title Th1rteen R3asons Why is given because Hannah Baker makes 13 tapes for her listeners is because there are 13 reasons as to why she decided to take her own life. The title The Hate...
5 Pages 2157 Words

Vegan or Not Vegan Comparison Essay

This essay is about the lives of vegan and vegetarian diets consuming people. So, let’s start with what vegans and vegetarians are; a vegan diet contains only plants (such as vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits) and foods made from plants. Vegans do not eat foods that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs and a vegetarian diet involves abstaining from eating meat, fish, and poultry. People often adopt a vegetarian diet for religious or personal reasons, as well as...
3 Pages 1450 Words

The Alchemist' and 'Siddhartha' Comparative Essay

Thesis Statement: This paper talks about the striking similarities between two novels, ‘The Alchemist’, by Paulo Coehlo, and ‘Siddhartha’, by Hermann Hesse from the point of significance of love and wealth on human fulfillment. The texts can be compared considering the presence of resembling characters and themes. About the Authors and their Background: Hermann Hesse and Paulo Coehlo are the authors of ‘Siddhartha’ and ‘The Alchemist’ respectively, both of which are among the most successful novels in their careers. Both...
3 Pages 1553 Words

Into the Wild': Compare and Contrast Essay

Some people believe that they are completely in control of their lives, while others believe that their lives are completely controlled by fate. And therein lies a question. Are our lives controlled by fate or our own choices? Two texts attempt to answer this question. The first is 'Oedipus', by Sophocles, and 'Into the Wild', by Jon Krakauer. After analysis, 'Into the Wild' seems to answer this question far better than 'Oedipus”. “Into the Wild” gives evidence of how a...
2 Pages 888 Words

Essay: Compare and Contrast 'I Have a Dream' and 'Letter from Birmingham Jail'

Martin Luther King Jr. was the foremost uplifting pioneer in American history, and his works have been studied and analyzed to acquire the skill of rhetoric. The art of rhetoric delivered by Dr. King in both pieces of writing offers to the common group of onlookers in numerous ways. While the two pieces of writing are similar in their general eloquence, they differ in their logical and emotional appeal. Both the letter and discourse contained a request to break even...
2 Pages 693 Words

Vegan Vs Meat Meals Essay

“A strict vegetarian who consumes no food (such as meat, eggs, or dairy products), that comes from animals” and “one who abstains from using animal products.” Many contrasting views of veganism may affect whether people should lead a vegan lifestyle. For example, some believe that veganism is the best method to ensure that you can lead a healthy life. Whereas, others believe that certain animal products, such as meat, are essential due to certain nutrients are richer in meat products...
7 Pages 3028 Words

Comparative Analysis Essay: Krispy Kreme Vs Dunkin Donuts

Doughnuts are the quick bite you get when you grab a coffee on the way to work. They are the colorful combination of frosting and sprinkles that you pass by in bakery windows. Doughnuts are an assortment of different flavors, each able to roll all the tastiness up into a single ring. They are the newfound place for cereal to sit atop for an on-the-go breakfast snack. Doughnuts are America’s tasty treat; but what else do we know about them......
3 Pages 1546 Words

Comparative Analysis Essay: Constructivism Vs Behaviourism

Constructivism Constructivism capacity that the data of know-how to be transferred to some other individual but can be built or created. It suggests that the learner is much more actively involved in joint organization with the teacher of creating. Based on commentary and scientific study. It is about how humans learn. The trainer makes positive she is aware of the freshmen' behavior and the techniques of giving and guides the undertaking to tackle them and build on them. Constructivism is...
3 Pages 1426 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Songs

Green Day is considered among many music critics to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They were formed in 1987 and have been icons ever since. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backup vocals Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool. Green Day has released a total of thirteen studio albums. Their most famous album is probably American Idiot. This album was released in 2004 and contains many of their...
3 Pages 1491 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Jobs

Many people prefer to have two different jobs at the same time, but some only prefer one. in our essay, we will tackle the similarities and differences between two specific jobs. These two jobs are a Manager and a waitress or server. We will also know the importance of their role, how they help one's business to grow, and how they both deserve to be recognized. The manager's job is a job of a person who is in charge of...
2 Pages 1032 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Rome and Han Dynasty

In this essay I will discuss the cultures of Classical 5th century BCE Athens, the Classical Han of China, and Classical Republican Rome. I will identify the philosophical beliefs that formed the foundations of these cultures and how they were exemplified by their creations. I will use examples of art, literature, architecture, and dramas that reflect their classical approach to reality. Fifth-century Athens refers to the Greek city/state of Athens in the period of 480 BC to 404 BC. This...
2 Pages 1103 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Married and Single Life

Depression is a widespread and dangerous psychiatric condition, which has a detrimental effect on your feelings, thinking, and behavior. Depression is one of the most misunderstood and mistreated mental disorders in the world. It's also treatable. In the public, depression is particularly prevalent . One in four individuals had a lifetime of mental disorders including depression, anxiety, and drug abuse. In contrast to physical disease, depression has a higher morbidity and mortality rate. It has an effect on one's thoughts,...
3 Pages 1511 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Homosexuality

Sang agrees that Western psychological ideas have greatly influenced Chinese thinking and literature about homosexuality. She believes that during and after the May Fourth Movement, different opinions on homosexuality surfaced, especially through the translations of European works into Chinese. Through these translations, Chinese words for love, love between same sexes, and love between opposite sexes arose as well. One example of intellectual debate about sexuality is when the “distinction between love and friendship was challenged” (104). Mao Yibo argues that...
2 Pages 752 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Gun on Study Campus

A college education is very important. It helps students become more open-minded about certain topics, gives them a chance to reinvent themselves as well as prepare them for their future occupation. Students are already stressed from the college environment, so one of the last things they should be worried about is their safety. With the increase in campus shootings, more people have been divided on the safety measures that should be implemented to keep the students safe. One of such...
3 Pages 1413 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Gloria Naylor and Self

Black feminist literature stresses on the double-victimization of black women. The women from the oppressed society encounter absolute dominance and cruelty within the territory of the whites, who suppress them in the name of race; also they undergo the same kind of treatment by their own men in various unsolicited ways. The prolonging silences of women congregate at once to voice out their true potential in the form of writing. It is not untrue that the black women needed to...
4 Pages 1673 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Gender Differences

This research showed some major distinguishers between the differences of the genders brain. It’s obviously no secret when it comes to male and female brains, which each gender brains drives differently. Each gender appears to use different part of the brain to encode any memories. Moreover, they also have different way of react through any location, and behave differently in stressed situation. Both gender are equal in intelligent, but they tend to operate differently. “Life is not a competition between...
3 Pages 1415 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Clovis and Charlemagne

Thesis Statement: The Church between c. AD 300 to c. AD 800 grew within the Roman Empire due to both positive and negative occurrences, assessments, and divergent religious sects. The growth of Christianity outside the Roman Empire in that same period is indebted to missionary journeys to eastern countries, monasticism, and support from leaders of high status. The Rise of Christianity: c. 4th century AD to c. 9th century AD Nearly three hundred years after the death and resurrection of...
3 Pages 1553 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Abortion and Adoption

We as the affirmative team resolve to make abortion illegal in the United States. Abortion is just one of several ways that people use to hide their “mistakes” from people surrounding their lives and so they don’t have to take any responsibilities for the actions that were set to play. An abortion is the removal of a fetus resulting in or causing a fetus to die. In the United States of America, women decide to terminate at about twenty-five percent...
2 Pages 1091 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Abortion

The Reproductive Health Act Policy Evaluation America, a country of progress, is not always open to change. Abortion in the past has been considered a women’s problem, which many argue now is an equity problem. Equity should be the golden standard not just for public health but for all areas of life. When looking at the history of abortion globally, the deep roots of politics, religion, and power have supreme. Background For centuries abortions have been performed regardless of society's...
5 Pages 2113 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on 'The Outsiders'

The Outsiders by S.E Hinton is a tense and compelling fictional novel set in America in the 1960s. The novel follows the story of the greasers, a group of outcasts struggling with discrimination from the socs, the more wealthy people in the novel. Hinton writes from the perspective of Ponyboy Curtis, a fourteen-year-old boy who has been caught up in an unintentional murder of a soc which causes him to run away in order to survive. Hinton develops Ponyboys character...
2 Pages 872 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on 'The Lottery' and 'The Hunger Games'

The lottery proves that life is not a fair place. The story is very similar to that of Hunger Games, which is a modern movie that has a similar theme. The tradition is not like one that most people would assume, rather it is quite wicked in nature. Each year, citizens gather to pick the drawing on slips of paper of who will be put to death. Over the years, some formalities of this lottery have changed, however, much has...
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