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Mending Wall' Metaphor: Literary Criticism Essay

Mending Wall is a poem by Robert Frost. Robert Frost: Robert Frost was a leading American poet of the 19th & 20th centuries who is well known for his use of imagery in poetry. He dabbled with both farming and was also an English teacher but was always convinced that his real calling was to be a poet. He is one of the most famous and influential poets in American history. He is not known as an experimental poet but...
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Metaphors in 'Invisible Man': Literary Criticism Essay

In chapter one of “Invisible Man,” through his use of imagery and metaphors, Ralph Ellison conveys the premise of how vulnerable and powerless the people of color are made by the whites while living in such an unequal and racist society. Ellison describes a battle royal scene in which a group of 10 young black boys was blindfolded, stripped, and put into a ring to fight each other for the entertainment of white men. In the book, it states, “Blindfolded,...
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Unpacking the Magic of Literary Criticism: Understanding Stories Better

Humans have relied on cultural and traditional stories forever.  Throughout history, stories ranging from epic sagas to current literary works by authors such as J.K. Rowling have captivated, motivated, and challenged our ideas. Literary critics play Crime Scene Analysts, tracing patterns and meanings in texts with trained eyes. We discover extra levels of meaning when we examine them more attentively. We will explore the geography of literary theory, emphasizing its importance, in the article below. What Is Literary Criticism? Literary...
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Literary Criticism of ‘Robinson Crusoe’

By masquerading as an autobiography, Robinson Crusoe attempts to blur the lines between fact and fiction. Although written by Daniel Defoe, the novel’s first edition credits the fictitious and titular Robinson Crusoe as the story’s true author. In order to add validity to the claim of Crusoe acting as the work’s author, Defoe crafts an entire preface featuring a fake letter from an editor praising “Crusoe’s” narrative as absolute fact. “The Story is told with Modesty, with Seriousness, and with...
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The Namesake': Literary Criticism

Nilanjana Sudeshna “Jhumpa” Lahiri born on July 11, 1967, is a contemporary Indian American author based in New York City. She is best known for her short stories, novels, and essays in English, and, more recently in Italian. She has been a Vice President of the PEN American Center since 2005. She contributed a lot to the Diasporic writings and Commonwealth Literature. Jhumpa Lahiri is one of the finest among the other fictionists. Lahiri’s work focuses on the Indian-immigrant experience...
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Of Mice and Men': Literary Criticism

Of Mice and Men: Steinbeck’s Controversial Novel Some of the most iconic novels in American Literature are those that are shrouded in controversy, and John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is no exception to this list. Steinbeck paints a realistic image of what life would be like for farmers during the great depression while providing an intriguing narrative of a bond between two migrant farmers. Although many readers have praised him for the authentic nature of his novel, numerous critics...
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Death of a Salesman': Literary Criticism

“Suicide as a deviant way of success: A study of Psychosocial approach in the Death of a Salesmen” Arthur Miller’s ”Death of a Salesman” portrays the miserable conditions inflicting the lives between lower-class people and upper-class people during the 1940s in America. The story setting takes back to the ‘financial depression’ when the USA is held between the great world wars, by that time most Americans were optimistic about a renewed vision of the ‘American Dream’ meaning that anyone can...
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Cry the Beloved Country': Literary Criticism

Strength can be subjective whether it’s physical to mental it all has the same great importance. In my opinion, the most important strength is moral and spiritual strength. I think this because when you have a strong grounding in your own values and spiritual morals everything else comes and falls into place. Things like physical strength and mental strength come easier and in a healthier way. Once you have that grounding in your life it can open opportunities and show...
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Grendel Literary Criticism

Zac Efron will be portraying the beast villain, Grendel, in the 2019 reboot of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem BEOWULF, and many people are speculating if the choice was right. While most people view Zac as the comedic relief or the Epic Hero, the directors of this new version have decided to take a different route and choose someone who they know, and we know, will surely deliver an award-winning performance. Some say that they know that their crush from 15...
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Literary Criticism of 'Robinson Crusoe'

Protestant work ethic is a sociological concept developed by Max Weber in 1904-05. He looked at economic developments in regions of Europe and concluded that it was the result of religious belief that led them to success or failure. He suggested that Protestantism promoted a way of life and a daily code of conduct that pushed it ahead of Catholic countries. Acquisition and use of reported wealth is a major difference between Catholics and Protestants. This issue is studied in...
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Literary Criticism of 'Catch 22'

The moment we laugh at something for the first time is the moment we change its truth value, undermining its solemnity, its accuracy, its authority, and become free to discard it. This is the effect Joseph Heller and Stanley Kubrick intended to evoke in their respective satires. Heller and Kubrick’s protagonists live in a world where individuals are subjected to the capricious authority of an impersonal and preeminent bureaucracy, and have no free agency of their own. In Catch-22, Heller’s...
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Literary Criticism of 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'

Major characters in A Thousand Splendid Suns are Mariam, Laila, Rasheed, and Tariq. Secondary and supporting characters can be seen in this book as the parents, friends, and children of our main characters. Mariam is the first main character that we get to know in the book. Her beginning story is that of an illegitimate child’s struggle in Afghanistan. Mariam’s life as an outcast growing up brought her very little knowledge about the outside world. Her childhood was heavily influenced...
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Cask of Ammontolido Literary Criticism

The elements in the story that can be seen as humorous are when the narrator starts describing Fortunato he uses words as quack but fixes it up saying that he was sincere. He also described Fortunato when he was drunk, giving elements of humor to his clothing and the way he treated the narrator. Characteristics of the short story form apply to this short story. The same can be said of ‘The Tell-tale Heart’. Sometimes death can be funny. The...
1 Page 441 Words

Candide Literary Criticism

Both Voltaire’s satiric novel Candide and Frederick Douglass’s autobiographical Narrative shows the life of two men. Each young man experiences injustices in the course of his development. Candide faces his struggles by seeking material gain. Douglass faces his by discovering and applying his inner strength to find reliable sources to aid him in his journey. The result of Candide’s journey through life is unsatisfactory and unfulfilling while Douglass achieves self-actualization and continues to help others by fighting to right injustices....
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Brave New World Literary Criticism

The debate among English teachers in Bataan Peninsula State University-Balanga Campus whether it is the standard to use literary theory to teach the literature for undergraduate with the specialization of English. In a mandated curriculum for undergraduate English majors there are typical textbooks for literature class. Those different textbook have almost the same structure, bibliographical information about the author, brief introduction and explanations of language work. Most of the time, language teacher uses approach that is not linked to any...
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Romeo and Juliet': Literary Criticism

The film Romeo and Juliet, 1996, displays the Shakespearean play in a modernised world, the film is set in Los Angeles, and various modern props are used, such as guns and cars. Similar to the play, the film presents the rebellious feud between two rival families: the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo and Juliet have some underlying themes and ideas that Baz Luhrmann has expressed in his adaptation of this story. The main themes that the movie attempts to express...
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Lord of the Flies': Literary Criticism

‘The lust for power and control brings out the worst in us.’ The longing for power and control can bring out the worst in mankind. The lust for power and control can lead to immense devastation. In William Golding’s, Lord of the Flies, Jack’s everlasting desire of control leads to catastrophic impacts. Similarly, in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, Macbeth’s devastating acts and results of them are sparked by his thirst for power and control. Both texts utilise the transformation of their characters...
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Dr Seuss': Literary Criticism

There is a man who is known for the tales he has sown, told to children young and almost full-grown. One is a cat that wears a hat, another a Horton that hears a who, and a Grinch who stole Christmas got a new heart, too. He was a Dr. named Seuss, but not a doctor at all. Just a man who loved writing for big and small. No one really knows the man behind the famous books of rhyme...
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‘The Plastic Pink Flamingo’: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Introduction Jennifer Price’s essay, ‘The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History,’ explores the rise and symbolism of the plastic pink flamingo in American culture. Published in 1999, Price employs rhetorical strategies to examine the social and cultural significance of this iconic lawn ornament. Through the use of vivid language, irony, and persuasive techniques, Price offers a thought-provoking critique of American consumerism and the obsession with materialism. Thesis Statement In ‘The Plastic Pink Flamingo,’ Jennifer Price utilizes rhetorical devices such as...
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‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’: Critical Analysis Essay

Introduction “Me Talk Pretty One Day” is a collection of humorous and insightful essays written by David Sedaris. The book delves into various aspects of the author’s life, particularly his experiences as a non-native speaker of French and his struggles with language learning. This critical analysis essay will explore the central themes and stylistic elements of the book, highlighting its unique blend of humor, wit, and introspection. Language and Communication One of the central themes in “Me Talk Pretty One...
1 Page 453 Words

‘Red Convertible’ Essay

Introduction Louise Erdrich’s short story, ‘The Red Convertible,’ presents a poignant exploration of the bond between two Native American brothers, Henry and Lyman, and the transformation that occurs within their relationship. At the heart of this tale lies the symbol of the red convertible, a vehicle that serves as a metaphor for their shared experiences, aspirations, and the eventual disintegration of their connection. This literary analysis delves into the symbolism of the red convertible, examining its role in highlighting themes...
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Analysis of Tupac Shakur's Poem ‘The Rose That Grew from Concrete’

For my poem analysis task, the poem I selected to analyze was ‘The Rose That Grew from Concrete’ by Tupac Shakur. Born as Lesane Parish Crooks, Tupac Shakur was one of the most notable rappers of all time. Not only was he a phenomenal rapper, but an outspoken artist whose words impressed the lives of countless people. During his years, the poem was written between 1989-1991 and officially issued on November 1st, 1999. This remarkable poem captivated my attention because...
2 Pages 940 Words

Summary of Alice Munro's Short Story ‘Boys and Girls’

‘Boys and Girls’ by Alice Munro tells an emotional story of a girl who realized about her future life as a girl in a subtle way. This story literally shows that childhood struggles with gender experiences particularly contribute to the development of maturity. The story begins when the narrator tells a girl when she says that her father is a fox farmer. The girl struggles against society’s ideas of how a girl should be, only to see her trapped in...
2 Pages 763 Words

Munro’s ‘Boys and Girls’ and Marquez’s ‘A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings’ as a Part of World Literature

David Damrosch’s essay ‘Frames for World Literature’ presents arguments for what he believes to be how literatures may be considered to be a part of world literature. His definition of world literature can be works where its writers in global languages are translated into languages and has gained a presence outside the country of origin. Works that thrive in translation can also be considered as a defining feature of world literature. Although there are certain losses when a work is...
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Elie Wiesel’ Silence: Critical Essay

Prime Minister Carlsson (Sweden), World Leaders, and Reporters from around the world: 50 years ago a boy and his family were taken away to a place of death and peril, a place where God would never visit. 50 years ago, the devil took away everything from him, his family, his home, and almost the precious faith he believed in. 50 years ago, no one spoke up for him and his people. 50 years ago his people were silenced. We have...
2 Pages 740 Words

Silence' by Shusaku Endo: Summary Essay

In God’s eyes, we are all thought of as His children, and like children we have differences. In a perfect world, there would be no reason for conflict, unfortunately, that just isn’t human nature. Because we carry the burden of sin, we have wars, we kill, and we are thrust into the pressures of persecution. These examples can be shown most directly through a fictional book with historical truths written by the author, Shusaku Endo. Endo uses his characters to...
2 Pages 1028 Words

The Sound of Silence' Analysis Essay

The Sound of Silence was originally written by Simon and Garfunkel in 1964. When it was released, it was a commercial failure, leading to the disbandment of the group with Simon returning to England. The Sound of Silence was Simon’s way of expressing his angst towards his, and others, feelings of alienation in a post-modern world. This song is about the loss of communication between people. It perfectly encapsulates our diminishing ability to empathize with each other and love each...
1 Page 533 Words

Audre Lorde in the Cause of Silence: Critical Essay

Your Silence Will Not Protect You… Feminist theory shines a light on social issues and trends that are often overlooked by the historically Western, and male, point of view. A feminist theory is based on social structures in relation to gender, race, and sexuality; as such, I would like to further discuss what a feminist theory is and its relationship with everyday experiences, how one might “do” feminist theory, and what is inherently feminist about feminist theory. These theories are...
7 Pages 3079 Words

What Does 'Silence of The Lambs' Refer to: Critical Essay

There were many research methods used in this film. Each research method has some pros and some cons. Some of the research methods used in the movie Silence of the Lambs were the interview method controlled/ laboratory method, and natural method. Anthropomorphism was also used in this film. The interview method was used when Clarice Starling interviewed Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She was in training and wanted to learn from Hannibal Lecter. They talked about serial killers and how they like...
1 Page 484 Words

Saguaro Cactus Adaptations: Critical Essay

Need and Significance of Saguaro removal services Saguaro removal service in Phoenix is high in demand. Cactus species are available in all sizes and forms and are quite prickly to be removed from client lands and properties. If you are in need of paid and skilled specialists to effectively remove the Saguaro from land then you may reach out to Az cactus executive specialists that are highly trained in providing Saguaro removal facilities to clients. These facilities are provided to...
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