Literature Essays (1687)

The Importance Of Tricks And Disguises In Twelfth Night

‘Twelfth Night’ or ‘What You Will’ is a Shakespearean play that includes many comedic conventions like disguise, trickery and love interests. It is these conventions that make modern audiences enjoy and laugh at ‘Twelfth Night’, contrary to Sir Richard Eyre’s comment, ‘It’s true that a...
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A Character Analysis Of Atticus Finch

In Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the reader is introduced to an admirable father figure within the first chapter. Atticus Finch, a single father of two, lives in rural 1930s America working as a lawyer and state legislator. Being older than...
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Perceptions Of Satire In Gulliver's Travels

Satire speaks differently Gulliver’s travels is a story discusses the sociable cases and humanity by the satire of the situations and events. The story has been written in 1726 in United Kingdom by one of the greatest British writers and satires called Jonathan Swift. The...
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Ray Bradbury's Contribution For The Sci-Fi Genre

Ray Bradbury is known for changing the way people viewed American literature and social issues with the way he wrote about the future, leaving readers with apprehension, yet he is scared of technology himself; he often questions the identity of his characters with the way...
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Hemingway’s Portrayal Of Reversed Gender Roles

The 1920s was a new era of freedom for the American community. Women gained significant roles in society by their increasing involvement in institutions with associations that were not established on authority, but instead on equality, hence declining the male chauvinism’s coercion. Women’s increasing power...
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