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Woolf's Ideas on Why Don't We Know about Shakespeare's Sister: Essay

Through an exploration of gender thinkers considering femininity as a lived experience of endemic repression in the first-wave concerns of Woolf to the struggle for objective representation without repercussion as delineated by Gilbert and Gubar, this essay will analyze the effects of a historically patriarchal literary landscape in reproducing a damaging hegemonic subjectivity. Adopting an Althusserian lens which recognizes ideal subject creation through dominant institutions realizes the difficulty of attaining an individual agency and producing against anon as a supposedly...
4 Pages 1868 Words

William Faulkner on Writer's Duty: Critical Analysis

At the end of World War II, William Faulkner gave a speech after accepting a Nobel prize, his bold use of language portrays that a writer’s duty is to admonish the delusions that hinder our ability to perceive the world honestly. Two books that give an account of nostalgia, An American Childhood by Annie Dillard and The Road from Coorain by Jill Ker Conway, portray a writer’s duty a people about the good and evils of nostalgia. The significance of...
1 Page 434 Words

Why Is Perseus a Hero

Perseus and his heroic deeds A long, long time ago there were two brothers Acrisius and Proetus. When their father died, the brothers fought for the throne before Acrisius defeated Proetus and assumed his father’s position. Acrisius was happy. Although he had no son or heir, Acrisius and his wife were blessed with a beautiful daughter Danaë. With no heir to the throne, Acrisius went to the oracle and asked if he would ever get a son, but instead, he...
3 Pages 1318 Words

Why Is Macbeth Considered a Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

Because Macbeth is nothing on the different hand a killing machine, it is very difficult to view him as a tragic hero. But can one without a doubt inform whether or not or no longer or now not Macbeth is a two-faced hypocrite? This essay will speak about the public and personal persona of Macbeth and whether or not he is blamed for his very very personal movements or not. It will add, in addition, to communicate how the activities...
2 Pages 1102 Words

Why Is Creon Unable to Stop the Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

The play is called Antigone not because Antigone suffers the most, but because she suffers at all. The tragedy is befallen by both Antigone and Creon, yet the circumstances upon which they arrive there is where their similarities end. Antigone’s character is built on such a morally strong basis of fraternal love and reverence to the gods that she ends up choosing to die to protect the principles she stands for, evident in passages such as: “I/Will bury him. I...
1 Page 485 Words

Why Is 'Romeo and Juliet' a Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

Comedy vs. Tragedy: Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream vs. Romeo and Juliet According to Horace Walpole, “Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel” (Wolterbeek). Over the course of many years, comedy and tragedy have been studied by various scholars, from Aristotle to Friedrich Nietzsche. In both of Shakespeare’s works, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet, the plays can be compared and contrasted in regard to their respective genres. Though both plays...
3 Pages 1382 Words

Why Is 'Oedipus the King' a Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

Long before daytime soap operas, Sophocles regaled the masses with the tragic tale of Oedipus the Tyrant. It is the first of its kind to enmesh the reader in a complicated web of incest, patricide, and regicide whilst featuring a protagonist who evokes rage and pity in the same breath. Centuries after its first performance, the tragedy remains a focus of political discourse, not only because it is one of the most celebrated plays of the ancient world, but also...
2 Pages 1062 Words

Why Is 'Hamlet' Considered a Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

Hamlet: An Existential Crisis in the Making Through the dawn of mankind, one thing has remained constant for humanity, and that is our crippling mortality. The tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare is about the self-doubt of the tragic hero Hamlet and his journey towards revenge in order to honor his father. Shakespeare uses the popular ideology of the time, The Great Chain of Being, to demonstrate the flaws and irregularities of the ideology which attempted to deter evil and...
5 Pages 2205 Words

Why Is 'Hamlet' a Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

A tragedy enhances the destruction of characters leading to their downfall and often has an unhappy ending that can cause a form of loss. Every person experiences loss with varying degrees of severity. The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a tragedy written between the years 1599 and 1602. It revealed many themes, including this primary and crucial one, the theme of loss which is seen throughout the entire play. The story has the element of loss from the beginning...
3 Pages 1477 Words

Why Is 'Death of a Salesman' Considered a Tragedy: Essay

In the given passage from Miller’s play, Death of A Salesman, Biff confronts Willy about his decision to leave the family. An argument ensues between the two of them after this revelation. This extract of Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller from Act 2 describes the events that occur after Happy and Biff are confronted by Linda for abandoning Willy at the restaurant. Willy has been contemplating committing suicide in order for his family to receive a 20 000...
2 Pages 934 Words

Why Is 'Death of a Salesman' Considered a Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

Death of a Salesman is regarded as one of the three most remarkable tragedies in America. The author, Arthur Miller, emphasized that the drama should not only express characters’ psychological and subjective world but also convey the real complex social situation. It has successfully characterized the tragedy of a common salesman in America. It is significant to analyze why Willy committed suicide. This paper managed to analyze the causes of Willy Loman’s death, namely, mainly from three perspectives: a personal...
1 Page 524 Words

Why Is 'Antigone' a Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

Antigone is a Greek tragedy by Sophocles, that centers around a young female, Antigone, after the deaths of her two brothers. Antigone’s two brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, were battling for the throne of Thebes. As the brothers were dueling against each other, they ended up defeating one another. Since Eteocles was the King of Thebes and was seen as defending his land, he was treated like a hero and given a proper burial. While Eteocles was treated like a hero,...
3 Pages 1182 Words

Why he Story of Gilgamesh is Considered an Epic: Essay

From communicating on clay tablets to typing on computers or other technological devices, our history has come a long way. To this day, fortunately enough we still have one of the oldest pieces of literature in history. Throughout time and civilization, people have found a way to continue telling stories in order to communicate the roles and purpose of society during that time. History shows that the environment is continuing to evolve and influence people in many ways. The role...
3 Pages 1485 Words

Why Gilgamesh Is an Epic Hero: Essay

Martyrdom is described as an act by a person or group, who willingly suffers death for their beliefs or principles. In today’s society, death is an uncomfortable subject, where the acts of martyrdom would be seen as particularly shocking and unusual. This notion contrasts the idea of historical sources, with self-sacrifice often would be applauded for their bravery, such as an end to an epic battle. In medieval literary studies, an act of martyr is praised in the attributes of...
2 Pages 851 Words

Why Does Orwell Use Allegory in 'Animal Farm': Analytical Essay

Allegory: The story Animal Farm is an allegory. To begin with, The eminent windmill symbolizes the pigs’ control of different creatures for their benefit. Regardless of the promptness of the need for nourishment and warmth, the pigs abuse Boxer and the contrary typical creatures by causing them to attempt backbreaking work to build the windmill, which will, at last, again the pigs more cash and along these lines blast their capacity. The pigs’ attestation that Snowball is chargeable for the...
1 Page 370 Words

Why Does Gilgamesh Want to Find Immortality: Essay

Tablet IX begins with Gilgamesh lamenting over the Enkidu’s death, wandering wild alone, and pondering “I shall die, and shall I not then be as Enkidu” (70). Gilgamesh was completely desolated by the sorrow and frightened by their friend’s death. He had a fear that he would die the same as Enkidu died from the sickness. His reaction after Enkidu died clarifies that he was lost, and scared which Campbell states this situation as “missing consciousness” (Campbell 157). The bewilderment...
3 Pages 1337 Words

Why Does Gilgamesh Represent an Epic Hero: Essay

Masculinity has numerous meanings among many. The most common meaning of masculinity having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness. To be masculine means to be have strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness. Sometimes violence gets tied in with masculinity because some men believe that is their way to be masculine. Most of these qualities are shown in the book, the Epic of Gilgamesh. The male figures in this book are powerful, which relates them to...
1 Page 579 Words

Why Did Harper Lee Name It 'To Kill a Mockingbird': Essay

In life, many encounter signs and symbols which have deeper meanings that may be evident or sometimes, not clear. According to the Oxford Dictionary, symbols are things conventionally regarded as typifying or representing something. Symbols are not only an important part of life but a significant representation of appearance versus reality. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the theme of symbolism is explored by the author to encourage readers to read between the lines and to create meaning...
2 Pages 1043 Words

Why Did Arthur Miller Wrote 'The Crucible'

The role of human behavior and motivations within the human experience has been a fundamental part of many texts which explore the depths of humans and their personal experiences. Arthur Miller’s dramatic allegory ‘The Crucible’ represents cold-war McCarthyistic America through the eyes of the village of Salem Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials of 1692. The play strongly represents the author’s own personal experience dealing with McCarthyism and issues such as fear, accusation without proof, jealousy, revenge, and power acquisition...
2 Pages 807 Words

Why Did Arthur Miller Name His Play 'The Crucible'

The play the “ Crucible” is written by Authur Miller and was published in 1953 as a response to what is known as the “communist scares” in America in the 1950s. The definition of a crucible can be defined as a severe test. Although it also can be defined as a container that can withstand high temperatures, it is often used to melt and change the shape of metals. In the play, the definition of a crucible is used as...
2 Pages 837 Words

Who Is Jack London in 'Into the Wild'

Chris McCandless’ literary heroes were not opposite from each other but they were not the same either. Tolstoy, London, and Thoreau were all considered great minds of their times, just reading their works gives me an understanding of why he would be influenced by these great minds. ~These authors influenced Chris in his moral principles and his aspirations to embark on this journey which inspired Krakauer to write this very book.~ I think Jack London inspired McCandless the most out...
1 Page 670 Words

Who is Bono in Fences: Essay

Within every story, there is a particular character that changes the entire storyline and contributes to the outcome of the plot. In plays, character placement and attributions are very important for helping the audience better understand and interpret the meaning throughout the play. The Chorus in Oedipus, Roderigo in Othello, Mrs. Linde in A Doll’s House, and Bono in Fences all help to establish the overall meaning of each of the plays. In the play, Fences, the character Bono is...
1 Page 493 Words

Which Relationship from 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Does not Explore the Theme of Betrayal: Essay

In his work, William Shakespeare uses the elements of drama to analyze and explain the universal themes present in each of his plays. The Shakespearean play ‘Julius Caesar’ demonstrates the universal themes of betrayal and tragedy. Julius Caesar is a tragedy play written in 1599. It’s about a conflict/rivalry between two people, named Brutus and Caesar. In the end, Brutus ends up stabbing Caesar in the back and killing him all because he felt that Caesar had too much power....
1 Page 425 Words

Which Qualities Would a Homeric Hero Prize Most Dearly: Essay

“There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism” (Hamilton, 45). A Hero’s Journey is never an easy one, but what defines a Hero? The best way to define a hero is by looking at literary examples such as the Odyssey or the Illiad. Focusing on the first work mentioned I will discuss the heroic qualities of Odysseus from the epic; The Odyssey. In this poem, his acts of...
3 Pages 1214 Words

Which Crimes Had Oedipus Unknowingly Committed: Essay

Oedipus The King is a work heavily focused on Justice. Oedipus, as a king, discovers that the only way he can save his beloved city and its people is to seek and punish the murder of his predecessor. He is determined to establish justice and peace in his city. He starts to uncover the murder mystery but he faces harsh and irrevocable consequences. The most promising theme of the play is that human beings are powerless before faith and God....
2 Pages 1031 Words

Which Character Usually Only Visits to Borrow Money in 'Fences': Essay

In “Fences” written by August Wilson there are two brothers, Lyons is the oldest brother and came from a previous marriage by his dad Troy, and Cory is the younger brother and is the son of both Troy and Rose (Wilson Fences 2016). With Lyons and Cory having different mothers there are slight contrasts between them throughout the story (Wilson Fences 2016). We will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Lyons and Cory, these similarities and differences come...
2 Pages 1035 Words

Which Character Is not Considered Major in 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar': Essay

Some people say that it is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend because of the pain you receive when a friend hurts you When a friend betrays you and the friendship you hold, the wound is cut deeper than the one an enemy makes. But what exactly is betrayal? Betrayal is simply the breaking of trust or connection between two or more people who had once shared. The theme of betrayal is shown many times in William Shakespeare’s,...
2 Pages 828 Words

Which Aspect of Gregor’s Story Most Likely Reflects Franz Kafka’s Life

Abstract: This research paper studies the novella “The Metamorphosis” from absurdism and existing ways and how those two theories reflect on the novella from the point of view of Gregor Samsa the protagonist and from the writer’s POV which is “Franz Kafka”. Also, this paper will show how Franz Kafka mirrored himself through the protagonist in the novella and how it felt that he was trying to tell us about his life but in an indirect way so that people...
6 Pages 2944 Words

What Was Oedipus Tragic Flaw: Essay

Why do Greek figures suffer punishment from the gods? Gods had a very benevolent attitude to life. They were not constrained by family relationships, which is why brothers could marry their sisters and could kill their fathers with children or a son. Many moral rules deities can commit would not apply to us, one could say the gods are amoral. The sentence for humans is severe for breaking a moral or divine law. These same laws didn’t apply to deities,...
4 Pages 1897 Words

What Was Odysseus's Fatal Flaw in the Odyssey by Homer: Essay

Envision a world where everyone is flawless, and it is rare to see errors and flaws in this world. What will that world be like? Many people of the world have adored Greek mythology for centuries. Homer, the author of the Odyssey, displayed a series of entertaining stories with a twist. To understand Greek mythology, you must understand the protagonists and their behaviors. Homer creates a significant leader named Odysseus. Odysseus is a human figure who has close relationships with...
4 Pages 1791 Words
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