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Female vs. Male Athletes In Sports

LeBron James, often thought to be the greatest basketball player of all time, can be recognized by the majority of the people around the globe. However, when Elena Delle Donne is mentioned most ponder with a confused look wondering: Who is she? What does she do? This is a common occurrence in society as sports and non-sports fans can quickly identify popular male athletes but have difficulty naming just one female athlete. This supports the fact that many media sources...
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Importance of Diversity Management in Organizations: Analytical Essay

Diversity management has a pivotal role in growth in today’s fiercely competitive global market and workplace issue due to the rapidly change in globalization. To encourage managing diversity, bringing talented workers, including foreign nationals and women is considered as the key role in global enterprises, as diverse workforce is interpreted essential for sustaining and strengthening the creativity and competitiveness of economies. However, Japanese enterprises are known as culturally homogeneous and non-diversified and the chronic problem of gender inequality at work...
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Linguistic Sexism And Gender Culture In Standard Average European Languages

Abstract The examination of gender in relation to language is an interdisciplinary endeavor that has been the subject of interest of linguists, sociologists, anthropologists, communicators, psychologists, and scholars in other disciplines, especially after the 1960s, having as its starting point the feminist movements by the end of that decade. Since then, there has been an ongoing debate on whether language endorses sexism, or sexism contributes on the formation of a language. Both discourse and language reflect social realities governed by...
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The Issue Of Gender And Islam

Introduction The institution of religion as per the view of the feminist, especially the Abrahamic religions are patriarchal in nature, given the fact that the creation of the institution of religion from a sociological perspective, historical perspective as well as from a divine and theological perspective have been male-dominated with very less importance given to the role of the women and the ones who have found a mention of in the holy scriptures, have been mostly tangential and almost all...
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Effects of Diversity on Organizational Outcomes: Literature Review

Differences between individuals of group of organizations in any characteristics like race, ethnicity, gender, and age refers to diversity (Olsen and Martins, 2012). diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups, workers, and people from the others. That means people should respect for and appreciation of differences in ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, education, and religion (GÖKÇEN, 2019). Some researchers found that diversity has both positive and negative effects of demographic diversity on organizational outcomes (see Milliken...
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Reflection Paper on the Idea of Gender in “Little Red Riding Hood'

I find these themes important to the retelling of gender because it can apply to males, females, animals, or objects. In every telling of “Little Red Riding Hood,” there was a common pattern of characters: the young girl, the grandmother, a wolf, with the occasional dwarf or huntsman thrown in. These themes apply to these genders or characters because they were different in each story. The women in the stories were either strong and fierce or innocent and helpless. The...
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The Aspects Of Gender Ambiguity In Islam

In Gender Ambiguity in Islam, South Asia and Contemporary Pakistan, the treatment of sex/gender non normativity in Islam is as diverse as Islam itself. Historical and scholarly sources reveal theological differences in constructions of sex, gender and sexuality. Meanwhile, the history of the Indian subcontinent indicates that individuals with gender and genital ambiguities went from having important social functions to being criminalized. However, in present-day Pakistan, the laws related to Khawaja Siras have both constrained and empowered gender ambiguous people,...
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Analytical Essay on Issues of Gender, Race and Violence in Video Games

Introduction Video games have become a significant part of the media diet, as well as have been seen as a crucial symbolic system that mat have a wide range of social influences (Comstock and Cobbey, 1979). Considering the influence of video games as a form of media, it is necessary to research whether some game elements represent real-world situations and problems or video games’ representation are disconnected with real-life; as well as the impacts of game representations. This article affirms...
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The Role Of Voice And Gender In Argumentative Second Language Academic

Introduction Linguistics is the study of language that includes analyzing language forms and contexts as well. My study is concerned with finding and describing the relation between authorial presence ‘voice’ in second language writing (SLW) in undergraduate students both males and females. Because applied linguistics is my area of interest, I will apply the results of this study to second language writing (SLW) to investigate the role of ‘voice’ in argumentative writing in a relation to overall quality of academic...
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Islam And The Gender Disparity In Saudi Arabia

Muslim women are often seen as subjects that require liberation from the restrictions established by the patriarchal Islamic societal structure. However, this is not always the case and recognizing the clear distinction between choice and force is essential to avoid misleading presumptions. In this literature review, the influence of Islamism on the daily life of women will be analyzed specifically based on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The authoritarian regime has maintained theocracy through the active application of Islamic...
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Race And Gender In Chess In The United States

Introduction ‘Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, and this game is played by millions of people worldwide’ (cited from Wikipedia). To begin with, I wish to introduce the biggest and most important chess organization in the world because it plays an essential role in chess. ‘The Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) or World Chess Federation is an international organization that connects the various national chess federations around the world and acts as the governing body...
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Diversity Assessment: Analysis of Specific Areas of Diversity That the Organization Addresses

Diversity Assessment Notes – rephrase everything. Reference APA referencing Definition of diversity Diversity includes people with difference characteristics that include varying gender age, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, languages, education, abilities and etc. Diversity explanation for each section Identify specific areas of diversity that the organization addresses Gender, including transgender For ANZ, gender balancing in their organisation is a business imperative. ANZ ensures there is equal representation of women and men in our leadership teams this is...
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Gender Diversity Progress within Workforce: Analytical Essay

Introduction (Problem Statement) Woodside is Australia’s largest natural gas producer with aspirations of becoming a global leader in oil and gas. With over 3,500 employees, Woodside’s aim is to build an inclusive, values-led, high-performing culture. In 2018, 30.4% of the total workforce was female and 3.7% were indigenous employees (Woodside, 2018 Annual Report). Woodside’s increased focus on diversity and inclusion in recent years has resulted in a rise in both female and indigenous representation within the workforce. In 2013, women...
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Critical Analysis of Promotion of Racial, Class or Gender Diversity

Diversity in today’s world is one of the most exhausted words which has a relatively simple meaning yet it can be a world of a difference to implement it. The diversity of the legal profession has been the subject of debate for a while. Guardian (2015) states that ‘Despite recent initiatives, the legal profession remains a bastion of white, middle-class, privately educated males.’ This remains true even today, although they have been changes, compared to a decade ago when it...
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Gender Diversity in Top Management Teams

Gender diversity in the workplace has been a topic of conversation in the United States since the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s (Burkett, 2019). As time has gone on, the calls to action for equal opportunities in employment have intensified with the inclusion of laws protecting women from gender discrimination. There have been many proposed solutions to increase the opportunities for women in the workforce including both quota and non-quota methods. While many countries, particularly in Europe have voluntary...
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Gender and History Essay: Manifest Destiny Versus the Meaning of American Manhood and Womanhood

Manifest Manhood was very popular during the period between the United States – Mexican War and the Civil War. Manifest Manhood is the study of competing ideas to show masculinity which drove territorial expansion. Many men pursued frontiers as goldseekers, travelers, and most commonly filibusters. Martial men and restrained men both had the same goals but had different techniques in achieving these goals. Martial men showed violence to show their masculinity and power while restrained men who showed responsibility, religion,...
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Analytical Essay on Single Sex Schools: The Impact of Ethnicity, Gender and Social Class on Schooling

1.0. Introduction: Education in Ireland plays a crucial role in shaping society. The dramatic transformation of Irish society in the past number of decades has contributed to the monumental steps taken to strive to create inclusivity in the Irish Education System. The growing interest and impact of ethnicity, gender and social class on schools and schooling effects a students experience of education. Students are undoubtedly influenced socially though the school environment and their peers. It is evident that those of...
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Impact of Gender on the Work of Photographer: Analytical Essay

Question: How does gender play a role in the making and reception of a work of photography? What kind of issues have feminist and contemporary artists prioritised in addressing this role? What feminist strategies of image production have they adopted? In the lecture from week 7, we explored issues related to how feminism uses the medium to perform in photography. This article will also examine the role of gender in photography and how feminism considers and addresses the rights of...
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Analytical Essay on Gender and Identity in Children’s Literature: Boys Versus Girls

Research Task This essay will be addressing Gender and Identity in children’s literature. These books are children’s first glimpse into education and it is partially what helps to shape their minds and opinions of the world around them, this includes how they view their own identity and how they view each gender. When referring to “Gender Identity” I will be addressing how people view what they should act like, what they should like, and what interests them based off their...
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Tess of The D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy: Gender Expectations in The Victorian Era

Literature is a reflection of society and writers test and investigate the beliefs of their time, highlighting their flaws in society. In Tess of the D’Urbervilles, published in 1891, Thomas Hardy challenges the superiority of men, present in the Victorian Era. Hardy presents the protagonist as weak and shows how her low social status and lack of voice allows dominant men such as Alec and Angel to manipulate and control her. The expectations from women in society is highlighted through...
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Examining Evidence of Gender and Social Stratification in Archaeology

The assumption of gender and the required role has remained the same for many centuries. The expectations of a certain gender whether it is male, or female determine their role in society. Studying gender in past and present times compares in terms of the roles and actions of males and females. This would include feminine, masculine, cultural beliefs, and power relations. The lack of women’s input and actions in history towards life, in general, went unnoticed and ignored for centuries....
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The Bachelor And Regressive Gender Expectations

Reality television claims to provide a window into some people’s lives as they experience purportedly unfiltered events. The early 2000s saw the emergence of a new subgenre of reality television in that pitted contestants against each other (O’Donnell, p. 170). By appealing to innate feelings of success, rejection, and aggressive behavior, competitive reality television experiences continued success. Romance reality television, where the celebrated prize is life-long love, particularly dominate the reality television genre. The Bachelor (ABC, 2002) featured several female...
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Recognition of Gender, Sexuality and Family Choice in the Development of Citizenship

The purpose of this essay is to discuss how the development of citizenship has progressed through the recognition of gender, sexuality and family choice. The term citizenship is often used to describe the status of an individual`s residency alongside upkeeping responsibilities. The usual responsibilities include paying taxes, serving on a jury when summoned, obeying the law, and as a whole being an active member of society that positively contributes towards the economic and social growth of a country. Citizenship rights...
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Should We Use More Gender Neutral Language?

We have come a long way with the acceptance and respect for women however sexism and inequality is still alive and well. Hate crimes, sexual harassment, the wage gap and social exclusion are just some of the discriminatory acts that are still in use today. And one of the least known being gendered language. The words and expressions we use change everyday. However, those changes don’t seem to express the improvement in society regarding women’s rights. Gendered language is so...
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Professional Wrestling: Gender Biased Or Just An Illusion

I have chosen to research ‘ Does professional wrestling is gender-biased?’ If yes, then up to what extent wrestling is gender biased and how it affects their professional career and life. Wrestling has always had controversy surrounding it for male and female wrestlers as many people believe women get less appreciation than what they deserve and the business is still male dominant. I would like to explore how much potential each female wrestler brings to the ring and how much...
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The Arguments against the Classics of Criminology Gender and Crime

There are various explanations offered by criminologists when it comes to gender and crime. One of the most influential explanations comes from Lombroso and Ferrero. Over the years, different theorists have criticised theories created by classics of criminology for being too simplistic and have offered alternative explanations. Feminists critique the theories on the basis that crime is seen as something that men do- men studying men, and as a result women are treated as a specialty. There have been further...
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Gender Stereotypes And Feminist Movement In The Movie Mulan

Feminism women’s social theory and political movement is based on the Disney movie Mulan because it shows gender stereotypes and fights against them. Mulan shows that a real woman can do anything that man can do. Also, shows how strong she is and she can fight. Women’s experience of struggle in society and trying to be equal to men. The men stereotype is the belief that men have to go to war or go to work while women have to...
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The Influence Of Gender On Perceptions Of Intelligence

Abstract Past research has found that males estimate their own intelligence higher than females, and that in general, individuals estimate their father’s intelligence to be higher than their mothers. This study aimed to examine these gender differences in the perception of intelligence through a methodologically similar survey to Hogan’s (1978) study on IQ estimations, and found that females consistently estimate their IQ lower than males, and both males and females estimate their mother’s IQ lower than their father. This could...
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The Use Of Gender, Political Correctness, Language And Power In Oleanna

Introduction In this essay I will be analysing the play Oleanna, with reference to the educational themes of gender, political correctness, power and language. Oleanna was a popular play in the 1990’s that induced outrage amidst it’s audiences, through how the playwright Mamet was able to provoke gender politics between feminists and male chauvinists. The play was blatantly about male versus females thereby instigating debate between its audiences, depending on which character they empathised with as the story unfolds. As...
6 Pages 2875 Words

Gender And Crime: Serial Killers

Introduction Within this end of course assessment, I am going to be talking about Gender and Crime. A brief explanation into the differences in male and female criminals, criminological theories including the chivalry thesis. Crime & media in popular culture also falls into the category for this assessment which talks about cultural criminology and representations. The main body of this assessment will fall around the infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos and how she was represented by the media, popular culture,...
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