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Gender Discrimination In Swinburne University: History, Reasons And Solutions

Introduction This first part of the report showcases information, reasons behind existence of gender discrimination and also contains Swinburne University community’s perspective and point of view on gender discrimination and also states techniques with which that information was obtained. Gender discrimination is when a person is treated unfairly based on their gender (Cambridge Dictionary n.d.). Since 2018, the gender disparity was already 32 % on average, according to the Global Gender Gap Report survey of the World Economic Forum. Women...
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The Problem Of Gender Inequality In The Works Of Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft lived in the 18th century. The way women were treated, and the rights available to them were drastically different than they are now. One of the key factors in understanding Mary Wollstonecraft’s view is what the general view of men and women in their society was at the time. The general population seemed to buy into the idea that being able to properly reason, and make rational decisions were what earned your rights. This concept is supported by...
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‘Game of Thrones’ and the Theme of Women's Struggle for Power

From ancient monarchies to the modern workplace, women have constantly struggled to gain elite positions and are subjected to a different experience than men for doing so. This struggle can be reflected in popular culture which puts an emphasis on not just women in power, but also the struggle that they face to get there. Although known for its twisting storylines and medieval themes, ‘Game of Thrones’, is also notable for highlighting the role of women in power and the...
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Lack of Gender Equality in the Music Industry

The purpose of this work is to analyze the differences between the genders in the music industry and to analyze the lack of equality between them. Is the music industry improving the balance between men and women in the workplace? First, the music industry has always been very creative and soulful. However, at the same time, it happens to be very provocative, perverted and extremely money focused. In the music industry, as a performer, you do not have an average...
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Position of Women in Engineering

The position of women can be carefully traced through history to be able to divulge social ills through which societies have misplaced the position of women. This takes us to look at how the community views gender and sex. Sex is viewed as the biological distinction between men and women’s genital setups but gender is a socially built set of ideas that define the roles and values which distinguish between masculine and feminine (Little, 2016). Men have been viewed as...
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Gender Inequality in the Third World

Women were undermined when they participated in development discourse based on the sexual division of labor and their role in the economy. The development was about economic growth and women were absent in the debate. Women were relegated to the reserves while men were exploited outside the household (Pala, 2005). Different approaches came into existence to fight the challenges faced by women in the ‘Third World’. Women in development (WID) approach was made as a result of three major feminist...
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Gender Inequality in New Zealand

Gender inequality has been an issue in New Zealand and around the world for thousands of years. The gender pay gap still plays a huge role in social inequality in New Zealand. Employment means all people should have equal opportunities to engage fully in employment regardless of what their gender is. Since the early 20th century, the gender pay gap narrowed significantly, yet inequality in men and women’s income still exist. The gender pay gap in 1998 was 16.2% in...
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Women in the Hospitality Industry

It is unlikely that the gender inequality will ever come to end at the workplace. Regardless of culture, historical context, or social circumstance, men and women view the world – and often each other – through gender-specific lenses (Tannen, 1990). Women are always criticized in their work despite of them being perfect or neat. Trends keep on changing and to increase female employees in the hospitality industry somehow is trending. Because even the human resource management has noticed that guest...
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Essay on Gender Inequality in China

It goes without saying that the world we know today is torn – be it wars, racism, segregation, elitism – all for the pursuit of one thing: power. A few moons ago, the ‘impending doom’ of the earth might have been viewed in direct correspondence to the ever-increasing frequency of natural disasters as well as global warming. However, many scholars are now of the view that, before anything else, the end of the earth will almost certainly be the result...
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Promoting Women Empowerment and Women Health in the Activities of Amhara Women's Association in Ethiopia

Amhara is a regional state located in North Ethiopia. Home to over 25 million people, the Amhara are primarily agriculturalists and 83% live in rural areas, and historically speaking, the area has been affected by “chronic drought,” and “wars that adversely affected the natural and human resources development in the area” (Amhara Development). Ongoing abuses include early marriage, female circumcision, domestic violence, and blatant disregard for women’s basic rights. Although, in the town of Bahir Dar individuals in the Amhara...
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The Female Voice in a Patriarchal Society

Violence agaisnt women continues to speculate across the media and within today’s society. Hannah Kent and Julie Turkewitz are both authors who liberate the stories of these condemned women whom are accused of witchcraft and deprived of their freedom and power. The subordinate status of women in a patriarchal society is inevitable to an extreme extent. This degree of female oppression has ultimately become entrenched by the beliefs and dictations of a society led by males; and thus, society fulfils...
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Women's Transition into the Workforce During World War II and Its Aftermath

Prior to World War II women were often restrained to domestics, laundresses, secretaries, and dishwashers, or did not work at all. There were very limited opportunities for them to excel in the professional sphere, for at the time, their work was not vital to the success of the United States. It was not until World War II erupted in 1939 that women would be considered for previously male-dominated professions, such as factory and industrial work. The rapidly expanding American economy...
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Negative Effects of Labeling on Women

An individual identity may sometimes be defined or influenced by terms that are used to define the individual. The world we live in is ever changing and is characterized by gender labels. This is referred to as labeling and it is premised on the labeling theory. Labeling entails that the identity assigned to an individual is in some respect altered to his discredit. Certain qualities connected with the behavior are attributed to him. The behavior which becomes the object of...
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An Examination of Women's Restrictions in Virginia Woolf's 'A Room of One's Own' and Jane Miller's 'Seductions'

“Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman”, wrote Virginia Woolf in ‘A Room of One’s Own’. Based on an analysis of misogynist prohibitions, solid ramparts of male superiority whose reality seems seriously shaken, Woolf defines the conditions of existence and the specificities of artistic creation for women. However, from the very first page Woolf already explains that she will not be able to fulfil the objective of every lecture to “deliver a pure nugget...
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Representing Gender Inequality in Ortiz Cofer's 'More Room' and Virginia Woolf's 'A Room of One's Own'

The concept of the word ‘room’ is presented in both ‘A Room of One’s Own’ and ‘More Room’, authors Woolf and Ortiz Cofer display that a woman having her own ‘room’ will provide time and space allowing women to flourish and grow. In the essay, ‘A Rooms of One’s Own’, Woolf puts emphasis on larger problems such as privacy, leisure time and financial independence which are essential components that play a role in the inequality between men and women. Furthermore,...
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The Issue of Discrimination in Standardized Testing

This all started from the beginning of the 19th Century when the United States began taking in immigrants fleeing from Europe due to the devastation of World War I. During this time Carl C. Brigham—a professor of psychology at Princeton University— published A Study of American Intelligence (1923) “in which he emphasized that the decline in America’s intelligence was attributable to the influx of low IQ immigrants” (Strout and Stuart, 133). Brigham came to this conclusion by creating puzzles for...
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The Influence of Gender on Benjamin Franklin's Life

In Benjamin Franklin’s life, we can assume that male and female spaces were different. His life indirectly revealed a difference between genders. Back then, men deemed more worthy than women. Gender greatly influenced education, workspace, and politics. Gender played a big role in education. Men could decide if they wanted a great education. On the other hand, women weren’t authorized to have one. As a boy, Benjamin and his elder brothers went to school. The text of the Authbiography of...
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Achievements of Victorian Women in the Struggle for Equality

The place of women in society and their struggle over the centuries for getting gender equality has been in the spotlight of history. Victorian women’s lives were differed significantly by its uniqueness, and during the entire 19th century with the women’s movement they managed to sign crucial achievements in the history of whole feminism. The day when Alexandrina Vitoria became the queen of the United Kingdom, the new era began in the history of Britain and it continued for 63...
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Race And Gender Biases As Portrayed In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom by three exclusive creators Steven Molaro, Bill Prady, and Chuck Loree. It is called a sitcom because they shot it in live spectators setting; the series has a total of two hundred and seventy-nine episodes all in twelve seasons.. The last episode of the series was released in May this year. It has five key actors and actresses and other supporting characters. The primary focus in the series will be on one...
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The Problem Of Gender Inequality In Sports

In the article “Creating and Sustaining Gender Diversity in Sport Organizations” by George H. Cunningham, he describes why men’s sports are more popular and male athletes receive higher pay than female athletes. Cunningham makes connections between today’s societal norms and societal norms throughout history, because the norms from before still have an effect on people’s ideas today. He gives different examples from today’s society on how women are discriminated against sports organization. After describing the issues with discrimination in sports...
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Gender Sports Teams Shouldn't Exist

We have all heard the saying “boys are stronger than girls”. And because of this commonly known saying, it is engraved in our minds, and daily lives. But is this true? Science has proven that males are naturally stronger than females, even comparing the same weight from males to females, females averagely have less muscle mass than males. But what about the people that are equal to men physically, there are extraordinary females who aspire to make the world equal...
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Argumentative Essay on Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriages in Sikh Society Women have to live up to the norms and standards established by the patriarchal majority. Should they fail to meet them, they would face discrimination and abuse in any form, from verbal attacks to physical torture and even murder. From this story comes another one, also related to gender inequality among the Sikhs. The young woman described by Davis (2016) said she had barely known her husband when they were married. The phrase raises the...
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Global Inequalities And Social Work

Globalization is generally understood as a natural evolutionary process resulting from developments and breakthroughs in computer science and telecommunications but Stiglitz (2002) prefers to see it as the globalization of the economy and the removal of barriers to ‘free trade’ . The writer and activist Susan George suggests that neoliberalism, the economic ideology which has been promoted over the past two decades by the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation is based on a set...
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The Inequality Of Sports For Women

Hanson is explaining, is that there is a large difference in relation to and inequality between women and men in all sports. This is mainly because the sports are dominated by a good majority of men and they tend to gain more media coverage when compared to women. One reason for this is because, live media coverage lags far behind, as some coverage of the media for women will mainly focus around their femininity and gender. This portrays women’s achievements...
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Portrayal Of The Indian Woman And Discrimination Of Gender In Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terror

Abstract Shashi Deshpande draws a canvas of the women who are portrayed in a sensitive manner. Her novels present a social world of intricate relationships and age old traditions that creates gaps and disturbances within the family fold. She pays attention to the dilemma of women who struggle to overcome constricting social norms and attempt to redefine their status. The Dark Holds No Terrors reveals the torturing nature of gender discrimination which is inflicted on the girl child who is...
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Professional Wrestling: Gender Biased Or Just An Illusion

I have chosen to research ‘ Does professional wrestling is gender-biased?’ If yes, then up to what extent wrestling is gender biased and how it affects their professional career and life. Wrestling has always had controversy surrounding it for male and female wrestlers as many people believe women get less appreciation than what they deserve and the business is still male dominant. I would like to explore how much potential each female wrestler brings to the ring and how much...
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The Aspects Of Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

In our modern society, there are many pressing sociological issues. One of these issues pertains to discrimination in the workplace based on gender. Workplace gender discrimination is not always black and white. It can come in many different forms, but generally means that one is not treated fairly or is favored less based solely on their gender. Gender discrimination can be prevalent in various industries, but research shows that women working in predominantly male workplaces are more likely to experience...
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Gender: The Entanglement Of Culture, Politics, And Sport

The term ‘gender’ has become complicated for scholars to define in recent decades. For the purpose of this essay, the constructivist meaning of gender will be used, which defines it as “a process of social construction, a system of social stratification, and an institution that structures every aspect of our lives because of its embeddedness in the family, the workplace and the state as well as in sexuality, language and culture”(Lorber 1994, p.5). In our postmodern society, scholars have began...
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Sports And Gender Inequality

Today sports and the world of sports is somewhat of a religion. People watch sports and go to games more than they go to church, temple, mosque, synagogue, etc. Sports is the foundation of many conversations and helps society grow. The media when it comes to sports is one of the main factors that helps society grow both negatively and/or positively. Although sports make the society grow as one it also creates a divide when it comes to gender because...
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Violence Against Women: Gender Violence In Kenya

Introduction Violence against women is also known as gender-based violence and it is an issue that causes great harm in many families around the world. It is one of the social crisis spreading widely and is causing a major health problem around the world today (UNICEF,2000; WHO,2017). This problem is seen to be affecting both men and women without regarding their social, economic, cultural and political backgrounds (UNICEF, 2000; Ondicho, 2013; NGEC, 2016). While there is no trusted statistical approximate...
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