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How Does Gender Inequality Happen In Sports?

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Bad Mentality

Most people still think that women are too weak to play sports. One example is from a WNBA player; Elena Delle Donne who stated “It is hard to fall in love with a sport or team or a player if you have never seen them and do not know much about them … I wish I could just play basketball and have that be my thing. But if I have to give some media knowledge or PR ideas, then fine.” For women in the WNBA/workforce already working harder than their supposed male equivalent for just the slightest bit of profit, the desire to support one’s self might not be too much to ask.

Consequence: Mental health for women

Gender inequality will often lead to increased depression and anxiety, and this problem, unfortunately, does not only affect the victim, but it continues to spread to other members of the organization/teams as well which means the focus and morale of the whole team may be weakened by the ubiquity of gender inequality.

b. Perspectives,

National Perspective:

The majority of Americans believe that gender inequality exists everywhere in the US, although there are a few disagreements about how huge the issue might be, including what can be done to solve this problem. Interviewees have suggested their beliefs and opinions about gender inequality, including their pay gap, representation in government and unpaid work. The survey registered found that men do not consider gender equality as drastic and serious as women. This consensus also found an imperceptible pattern for labor outside the workplace. Overall, 82% of the interviewees think that women spend more time than men doing unpaid tasks, like taking care of the household and many others.

Global Perspective:

Women across the world are unsurprisingly paid less than their male equivalent. Globally, they get paid 50 cents to the dollar. A website made by World Economic Forum has successfully designed out the gaps between both men and women around four major areas, which are health, education, economics and politics. Sportswise, it was not until the 2012 Olympic Games in London where every country decides to introduce a female competitor to the game. Furthermore, the gender pay gap in sport still remains due to their differences biologically which supposedly affects performance. Not only that, but it was also influenced by reduced opportunity and other factors that influence female participation across a series of sports around the world. Until the nurturing environment is impartial, scientific discussion correlated to physiological disparities in male and female performances just might still be restrained.

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Personal Perspective

In my very own perspective, as a person who enjoys playing basketball and joins the school basketball team, I feel like girls should be respected as much as the boys because we try as hard as them as well. When we do not get appreciated as much, we lack the motivation to do the things that we are passionate about and what we love to do, and of course, the team energy would be sapped.

Course of action.

To solve gender inequality, 2 sport branches have decided to make an arrangement of equal pay between men and women. Over the past 12 years, the Wimbledon tennis championship announced that it would finally pledge for equal pay towards men and women. In addition, with that solution to come into being, take Serena Williams as an example. Serena William’s salary is about $4.2 million dollars. Apart from that, the World Surf League has also announced that all their events and competitions would provide equal pay for both genders.

Evaluation of sources of information

I think that this has worked because not only they get a pretty big amount of salary, but they also get acknowledged more for all the hard work that they have put in, unlike other sports, like the WNBA and Women’s FIFA. If other sport branches decide to do this as well, and other people start acknowledging and respecting women athletes more, I think that it might work.


In conclusion, as some people might not have realized, it is somewhat visible that gender inequality is a no laughing matter. Some people think that women are too weak to play sports and do what they are passionate about. Gender inequality can lower women’s self-esteem and drain their morales. Many people are thankfully trying to solve this problem, research is still pretty much limited. On the other hand, a few sport divisions are trying their best to provide equal pay for both women and men alike.


All in all this issue is pretty fascinating. By just researching this issue, I have learned that gender inequality is not something to lightly laugh about considering it is a pretty important issue in our modern world, yet not many people seem to really be concerned about it. The challenges that I have faced include trying to find people’s takes on this topic and trying to find out the possible solutions that people have tried to put together. At the end of the day, I enjoyed doing this research report, and I will try to put more effort and try to get hold of researching more the next time I am assigned a research report.

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