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Theme of Discrimination in Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ and Aliette de Bodard’s ‘Immersion’

Science fiction utilize textual forms and features to speculate possible futures and critique modern day values. The futuristic aspect of this genre allows readers to view current societal issues such as discrimination and social conditioning through different perspectives. Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ (1997) and Aliette De Bodard’s ‘Immersion’ (2012) explore the unreasonable discrimination against those who refuse to conform to the society causing the audience to reconsider the validity of social norms that repress people into behaving a certain way. Science...
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Analysis of Instability of the South African Economy and Issue of Immigrants

When you think of major countries in Africa, your mind thinks South Africa as one of the major choices but that reasoning could be due to some favorable reasons but due to recent events it could turn unfavorable. This is the case due to drastic events that have been occurring for years. The continuous xenophobic acts towards the country’s immigrants, average working-class citizens and even higher paid citizens by the natives have shed an incredibly bad light on the country...
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Historical Development of Victimology and Its Importance for Criminology

As criminology continued to ignore the victim in the study of crime, victimology emerged to give equal attention to victims. Victimology is the study of the relationship between the victim and the criminal. The development of victimology satisfied a gap in criminological research and had a significant impact on the study of crime. After all, “you cannot seek to understand the psychology of the criminal if you do not first understand the sociology of the victim” (Wertham, 1949). The term...
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Migration-Related Racism in Australia and the Fight Against It

Migration-related violence is when people seeking for a better future are mistreated physically and emotionally by other people. Further, the issues discussed earlier usually affect immigrants, people of different races. Up to this day, this topic is extremely important because even though it’s not as divided as in the 1900, there are still large amounts of people being discriminated against for being different from the others. “In 2019, there were over 7.5 million migrants living in Australia” (‘Australia’s Population by...
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Mercantilist Beliefs among Sugar Plantations and the Slave Trade: Essay

Mercantilism is economic framework created amid the rot of feudalism to bring together and increase the influence and particularly the money related abundance of a country by strict administrative guideline of the whole national economy as a rule through policy strategy intended to verify accumulation of bullion, an ideal equalization of exchange, the improvement of agribusiness and manufactures, and the foundation of outside restraining infrastructures and monopolies. Around then, mercantilism thus assumed that potential of making their motherlands rich. It...
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Inequality of Female Roles in Disney Films

The media plays a significant role in our daily lives by providing us with cultural, educational, and supplemental information that cultivates our knowledge while also shaping our political aspects and framing our cultural guidelines in society. It has the role of being an effective educator, by informing us of anything newsworthy, which is quite true, but what most people don’t know is the canny and manipulative ways on how they are doing it. They hinder with our public opinion through...
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Hong Kong's Social Movements: Economic Impact

Hong Kong is one of the countries which actively involved in social demonstrations or protests. The protesters are young and old alike with a diverse mix of families in Hong Kong. Based on a crowd survey by three scholars, almost a fifth of the population were 45 years old and older, whereas about 60% of the people involved were under 30. Journalists stated that many shopkeepers, drivers and others helped the demonstrators with their water supplies and financial support. It...
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Harmful Effects of Violence in Films on Audience on the Example of 'A Clockwork Orange'

The most remarkable changes in humans’ collective exposure have been the introduction of mass media. The introduction of media has been an increasingly and rapid form of communication between human beings. The uses of radio, television, film, video games et cetera, has become an ever so present thing in humans’ lives and holds a great value in all aspects of societies across the globe. Although these forms of media were not created to cause harm to others, through the mutilation...
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Great Britain as a Tolerant Nation Regarding Politics and Public Reaction

Both immigration and societal issues surrounding immigrants themselves have rose to popular discourse within Britain for a significant number of years now (Kudnani, 2007). A large number of citizens and governmental figures have deemed immigration as a nationwide issue in the process (Blinder and Richards, 2020). This outlook will be analyzed to understand to what extent Britain claims itself to be ‘tolerant’ country with regards to immigration (Blinder and Richards, 2020). This essay will further elaborate on this proposal and...
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Feminist Perspectives in Criminology

Feminism is more than a view or perspective but a movement. As the question points out, it is a movement with a multitude of perspectives. Feminism traces its roots to male dominance and oppression, which according to Patricia Hills led to a movement to end male chauvinism and ensure equal rights for all and also to eradicate the ideology of dominance. According to Naffine, feminist criminology is the integration of feminist perspectives into criminological studies. During the late 20th century,...
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Essay on Feminism and Disney Films

Ever since the dawn of every family’s favorite franchise, Disney, young girls everywhere have had their minds contorted into believing they should portray a certain kind of woman and to never dare break the glass-ceiling. Right from the get go with the studios first feature film, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ (1937), by using a doolally doe-eyed sweetheart relevant to the times, Disney has been dispatching a message of false hope that one day every young damsel, who wastes...
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Discrimination as a Serious Problem in Mexico

Discrimination has always been a big issue around the world and two of these types are racism and colorism. According to Ware, “Racism involves discrimination against individuals based on their racial category. Colorism, in contrast, involves discrimination against dark-complexioned people on the basis of their color”. According to Statista, Mexico is 62% mestizo, 28% mostly or entirely Amerindian, and 10% other races (mostly European). If Mexico is a place with diversity, then why are Mexicans discriminating against each other? Mexico...
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Confronting Germany’s Nazi Past as the Main Motive of the Student Rebellion of 1968

The wave of rebellion that swept across West Germany in 1968 is commonly documented to be an attempt to confront the Nazi past. This was exhibited through the mass of student protests by the so-called ‘68ers’, dragging the issues they were passionate about into the public sphere so they could no longer be ignored. As a result, the reasons conjuring this tempestuous movement should be explored. Firstly, the statement in question suggests that confronting Germany’s Nazi past was the main...
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A Class Divided': Film Analysis

‘A Class Divided’ is a film about a third-grade teacher named Jane Elliott and her class who took part in-class exercise about discrimination. The purpose of the exercise is that she wanted to show her class what discrimination feels like and what it can do to people. The teacher started this exercise right after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. She divided her class by eye color and then told them that the children with brown eyes were smarter,...
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Trump's Conspiracy Theory around Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden

What You Need To Know: Robert O’Neill, a former Navy SEAL who was involved in assaulting Osama bin Laden in 2011, rebuked President Donald Trump over accusations that the terrorist leader did not die. Trump promoted the baseless claims whom he retweeted from an account linked to QAnon conspiracy theory. The president has criticized Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden following reports about his hesitation to raid bin Laden’s residence during his vice-presidential stint. On Tuesday, a former Navy SEAL who...
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Comparing Three Versions of Little Red Riding Hood: Same Ideas with Standard Gender Roles

The concept of power is the foundation of the story and revolves around the characters and the position of power that every character holds is different in each version of Little Red Riding Hood. Even as “Little Red Riding Hood/ Little Red Cap” celebrates the empowerment of a young woman in search of sexual and artistic agency, it also examines the power dynamics at play when a girl’s coming-of-age takes place at the hands of an older man. Through the...
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US-Taliban Treaty: Comprehensive Analysis of Its Impact on India-Afghanistan Relations

Impact of US-Taliban Treaty on India-Afghanistan Relations Bilateral relations between both India and Afghanistan is friendly and the public perception in both countries is positive with respect to each other. And this has continued ever since Modi took office in India in 2014. Their relationship pans over the following key sectors: Political Economical Security This paper focuses on the above topics and specifically the impact of the US-Taliban treaty on Afghanistan and subsequently on Indian investments in Afghanistan and also...
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Wrong Policies Caused Food Crisis in Venezuela: Inflation, Urbanization and Food Shortgage

Around 9.3 million Venezuelans, 32% of the total population, are food insecure and are in need of assistance. Of these, 2.3 million are considered severely food insecure and 7 million are moderately food insecure. The majority of Venezuelans (60 percent) are marginally food secure, meaning they have acceptable food consumption, although, over ⅔ of the population engage within hunger-coping strategies and 98% are unable to afford many essential food items. The causes of Venezuela’s food crisis are commonly divided into...
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Law of Armed Conflict: Analysis of Legal Background behind Killing of Osama Bin Laden

Operation Geronimo Operation Geronimo aimed to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, who was the most wanted man in the world then. They executed the operation by utilizing two teams of 12 Navy SEALS who had received orders by the United States president, then Barack Obama. The paper will discuss the legal ground president Obama had to order operation Geronimo and execute the Plan. The death of Osama bin Laden in the hands of the Navy SEALS raised a lot...
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Analysing Factors Reasoning Juvenile Delinquency Youth Violence

Theories of social deviance and concepts about the causes of crime are some of the most important pieces of literature in today’s society. Without these explanations for crime commission, there would be no way to try and prevent it. The theories of General Strain and Social Disorganization both seek to understand the reasoning behind deviance and delinquency. These concepts have certain similarities and differences in which they relate to each other. Agnew and Shaw/McKay agree on some aspects of explaining...
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History of Abolitionism and Antebellum in the United States

In my course, I read about the forms of resistance to slavery, pro-slavery justification, life for “free” Antebellum Northern blacks, and all the hateful discrimination that occurred to African-Americans during that time period. I also read about political and social conflicts that created policies that led to the Civil War which was the war that shaped America to where it is today. Slavery in the South all the way to the Antebellum period During the period of the domestic slave...
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The Thing Around Your Neck: Concept of Microagression in Stories of Adichie

“Cell One” and “Private Experience” are short stories written by Afro-feminist novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. One interesting point of her style of writing is that she does not believe in writing utopian, ideal fiction novels. She incorporates a number of undesirable events and micro-aggression in a number of perspectives that portray an unfortunate yet real world. Both “Cell One” and “Private Experience” show recurring events of these micro-aggression. Cell One is presumably narrated through the eyes of Adichie. The story...
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E-Waste: Main Source of Income for Rag Pickers in India

Such kind of wastes encircles wide range of electrical and electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, stereos, it also includes large household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners etc. According to Sinha Khetriwal, “e-waste can be classified as any electrical powered appliance that has reached its end of life”. In other words, e-waste refers to any goods which are electronic in nature and has reached its end of life. The current Indian e-waste related scenario is different from the worldwide....
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Contact and Assimilation Theory in Social Movements of 20th Century: Red Power Movement & Black Power Movement

Social movements of the 20th Century played a vital role in the understanding of social minorities and their relations with the dominant groups of society. An aspect under the umbrella of social movements is the existence of racial oppression and discrimination. Two social groups that generated waves in America during the 1960s and 1970s were the Native and African Americans. The Native American youth led the Red Power Movement with a focus on self-determination, self-pride, and return of land ownership....
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Impact of Low Socioeconomic Status on Conviction Rates and Juvenile Delinquency

According to the United States Constitution, the sixth amendment provides citizens with the right to a “speedy and public trial” accompanied by “legal counsel”. When being tried by a jury, there are many legal factors being accounted for. But, in “Race, Socioeconomic Status and Sentencing in the Juvenile Justice System”, Terrence B. Thornberry, Ph.D. in criminal justice, claims there are two extralegal factors contributing to sentencing within the juvenile system: race and socioeconomic status. Furthermore, in “Unfair by Design: The...
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Discussion about History of Alien and Sedition Acts in Broadway Musical

Hamilton “Alexander Hamilton as Immigrant, Musical Mythology Meets Federalist Reality” by Phillip W. Magness, sets out to identify and illustrate the point that the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, has misinterpreted Hamilton’s agenda and characteristics. Magness believes that Miranda’s depiction “falls short of hagiography”, meaning it was almost as if writing about a saint, and that it was done in pursuit of art, as well as regarding Hamilton’s ongoing character rehabilitation. The musical emphasizes the immigrant status of...
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Advanced Locality Management in India: Role of Rag Pickers in Solid Waste Management

Abstract Now a day, we are facing a problem regarding the management of waste generated daily. This waste includes solid waste from commercial zone, industrial zone and residential zone. Among all these waste management from residential zone requires first priority because if this waste is not properly disposed daily, then it will create problems to public health, affects the aesthetics. This paper gives the present status of solid waste management on dumping ground in Mumbai region and also suggests some...
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Systematic Issues in US Causing Youth Violence among Gang Cultures in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

“Most people join a gang because they feel disconnected, alone, alienated. They just want to belong, to feel valued, to have a purpose. Looking back, is there any surprise why I joined MS-13? My ma worked around the clock, I was alone a lot and everybody around me was from a gang”, – Gerardo Lopez, ex MS-13 member [1: TEDx Talks, 2018]. Gerardo’s case is certainly not an isolated one. It is estimated that since the turn of the 21st...
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Respect to Traditions and Courage of Women in The Thing Around Your Neck

In the past few years, a Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has become a feminist icon for many. The author openly criticizes patriarchal oppression, speaks often about the importance of feminism and equal rights for women, and consequently, she reflects her convictions in her literary works: “Adichie’s works wholly indict the patriarchal oppression of women and also encourage women to assert themselves irrespective of cultural norms and archaic traditions which have denied them their human rights and have largely promoted...
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Laws Limiting Drunk Driving: Examples from US and Europe

For as long as people can know, alcohol has always been a major part of human society. When drinking responsibly, alcohol is great for social aspects and even for relaxing nights. Whether it is going out to the bar with friends, or having a glass of wine at dinner, alcohol is consumed for many different purposes in order to make life just little bit nicer. However, alcohol is also an extremely dangerous product when misused, and is more often than...
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