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Essays on Violence

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Dire Situation of Women in Argentina

“In 2016 alone, 254 Argentine women died from gender-based violence… that amounts to one woman killed every 34 hours” (Andres). This is called a femicide; femicide is when you target females specifically and hurt them for their gender. People in Argentina do this because there...
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Improving Victim Resources

Recent reports from Huffpost depict that one in four women will experience severe domestic violence in their lifetimes (Vagianos, 2017). Increasing our resources for victims of crimes and abuse can help make the community an overall better place. Victim resources should be not only expanded...
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Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay

Domestic violence is a problem that needs to be solved in the world today. It causes the suicide death rate increases because of domestic violence. In the USA, domestic violence is a huge issue. In The Georgia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Project said that the...
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Argumentative Essay on Domestic Violence

Leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for victims of domestic violence. Sometimes we don’t know how to support the victims whether we turn a blind eye or pretend it’s not happening (Lori Fanene latest victim of domestic violence in American Samoa). Domestic...
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Bullying: Persuasive Essay

Bullying: it is repeated and deliberate misuse of energy in relationships through repeated verbal, physical, and/or social behavior that aims to cause physical, social, and/or mental damage. Bullying usually takes place online or in person, through numerous digital platforms and devices and it can be...
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Cyberbullying Argumentative Essay

In today’s society, we rely on interacting with people via phone, past generations didn’t experience this because phones were too expensive, or were a luxury to have. The norm is to text or email, and with people today the internet is the way to express...
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Negative Effects of Video Games Essay

All around the world, there are teenagers playing video games as a pastime when they get bored and want entertainment many of these kids may be addicted even if they don’t think so. According to NBC News, “Up to 90 percent of American youngsters play...
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Bullying in Schools Essay

Fighting The Good Fight I. Introduction Witnesses of a 2013 shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada recall the 12-year-old shooter telling a group of students, ‘You guys ruined my life, so I’m going to ruin yours” (Lurie). This student had been bullied for years,...
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Video Games Don't Cause Violence Essay

Video Games Causing Violence is a Misconception There have been many things to come from the 20th century and one of the most notable ones was video games. Video games are a form of digital media used for entertainment. One of the most common tropes...
9 Pages 3976 Words

Argumentative Essay: Ned Kelly As a Victim

Ned Kelly was a notorious bushranger in Colonial Australia. Over the numerous years after his death, some people established different judgments on whether Ned Kelly was a hero, victim, or a hero. Some people say he was a hero who fought for the justice of...
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Incident Management Plan for Workplace Violence Prevention

Objective Since the establishment, CYX corporation has been firmly committed to its core business values with trust, integrity, transparency, and accountability. To proceed the oversight focus, each employee must carry standard the mentioned company’s core values once been accepted. CYX will use the following incident...
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Typology of Victim's Behavior: Analytical Essay

“Criminology is the interdisciplinary study of crime as both an individual and social phenomenon, with research on the origins and forms of crime, its causes and consequences, and social and governmental reactions to it” (2019). A victim’s behavior plays a major role in their victimization....
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