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The Problem Of Elderly Physical Abuse

Today often we hear about abuse. when we discussing abuse or mistreatment we think its only limited to children and women but its not, this happens to our seniors also. the elderly people due to ageing process which result in dependency upon others. The dependency ultimate lead to elderly abuse. The elderly abuse does not have and particular definition, Acc to WHO” a single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action occurring within any relationship where there is an...
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The Effects Of Elder Abuse Essay

Abuse is mistreatment of individuals at any age and any gender such as mistreatment among children, women, adult and older population. Abuse can occur at any vulnerable age, where individual is dependent on others. With modernization, the levels of compassion, love and humanity are decreasing which results in negative attitudes towards others, especially older population putting them at risk for abuse and neglect. Some older adults are frail and dependent on others for care and daily life activities which makes...
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Elder Abuse: Life of the Elderly and Problems They Face

Abstract Old age is part of the human life cycle. Just as a plant grows from a seed to a full-grown tree, then in its maturity it dies by the hands of a lumberjack, man’s fate is just as equal to the tree, humans grow, age, and die. Aging has been a point of discussion for thousands of years, generating ideas like immortality as a means or a cure for aging. The ancient Chinese society was obsessed with youthfulness, seeking...
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Elder Abuse Issue In New Zealand

VULNERABLE POPULATION AND VULNERABILITY Vulnerable Population and Vulnerability in relation to abuse, vulnerability can be described as the deficiency of a person to shield himself/herself to any risk from an abuser. Vulnerable population are those individuals or social events of people who are in a tough situation like elderly, young people and individuals with insufficiency or incapacity to perform their tasks. They are vulnerable basically because of their mental inadequacies or physical and dependence. They depend upon different people emotionally,...
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Elder Abuse Amongst People Of African Descent

In 1928, Louis Israel Dublin wrote “An improvement in Negro health, to the point where it would compare favorably with that of the white race, would at one stroke wipe out many disabilities from which the race suffers, improve its economic status and stimulate its native abilities as would no other single improvement. These are the social implications of the facts of Negro Health.” (Dublin, 1928). Still today, this idea remains the same. Research states that people of African descent...
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The Forms Of Elderly Abuse And Neglect

Many elderlies rely on their family or trusted individuals (friends or neighbors) to help them. When an old person grows old, they need care, guidance, aid and support. Unfortunately, their dependence on their close one sometimes led to abuse. Elder abuse is the abuse and neglect of older people. It takes many forms. (WHO, 2016). Elder abuse can happen at any time and in many places like: at home, at a family member’s place, or at elderly homes. 90% of...
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Elder Abuse Issue In The Criminal Justice

Elder abuse is one of the most common types of abuse that gets looked over by society. Many people would normally not suspect or even think an elderly person may be getting abused, but this is a serious topic in nursing homes, hospitals and even at their own home. The reason is as these elders are becoming victims of abuse is, they become older, they lose the ability to fight back. They are more physically frail, and they may be...
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An Analysis of the Effects of the Ritualistic Practice of Two-Hourly Turning

This paper compares older research supporting the traditional practice of frequent repositioning with newer research which presents an argument against two-hourly turning intervals, and stresses the importance of providing residents with alternating-pressure air mattresses as an alternative option. The paper discusses the connections between such frequent turning with issues such as sleep disruption, problematic behaviors, restraint of patients, and thus, increased- rather than reduced- occurrence of pressure ulcers. With research showing that the traditional method of two-hourly turning can be...
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Crimes Against The Elderly: A Content Analysis On Issues Causing Fear Of Crime

In India, persons aged 60 or exceeding the age of 60 are considered elderly or senior citizens. The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 (Gazette of India, December 2007) statesthat a senior citizen as a person who has reached the age of 60 years or exceeding. Nevertheless, under the law relating to income tax in India, persons are regarded as senior citizens only after they become 65 years old. Those who are between 60 and 74...
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