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Serial Killer Research Papers

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Development Of Ted Bundy As A Serial Killer

Theodore Robert Bundy most commonly referred to as Ted Bundy was one of the most infamous American serial killers in history. His known active killing spree was between 1973 and 1978. Before his execution Ted confessed to over 30 murders, although police suspect the actual...
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The Psychopath And The Serial Killer Personality

When it comes to Serial Killers almost all of them admit that they started out by acting out their fantasies on small animals. They then moved to humans and later admitted that animal torture brought them a great source of pleasure. Because of this, both...
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From Abused Child To Serial Killer

Serial killers are well known for how crazy their killings are. Most of them have had a traumatic childhood event that led them to psychological breaks. The most common type of serial killing is brought from sexual intent, usually from men. Roughly one in every...
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The Biological Causes For Serial Killers

Introducing a new factor that is not really known, biological reasoning could be the main reason behind someone becoming a serial killer. Even though it is reiterated throughout life and things like religion and punishment, why would someone still kill multiple times? This is because...
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Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer

What makes a serial killer? What drives them towards sadistic murder? What are the roots of their cold-blooded brutality? Is it a result of an abusive childhood or were they born with it? This has been a question for hundreds of years. Is a Killer...
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Gender And Crime: Serial Killers

Introduction Within this end of course assessment, I am going to be talking about Gender and Crime. A brief explanation into the differences in male and female criminals, criminological theories including the chivalry thesis. Crime & media in popular culture also falls into the category...
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Gary Ridgway - A Serial Killer

A serial killer is often thought of as someone “who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern.” “Serial killers tend to be white, heterosexual males in their twenties or thirties who are sexually dysfunctional...
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Albert Fish: Notorious Child Serial Killer

The serial killer that I have chosen is Albert Fish, also known as “The Boogeyman,” and many other nicknames. Born on May 19, 1870, in Washington, D.C, United States. Growing up his name was actually Hamilton Howard, but he later changed it to Albert to...
4 Pages 1898 Words

The Peculiarities Of Marcel Petiot As A Serial Killer

Serial killers have been around for thousands of years, as far back as ancient Rome. However, Herman Webster Mudgett, also known as H.H. Holmes, was believed to have been early America’s first serial killer. This event dates all the way back to 1861-1896. The definition...
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Serial Killer: Harold Shipman

Introduction Harold Frederick Shipman, known by his friends as Fred or Freddy was the son of Vera and Harold Shipman and was born on January the 14th 1946 in the city of Nottingham, England in a middle class working family. Just an average man, a...
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Johann (Jack) Unterweger As A Serial Killer

For my paper, I chose to examine the case of Johann “Jack” Unterweger, a convicted serial killer who for a short time gained worldwide notoriety for his crimes but now is barely remembered except by those who were alive during his exploits. Unlike his more...
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Ed Gein As A Serial Killer

Killing another human being is arguably the most cruel and unforgiving crime a person could commit, especially when they plan and execute multiple elaborate murders. When murders are planned out, and the killing continues, a serial killer is born. There are four different types of...
4 Pages 1907 Words

Can A Woman Be A Serial Killer?

Serial murders are the most common form of multiple murder in the United States. It is characterized by the killing of three or more people over a period of days, week, or even years in between them. Research shows that the increase in the amount...
4 Pages 2029 Words

Correctional Psychology And Serial Killers

Correctional psychology is defined as the application of basic and applied psychological science or scientifically-oriented professional practice to the justice system to enable the proper classification, treatment, and management of offenders. In short, this means counsellors and psychologists who use criminal and basic psychology to...
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Does Astrology Characterize Serial Killers?

Abstract Have you ever wondered makes a serial killer? Why do they act the way they do and what do they have in common? In this paper, I start with explaining what astrology is and how some signs characteristics are different than others. I used...
3 Pages 1209 Words

Gender Peculiarities And Differences In Serial Killers

Introduction A serial killer is a person who “kills on at least three occasions, with what can be called an emotional cooling-off period between the incidents” (Alvarez & Bachman, 2017, p129). I have always been interested in criminal justice as a whole from both points...
5 Pages 2327 Words

Pathological Behavior Of Serial Killers

When most people hear the word serial killer their mind forms a picture of a celebrity monster. Celebrities because the media has captured the attention of society to discuss the interest of it. Monsters because of the horrific crimes that have been committed and having...
2 Pages 751 Words

What It Means To Be A Serial Killer

Serial killers are widely known for how crazy and deranged their killings are. Most serial killers have had a traumatic childhood event that led them to a psychological break. The most common type of serial killings is brought from sexual intent, usually men. Roughly one...
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Into The Mindset Of Serial Killers

Serial killers or multiple murderers are differentiated from single murderers in the fact that they have multiple victims. They are defined as people who have murdered more than three times. In more recent times, multiple killings are not as common as they may have been...
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The Causes Of Psychopathy In Serial Killers

Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. Behavior is anything an organism does and any action we can observe and record. Mental processes are the internal, subjective experiences we infer from behavior- sensations, perceptions, dreams, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings(Myers). The key word in...
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What Is Peculiar About Zodiac Serial Killer?

“I like killing people because it’s so much fun” In the late 1960s to the early 1970s a serial killer who shined in the media with horrid mysterious and brutal events, shook Northern California with a sequence of unsolved Murders, uncanny public cryptic letters and...
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