Essays on Criminal Acts

Juvenile Delinquency: Programs and Impacts

Juvenile delinquency has always been considered as a psychological problem rather than a legal challenge which it particularly is. The question though remains, how can it be solved? Juvenile delinquency also known as “juvenile offending” is the situation where the minors engage in illegal activities....
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Gang Violence: The Crime Of The Streets

In 1980, a brutally violent civil war broke out in El Salvador. Thousands of Salvadoran refugees poured into the United States seeking a better life. One of those refugees was a boy named Nelson. Nelson and his family landed in a guetto neighborhood of Los...
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Factors Affecting Juvenile Delinquency

Abstract Juvenile Delinquency has been an ongoing phenomenon for years and will unfortunately continue in future years to come. Biosocial theory, social structure theory, and Hirschi’s social bond theory are just a few of many theories that help to explain how and why juveniles engage...
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Causes Of School Shooting

In 2018 alone, there were 82 school shootings around the world, in today’s society as dishearting as it may sound school shootings have become more and more abundant. There have been many cases around the world causing students to be scared to attend school and...
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