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Drug Trafficking And Terrorism: Similarities And Differences

Abstract Terrorist groups and drug trafficking organizations are separate institutions of operation that conduct themselves in similar yet distinct ways. Though they may be entirely different groups, they often conduct themselves in a corresponding fashion. The similarities held by these two entities is mainly centered around their means of operation. Both groups act in secrecy and use violence to overcome a large portion of their obstacles. On the other hand, these two groups are distinct in their motives for acting...
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The Effects Of Drug Trafficking On Our Lives

Drug trafficking affects many parts of our lives. Drug trafficking is an illegal trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, and distribution. It has caused many problems for others. The international conflict is being fought daily. It affects our social, mental, and academic life. Counter Argument There are pros to drug trafficking. “Internalization of targeted therapeutics is often needed for efficacy, but also alters drug penetration of a tissue. A new model explores the trade-offs of intracellular drug trafficking” (Stokes, 1995, p.1)....
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Columbian Drug Trafficking: Reasons And Solutions

Seven years prior to the year 2000, Pablo Escobar was executed by police in Columbia on the top of a building. Following the passing of its leader, the Medellin Cartel slowly went from being one solid unit to being many smaller groups. Currently, the cartel is made up of multiple criminal groups rapidly expanding their criminal control throughout the world. These groups are involved in different types of illegal activities, including the funneling money earned through illegal means through legitimate...
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Capital Punishment For Drug Trafficking: For And Against

Introduction Drugs are a kind of chemical substance which can change people’s mind and body work such as tobacco, alcohol, heroine, Marijuana and etc (Medlineplus, 2020). Drugs have two sides. Some of the legal drugs are widely used in medicine. However there are a lot of people misuse of drugs. Ex-Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad tried to remove the criminal penalty for those who possess drugs and use small quality drugs for personal use. However, drug trafficking is definitely a crime,...
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The Issue Of Drug Trafficking In The United States

The drug menace in the United States is a transnational organized crime (TOC) that can be solved only through concerted efforts. Drug abuse in the United States is so prevalent that it affects most households even in the instances where members of a family are not directly involved in peddling or using. Every year, theThe government incursuses a substantial amount of resources in preventing and treating the effects that emanate fromof drug abuse in the country.. The problem persists because...
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The War On Drugs In The USA: The History Of Drugs And Approaches To Overcome Them

An aggravative solution to a vague problem ‘All things are poisons, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison’, Paracelsus The notion that drugs are bad is mostly true, however there are a lot of debates and fallacies that are perhaps oblivious to most people, and more importantly, the method used to handle issues caused by drugs is not really a fruitful one, if anything, it is creating more complications and...
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Drug Trafficking And Famous Crimes

Introduction The drama/crime movie The French Connection, released in 1971 portrays drug trafficking in the eyes of two New York detectives in the Narcotics Bureau investigating the smuggling of heroin with a French Connection. Illegal drug trafficking has received a lot of attention for decades because of its impact. It is important to know about the history and what’s been done to prevent or “fight it.” As a criminal justice major, I’ve studied on this topic and have always been...
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Causes Of Drug Trafficking

What is drug trafficking? Drug trafficking is a black market that trades drugs within cross-border cooperation. Drug trafficking also working together with other sorts of crime. Ultimately fueled by the economic principle of supply and demand in a world where there is a high demand for illicit substances that cannot be obtained through any legal means. Hence, this essay will discuss the three causes of drug trafficking (UNODC, 2010). Introduction One of the main reasons for drug trafficking is demand....
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Drug Trafficking: European Union’s Responses To The Drug Trade In West Africa

Introduction The topic of this research is European Union’s responses to the drug trade in West Africa. The drug trade in West Africa is growing annually and as a direct consequence the drug markets in the countries included in the European Union are also getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, the EU has a motive to help combat this issues even if it is not inside their borders. The object of the research is to find out what policies and legislations...
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The Harlem Heroin Plague: The Biggest Heroin Dealers Frank Lucas And Nicky Barnes

During the Harlem heroin plague of the seventh century Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes were seen as the biggest heroin dealers. Both of them made millions selling dope. Nicholas Barnes is an American former crime boss, Born on October 15, 1933, in New York City, and was called Mr. Untouchable, Nicky Barnes became one of the most famous people in the community of Harlem. He helped found a criminal organization known as ‘The Council” which were a (group of people...
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Application Of Beccaria’s Theory Of Deterrence To International Crime (Genocides) And Transnational Crime (Drug Trafficking)

Why do people commit crimes? The one question that this class has revolved around taking theories and applying them to international, and transnational crime trying to break down what causes a person to commit a criminal act. One theory that has caught my interest throughout this class is Beccaria’s “Theory of Deterrence.” Beccaria’s three characteristics of punishment, Swiftness of punishment being that a trial must be swift, and thorough so that the individual understands the crime they have committed and...
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Illegal Immigration And Drug Trafficking: Implication Of Manpower Export

Introduction It refers to people who have migrated to the country in violation of the country’s immigration laws or who do not have legal residency to continue to live. The most common pattern of illegal immigration is the development of countries with low socioeconomic levels to more developed countries. This could lead to the risk of immigration detention or deportation or other sanctions. Some movements discourage the use of the term ‘illegal immigration’, often based on the argument that day-to-day...
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Opioid Epidemic in the USA and Its Main Causes

In 2017 the number of overdose deaths involving opioids which includes prescribed medication and illegal drugs such as heroin and manufactured fentanyl was six times higher than in previous decades. 60 million Americans take opioids every day, that is 60 million Americans at risk for addiction (King). Opioids are a type of drug or painkiller that contains highly addictive components and can be prescribed to you or bought illegally. They could potentially become highly addictive and leave your body dependent...
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Actions of the Malaysian Society for the Prevention of Drug Addiction among Youth

Before we effectively deal with drug addiction, we must get a clearer picture of the problem as it stands in the current social context. The development of technology and the transformation of Malaysian society have caused the effort of the government, public institutions and parents in solving the drugs abuse among the young break off. The development of technology is allowing the increase of production of drug, the opening of new trafficking routes, and new markets. But, we still need...
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Essay on Socioeconomic Roots of the International Drug Trade

What are drug cartels? Drug cartels are commonly known as criminal organizations that have the intention of supplying drugs illegally and trafficking them to other countries, states, and cities. This discourse will examine the root causes of drug cartels in Mexico City, a city that is commonly known as violent due to the monumental drug cartels being located in different parts of it. First of all, let it be known that the headman of Mexico’s first cartel to sit in...
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The Aryan Brotherhood Gang Profile: History, Members, Laws, Symbols

Gangs have been a top concern for law enforcement and families alike. As the population begins to increase, the amount of gang members increases. Gangs are known to be tough groups of members that range in ages and gender. Although there are many gangs, there are main gangs that rule over the others. These gangs are large in size and are known for their reckless violence. Large gangs have clearly articulated goals, can operate with financial efficiency, and can motivate...
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Causes And Effects Of Gang Violence In Toronto

The City of Toronto claims it’s safety and security, ensuring those who live there how little they need to worry. But, for those who have lived through the shocking violence that isn’t shown on TV, Toronto is not the city it claims to be. Toronto is a dangerous place for so many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Gun related gang violence is devastatingly common, in a way that flies under the radar of most people who don’t see...
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Key Factors In The Recidivism Amongst Gang Members

Recidivism plays a major role in the correctional system. The increasing rate of offenders returning to prison is partially due to the lack or loss of connection with society. Many individuals find themselves struggling to find employment or trying to redeem themselves with a community that isolates them due to the effects of their crimes. When released, many offenders resort back to criminal activity, engaging in previous relationships with individuals who influenced their life choices. Gang members are amongst those...
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Riverdale’s Gang: Structure, Members And Crimes

This paper will examine how a popular television show depicts gangs and criminal activity, and how it compares to reality. Most people depend on media for information as it pertains to their perception of crime, however often these media depictions are inaccurate (Rhineberger-Dunn, Briggs & Rader, 2015). Perceptions of crime are based in personal experience, though because such experience is limited, attitudes and beliefs often stem from interactions lived vicariously, communicated through media, as well as through other institutions and...
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Gang Impact On Youth And Children

Abstract The influence of gang violence and gang prominence has become a recent threat to younger generations and children. Its prominence is much higher in larger cities such as New York and Los Angeles but tends to be higher in the impoverished area. Not only is it an issue in the United States gang violence, and gang coercing has become prominent in most counties. This is especially so in counties that have fewer financial opportunities, causing younger generations to do...
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Gang Culture Elements In Latin America

Gang culture in Latin America is perceived as responsible for various types of criminal problems not just within the continent but around the entire globe. The term ‘gang’, or ‘pandilla’ in Spanish, is widely stigmatised as a crime group that tends to seek violence and inhumane activities. Due to this stigmatisation, blaming these ‘gangs’ as a cause for violent activities seem to be more common than ever. However, these ‘typical’ gangs that are widely known through media coverage, are mostly...
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Gang Influence On Juvenile Violence

In recent years, gangs, and gang influence has played a major role on the effect of juveniles, and the rate at which they act with violence. Gang membership in adolescence can be linked to serious and violent crime resulting in long term effects in adulthood. What is a gang? While there is no universally agreed upon definition of a “gang”, the terms “youth gang” and “street gang” are used most commonly. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) federally defines a...
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Youth Gang: History And Community Context

A youth gang is not a new issue. It was prevalent for a decade. Lots of youth fall into the prey of youth gangs and ruined their life. A youth gang is an organized group of young peoples, who rely on group intimidation and violence, involve in criminal acts to gain power or recognition. (Canada, 2018). It is anti-social behaviour and creates chaos in the community. Youth are joining the gang because of tensions, unhealthy parent’s relationships, and lack of...
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Social And Criminal Problem Generated By Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs In Australia

Introduction Social and criminal issues produced outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia are best tended to through a scope of techniques. It is clearly evident that the impact of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia is seen to flow in an oppositional cultural manner potentially resulting in the foundation of criminal activities and organised crimes (Bjorgo, 2017). The best methods for tending to a social and criminal issue produced by fugitive bike packs in Australia are through three significant strategies: media and...
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Criminal Activity: Fellowship And Brotherhood In Gangs

Gangs are a big thing in the world all around, some more dangerous than others. These gangs use illegal actions and rivalries to make them an income outside of a job. Gang membership is on the rise for many reasons, and membership comes at a cost. Therefore, preventing and intervening in gang membership is of serious importance. Whether its drug distribution or all the way up to killing someone, it’s definitely a life you wouldn’t want your child heading to....
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Gang Violence: The Issue Of The Violent Nature Of Crime In South Africa

South Africa is unceasingly making headline news being affected by crime and violence. The country has been afflicted by this problem for centuries and seems to be forever troubled with such indignations. Unfortunately, this issue is a deep-rooted one, and goes way back as far as the period of colonialism. The history of violence and its roots are therefore a very sensitive and contentious subject. This paper will therefore look at violence in South Africa by first doing a brief...
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Gang Violence: The Crime Of The Streets

In 1980, a brutally violent civil war broke out in El Salvador. Thousands of Salvadoran refugees poured into the United States seeking a better life. One of those refugees was a boy named Nelson. Nelson and his family landed in a guetto neighborhood of Los Angeles. While his parents worked numerous jobs, Nelson spend much of his time by himself, in a new country still trying to adapt to new customs and the English language. When he and other Salvadoran...
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The Outsiders: Gangs Stereotypes

The Outsiders, written by a 15-year-old S.E Hinton is an enticing and compelling Bildungsroman telling the story of 14-year-old, Ponyboy Curtis’ life along with his gang in the 60s, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The gang goes through a tough journey together being known as Juvenile delinquents and greasers along with facing the soc’s, stereotyping, grief and the life of being an outsider. Hinton draws you into her novel “The Outsiders” by using key themes such as stereotypes and gang culture. These themes...
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The Gang Rivalry between Al Capone and George Moran: Analytical Essay

“Within thirty seconds, the seven lay dead on the floor while their killers drove away…” (qtd. In “St. Valentine’s” DISCovering). The competition between the North Side Gang and the South side gang to dominate the alcohol business was fierce. Both gangs did more damage than any other during mob rule. What no one knew was that this day would change perspectives on alcohol across the country. The Saint Valentine’s Day massacre was a bloody incident between two rival gangs in...
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The Italian Mafia as One of the Largest Organized Crime Groups in Canada

Over the past years, crime has become a major issue of societal and public concern, often leading to the dysfunctional factors of society. As society continued to develop, certain individuals, also known as sociologists, began to study why members of society engaged in crime. These studies led to the acknowledgment that crime is extremely diverse and can be categorized into different segments. A particular segment that contributes significantly to crime would be organized crime. The term organized crime tends to...
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