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Use of Computer in Criminal Investigation

Technological advancement in the criminal investigation system. Technology is present everywhere in life and it became part of our life. Jobs related to criminal justice today involves GPS, advanced camera, robots, etc. all these technologies improve investigation system and made it easier. Some details about technologies are given below. Database & information exchange The computer database system is an important technology for criminal investigation systems. There are many database systems that deal with the profiling of criminals. They can also...
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Methods of Inquiry in Criminal Investigation

There are many investigative techniques used in a criminal investigation. Each technique is different in providing evidence that can be used in the courtroom to prove someone guilty or innocent. Some of these investigative techniques are intelligence databases, forensic techniques, profiling techniques, surveillance techniques, and interview techniques. The use of intelligence databases has been used in criminal investigations. This refers to information that has been obtained and recorded. This can be stored in a variety of different databases. One is...
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Evolution of Criminal Investigation in Wales

The purpose of criminal investigations in Wales has changed, where at one point its initiative was to bring criminal offenders to justice with the investigative section simply being about gathering evidence to assist in the prosecutions of these offenders, where now crime risks such as intelligence gathering, victim care, and community reassurance are seen just as vital (Stelfox, 2009). Forensic advancements over time have played a massive part in aiding criminal investigations in Wales. Examples of forensic advancements since the...
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Evolution of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science

“Law and Order are primarily maintained by the police. The other parts of the legal and criminal justice system are less essential.” Discuss the extent to which this statement is true. The gradual modification of the Common Law system over the years has led to the creation of professional police as holders of criminal investigations in most criminal offenses, inaugurating the existence of a procedural phase prior to criminal activity. Recently, new reforms in the English criminal system have transferred...
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Descriptive Essay on Criminal Investigation Process

The criminal investigation process, to a significant extent, balances the rights of victims, suspects, and society. The balance of rights within any criminal matter is paramount to ensuring the vital aspects of fairness, equity, and access are upheld within the contemporary Australian legal system. The procedures with regard to search and seizure, police powers, detention, and interrogation consolidate the notion that the criminal investigation process, to a significant extent, balances the rights of victims, suspects, and society. Protocols and procedures...
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Risk Factors Causing Higher Probability for Youth Crime Behavior

Risk variables for criminality are not inactive as their prescient value changes depending on when happens in a youth’s development and environment, in their social setting and beneath what circumstances. Risk factors may be found within the person, the environment, or the individual’s capacity to reply to the requests or necessities of their environment. A few variables come into play during childhood or prior, while others don’t show up until puberty. Some variables include the family, the neighborhood, the school...
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Is Graffiti Vandalism: Argumentative Essay

Graffiti art is an amorphous encompassing art that is inspired by the urban environment and a radical contemporary art movement that artists used as a social expression of protest that illustrates ideas from an environmental perspective to convey political or social opinions. It involves the unauthorized spraying, painting, or scratching of words and images on buildings, bridges, streets, or any other surfaces usually in public places. It is regarded as a form of the rebellious art form. It is an...
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Importance of Forensic Photography

Forensic photography Forensic Photography is nothing but photography of a crime scene. The replication and recreation of the actual crime scene to solve a crime is an important factor. To reconstruct the crime scene and recreates scenarios of the crime committed. A mixture of visual comprehension and criminal nature may be identified as forensic photography. Photographers of crime or accident scenes typically capture photographs in color, but often in black and white. Crime scene photography enables us to photograph the...
2 Pages 823 Words

Discursive Essay on Graffiti: Art Form or Vandalism

Introduction The reason I decided to do an extended project on graffiti is I have a personal interest in graffiti, during my free time I like to draw and do some of my own graffiti work, and also do portrait pieces of famous people using graffiti techniques . I complete these at home on paper and large sheets of mdf board. When I was ten, I went to Berlin for the first time as my dad started working in Germany....
1 Page 575 Words

Critical Analysis of Antisocial Behaviour of Graffiti

This report will address the antisocial behaviour of Graffiti. The report will subsequently conduct a literature review to understand this antisocial behaviour, it’ll also explain the methods used to acquire and collect relevant information about graffiti. The report will address implemented strategies that have been created to manage this antisocial behaviour. According to Graffiti (2017), the antisocial behaviour of Graffiti is defined as the visual style of communication that’s classified as an illegal activity in society (Decker, Curry, 2017). It...
3 Pages 1147 Words

Forensic Dentistry and Its Importance

Forensic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that collides with the legal system. It is defined as an investigational part of dentistry where professionals examine, evaluate, analyze and present dental evidence for recognition of human identity. Adding to that this field can be split into forensic odontology which is the study of prostheses, jaws, teeth, dental appliances and bite marks as an application of dentistry to the law. The other division is jurisprudence which is the philosophy or theory of...
3 Pages 1391 Words

Crime Reporting and Predicting Tool

The researchers studied the existing crime predictive and reporting tool used in Uganda police force to identify its strengths and weaknesses. A number of techniques and tools such as observation and interview guides as well as document reviews were employed by the researcher to acquire information that was used to give the basis for the design of the system. The researcher carried out face-to-face interviews with 4 managers in the directorate of criminal investigation (CID) whose age ranged from 18...
1 Page 440 Words

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay

I am Friar Laurence, standing humbly before you today, acknowledging my involvement in the recent tragedy of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. While I can see now that I have made some regrettable decisions over the past week, I strenuously deny that I am responsible for the deaths of the star-crossed lovers. Members of the tribunal, I have been falsely accused of causing their deaths, when all my actions were done to try and save the couple and to bring...
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Analysis of Criminal Profiling Using the Example of the Atlanta Child Murders

In this case, the suspect was predicted to have an above-average intelligence due to the nature of how the crimes were being executed (Epstein, 2017). When Williams was arrested and interrogated, he was seen to have matched the profile because his personality reflected a methodical and organized individual who sought power through their killings (Epstein, 2017). The FBI profile also stated that since the victims in the case are black, then most likely the suspect will be black as well,...
2 Pages 843 Words

Education Versus Experience as Criminal Profiling Backgrounds

In 2017, there was more than 403,000 violent crimes reported to the police/ 1,098 violent crime for every 100,000 people in Canada (Allen, 2018). This number does not account for any other type of crime nor the crimes that were not reported/ noticed by the police themselves. It also does not account for any other country in the world. Crime can be defined as any deed that violates the criminal code and is punishable by the law. Not only can...
2 Pages 986 Words

Forensic Psychology Investigative Techniques: Analysis of Polygraph

Chapter 1. Introduction In the following study, an effort is made to examine the difference between the electrical activities of the brain to the participatory activities memories and of memories being only the audience or the witness of any event during recall if looked from forensic aspect using Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature (BEOS), developed by Dr. C.R. Mukundan (Mukundan,1998). Our human brain stores different sets of memory for different events. Our understanding of the brain from physiological perspectives would be...
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Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act: Analytical Essay

Criminal Procedure Introduction Mark and Cazza, two Solent LLB students were unlawfully arrested and victims of false imprisonment giving the lack of proceedings followed by the police constables Jones and Reed. The police officers (PO) committed innumerable errors – that will be discussed in the following paper – regarding the proceedings of arrest concerned on the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) and in the respective Codes of Practice; the use of force and conduction of the interview. During...
6 Pages 2509 Words

Analysis of Securities Scams in India Based on Criminal Procedure

Brief essence of the case (500 words) India over the period of years have been a witness to many scams. The securities scam 1992 of Harshad Mehta has been of the biggest scams of stock market. Harshad Mehta from being an ordinary man with its ambitions to became rich very quickly used various strategies, and unfair practices to get rich. He was aware with the loopholes in the banking system and he had relations with various powerful personalities to facilitate...
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Analytical Essay on Lie-Detector Tests: Study of Polygraph

In any criminal investigation, interrogation of suspects and the accused play an important role. Gathering evidence against the accused is the cornerstone of any criminal investigation. The responsibility of prosecuting an accused lies on the government, as a result, there is always a possibility that the state having enormous muscle power might infringe the rights of the accused by proceeding with the trial in an unjust manner. In order to protect the accused from the possible threat of being convicted...
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Analytical Essay on the FBI’s Criminal Profiling Unit

Forensic Science Take-Home Exam II Instructions: Type out your answers (single-space; normal font, size type 11 or 12) to the following questions. Questions should be answered in paragraph form. Be sure to answer, and address all specific questions. Answers should be focused and should address the question(s) being asked. Be sure not to be too brief or short; answer questions completely. 1. Explain why in some ways Jeffery Dahmer fit the typical profile of a seral killer, and in other...
6 Pages 2544 Words

Assessment of the Integrity of Burglaries’/Housebreakings’ Modus Operandi Data-Ecosystem and Criminal Profiling using MOs

1. Research Topic: Assessment of the Integrity of the Burglaries’/Housebreakings’ MO (Modus Operandi) Data-Ecosystem and Criminal Profiling using MOs Relevant Features; A Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning Approach. 2. Introduction: Modus Operandi records are very important in criminal profiling. When investigators perform criminal profiling, they are principally finding a way to demonstrate that, the same offender has committed two or more crimes via comparison of the criminal’s modes of operation. This task is of importance in the absence of a...
7 Pages 3067 Words

Criminal Profiling: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Clay, R. A. (2016, February). Listening to killers. Monitor on Psychology, 47(2). Serial killers tend to be misunderstood as traumatized children; This has become due to where they have grown up. The overall population will in general view killers as totally underhanded people or individuals so harmed they can’t in any way, shape or form live among us. Be that as it may, most executioners are untreated damaged kids who are controlling the activities of the terrifying...
2 Pages 954 Words

Personnel Law and Ethics: Case Study of Polygraph

Case Assignment Case Study #3: Elvis Stewart Issue: The dispute spotlights whether an employer’s established practice of employees’ searches is motivated by racial discrimination. Rule: According to the rule of law on ethics based on what is right and what is wrong, an employer should not make any decision on employees based on race, religion or color. Title VII prohibits an employer against discriminating of employees whether it’s during hiring, promotion, assignments or giving benefits. Analysis: there was an earlier...
4 Pages 1895 Words

Modern Advances in the Recognition of Dishonesty: Analysis of Polygraph

Polygraph or Lie Detector Test The term ‘Polygraph actually signifies ‘numerous works’ in this manner the name alludes to a procedure where chosen mental exercises are recorded. 19 The principal endeavor right now made to extend a logical instrument to recognize reality or misrepresentation as ahead of schedule as 1895 by Lombroso. It was essentially intended to record circulatory strain and changes in beat rate. Later Larsen and Keeler structured an instrument which was additionally evolved by John Reid in...
3 Pages 1376 Words

Analytical Essay on Eyewitness Testimonies: Executing Polygraph Tests

In the course of 1977, Randall Dale Adams, or Mr. Adams was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer in Dallas County, Texas. An alleged eyewitness, who in fact was the actual killer, set up Mr. Adams and received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony. It turned out that Mr. Adams was not involved in the crime at all. The facts came to light after filmmaker Errol Morris took an interest in the...
4 Pages 1842 Words

Analytical Essay on The Code of Criminal Procedure 1898

Wrongful Conviction and State Responsibility in This Regard: Nowadays, Wrongful Conviction frequent event in our country in criminal cases. A person who has not Committed any crime but unfortunately convicted by the court and detrain in the jail. According to the National instate of justice, there is two way to found a wrongful conviction. They are as follows: The person convicted is factually innocent of the charges. There were procedural errors that violated the convicted person’s rights. In this assignment,...
3 Pages 1153 Words

Concerns when Developing the Existing Crowd Dispersal Drills: Analysis of Code of Criminal Procedure

What are the concerns when developing the existing crowd dispersal drills of basic infantry tactics? Introduction A crowd we can describe as more or less large gathering or individuals in one place in close physical proximity to one another with a tendency to develop psychological interaction. Control a crowd is a very important thing to the police as well as to the military. Therefore, as officers of the military crowd, the aspects to handle a crowd peacefully and disperse it...
7 Pages 3002 Words

Analysis of the Concept of Bail Based on The Criminal Procedure Code

Bail is nowhere stated under this code though the word bailable offenses and non-bailable offenses are defined under Sec 2a of this code. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, bail is a process to release a person from legal custody by undertaking that he/she will have to appear at the time of the trial in the court. As defined under the Oxford Dictionary defines bail as a short-term release of an individual who is waiting for his hearing and getting that...
4 Pages 1699 Words

Why are There Fewer Serial Killers in This Decade Than Others? Essay Example

Most people assume they were born this way, with the instinct to kill; but that’s not true, genetics, environment and trauma can all be factors in making a murderer. For example, most serial killers experience some sort of trauma as a child which can cause a huge impact in their adulthood. Different types of trauma can be linked to the 4 types of serial killers visionary, mission-oriented, hedonistic and power. Researcher Abbie Maroon worked with ex-FBI profiler Joe Navarro to...
6 Pages 2601 Words

Analysis of Sociological Factors Motivating Crime

The mind of a criminal is a very interesting one. Many may wonder what motivates a criminal to commit the acts they do. It has always been debated whether crime originates from the individual or the environment. In this paper, I am going to discuss the environmental factors that motivate crime. This paper will be split into first discussing the differences between nature versus environment, looking into the Sociological theory, specifically the General Strain Theory, and addressing any factors that...
4 Pages 1643 Words
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