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Criminal Procedure Introduction Mark and Cazza, two Solent LLB students were unlawfully arrested and victims of false imprisonment giving the lack of proceedings followed by the police constables Jones and Reed. The police officers (PO) committed innumerable errors – that will be discussed in the following paper – regarding the proceedings of arrest concerned on the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) and in the respective Codes of Practice; the use of force and conduction of the interview. During...
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Brief essence of the case (500 words) India over the period of years have been a witness to many scams. The securities scam 1992 of Harshad Mehta has been of the biggest scams of stock market. Harshad Mehta from being an ordinary man with its ambitions to became rich very quickly used various strategies, and unfair practices to get rich. He was aware with the loopholes in the banking system and he had relations with various powerful personalities to facilitate...
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Wrongful Conviction and State Responsibility in This Regard: Nowadays, Wrongful Conviction frequent event in our country in criminal cases. A person who has not Committed any crime but unfortunately convicted by the court and detrain in the jail. According to the National instate of justice, there is two way to found a wrongful conviction. They are as follows: The person convicted is factually innocent of the charges. There were procedural errors that violated the convicted person's rights. In this assignment,...
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What are the concerns when developing the existing crowd dispersal drills of basic infantry tactics? Introduction A crowd we can describe as more or less large gathering or individuals in one place in close physical proximity to one another with a tendency to develop psychological interaction. Control a crowd is a very important thing to the police as well as to the military. Therefore, as officers of the military crowd, the aspects to handle a crowd peacefully and disperse it...
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Bail is nowhere stated under this code though the word bailable offenses and non-bailable offenses are defined under Sec 2a of this code. According to Black's Law Dictionary, bail is a process to release a person from legal custody by undertaking that he/she will have to appear at the time of the trial in the court. As defined under the Oxford Dictionary defines bail as a short-term release of an individual who is waiting for his hearing and getting that...
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We all know that the law of Bangladesh prescribes different punishments for different crimes. Similarly, the Code of Criminal Procedure which is called the Criminal Code. It is a law regulating criminal activities in Bangladesh. There are currently 365 sections in the CrPC. One of the controversial sections is Section 54. Section 54 basically provides for the arrest of a criminal without a warrant. Basically, in order to arrest a criminal, the first thing to do is to get an...
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During colonization, a dehumanizing process of Indigenous people began; the brutal introduction of the new societal norms was accomplished by invading, displacing many families, murder, and rape. Once the first process was complete, an introduction of the new 'truths' about the indigenous people formed; this was that they are stupid, lazy, promiscuous, dirty, and so on. The harsh and violent actions also diminished the indigenous peoples' cultural and spiritual beliefs, many of them then turning to alcohol and drugs as...
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“Covid-19 descended without a warning. We limited the number of lawyers, sanitized the courtrooms et al. However, access to justice cannot be suspended even if there is a lockdown”, - Justice D.Y. Chandrachud. Covid-19 being the most unprecedented situations of all time, has impacted not only country’s economy but the legal functioning as well. The problem lies with no statute, code, or ordinance being engrafted with an exception vis-à-vis a pandemic, which creates a state of conundrum that can only...
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