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Chapter 1. Introduction In the following study, an effort is made to examine the difference between the electrical activities of the brain to the participatory activities memories and of memories being only the audience or the witness of any event during recall if looked from forensic aspect using Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature (BEOS), developed by Dr. C.R. Mukundan (Mukundan,1998). Our human brain stores different sets of memory for different events. Our understanding of the brain from physiological perspectives would be...
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In any criminal investigation, interrogation of suspects and the accused play an important role. Gathering evidence against the accused is the cornerstone of any criminal investigation. The responsibility of prosecuting an accused lies on the government, as a result, there is always a possibility that the state having enormous muscle power might infringe the rights of the accused by proceeding with the trial in an unjust manner. In order to protect the accused from the possible threat of being convicted...
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Case Assignment Case Study #3: Elvis Stewart Issue: The dispute spotlights whether an employer’s established practice of employees’ searches is motivated by racial discrimination. Rule: According to the rule of law on ethics based on what is right and what is wrong, an employer should not make any decision on employees based on race, religion or color. Title VII prohibits an employer against discriminating of employees whether it’s during hiring, promotion, assignments or giving benefits. Analysis: there was an earlier...
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Polygraph or Lie Detector Test The term 'Polygraph actually signifies 'numerous works' in this manner the name alludes to a procedure where chosen mental exercises are recorded. 19 The principal endeavor right now made to extend a logical instrument to recognize reality or misrepresentation as ahead of schedule as 1895 by Lombroso. It was essentially intended to record circulatory strain and changes in beat rate. Later Larsen and Keeler structured an instrument which was additionally evolved by John Reid in...
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In the course of 1977, Randall Dale Adams, or Mr. Adams was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer in Dallas County, Texas. An alleged eyewitness, who in fact was the actual killer, set up Mr. Adams and received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony. It turned out that Mr. Adams was not involved in the crime at all. The facts came to light after filmmaker Errol Morris took an interest in the...
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In the article written by Patrick Keefe, ‘Can a Brain Scan Tell if You’re Lying?’, Keefe writes about experts that side with fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and their ability to be used as a lie detector test. The lie detector test would be used in court cases to determine if the offender is guilty or innocent in the crime that was committed. With fMRI still being a work in progress with many more studies needed to be done to...
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Throughout the history of the American justice system there has been no shortage of evolutions both in practice of all aspects of the American justice system but also evolutions in technology that makes the justice system more precise. This increase in accuracy among all phases of the justice system maintains the assertation that someone will be found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. However, before all of these current advancements in practice and technology many people were wrongly convicted of crimes they...
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Many people believe that they know how to detect deception. They rely on nonverbal cues or actions that often speak louder than words. Indeed, there are body language signals that can help determine if a person is telling the real story. It is often believed that you can tell if the person is honest or not by looking at his eyes. If he looks straight in the eye, he is presumed honest. However, there have been instances where nonverbal cues...
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