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Why Lying Is Considered To Be Always Wrong

Human has an aptitude to lie and that is one of the most common faults that we all have probably done. I cannot say that I have never lied before, but I cannot also justify that it resulted in any good. There was this time in my high school years when I lied to a friend when she asked me whether her art project is good or not. Despite knowing that something about that project is missing and it is...
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Lies Are Lies, Truth Are Lies, This Is Truth: An Analysis Of On Truth And Lying By Nietzsche

In Nietzsche’s (1873) work “On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense”, Nietzsche explores the prominence of lies in our truths and in our lives when emancipated from any moral judgements. The argument proceeds through an argument constructing how humanity both hypocritically and willingly surrounds itself in deceptions and the deception of truth. Nietzsche begins by emphasizing the insignificance of our cognition and logic in the grand scheme of humanity’s existence. Our perspective of moral values and intelligence is insignificant...
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Arguments Against And For Lying Or Withholding The Truth From Patients

Withholding the truth about a patient’s health, health outcomes, or treatment can be taxing for families and medical providers. Doing so could also be in direct violation of a patient’s autonomy, their right to make rational decisions and choices regarding one’s overall well-being (Vaughn, 2013, p. 71). Based on the case study provided, the decision of the doctors and patient’s family members to administer a flu shot to Mr. Simpson without his informed consent is a clear form of medical...
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Differences In Kant and Mill's Views On Lying

Throughout the course we have discussed many types of ethics and views on morals. However, one of the biggest differentiating facts between these types of ethics is their view on lying, whether it be right or not and if so when lying would be ethically correct. However, one of the biggest debates is between Kant and Mills. Kant made the argument that lying is never okay, no matter what situation or what motive, and Mills, who is known for utilitarianism...
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Sissela Bok’s Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life: Critical Analysis

In Sissela Bok’s “Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life,” the philosopher examines the behaviour of lying and deception in public and private life. The results of such lies are then investigated through many real-life situations in which people are involved, either as liars or as the victims of deceit. The main focus of this paper will show that Bok did not adequately address an objection to the position that she discusses. Sissela Bok believes in ethics, morality, and...
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Why Lying Is Bad

Even telling the littlest lie can get you in the most trouble in the future, yes at the time you get away with it but what makes you think if that lie comes out would anyone believe you when you finally try telling the truth. Everyone should just stop lying. Tell the truth, whether it’s bad or not. Keeping an honest relationship is better thanks to having a dishonest one. Study shows the average person lies once or twice a...
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How To Know People Are Lying

We never know what’s in people’s hearts. The real thing is not necessarily what others tell us. This is not the time to go easily and trust people. You must be vigilant if you do not want to be fooled. It is not really difficult to know if the person is telling you the injustice. Because, without knowing it, the person does or says something that indicates that he is lying. Here are ten ways to discover that people lie...
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Lying: A Double Edged Sword

Lies are crafted to fulfill different purposes. The intention behind a lie is the dictating factor to the moral standing of the lie. Although the result of a lie is important, it can often be uncontrollable. There are several categories of lies classified by its use. Many of us lie everyday with the motive to protect others; these types of lies will fall into the category of protective lies. Facades are lies used to mask one’s true self from others....
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Difference Between Acting And Lying

Acting and lying are two rather distinguishable things with a few remarkable similarities. Such as how both can hold truth, whether concealed within the context or scattered in amongst the words spoken. Along with how the quality and technique of the action vary from person to person. Although despite these similarities the two still are not the same. There are plentiful differences that the two hold that truly keep them separated, and in their own way add to the gray...
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The Truth Hurts, But So Does Lying

From telling a friend that their dish is delicious, to falsely blaming absences on a busy schedule, lying has always been a natural response during uncomfortable situations. In “Learning to Lie” by Po Bronson and “Is Lying Bad for Us?” by Richard Gunderman, the authors delve into some of the reasons behind lying and how lying impacts people. Both articles share a negative sentiment towards lying but differ slightly in their view of the causes of lying. Gunderman and Bronson...
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The Correlation Of Parental Strictness And Child Lying

Abstract A class study was conducted to measure the correlation between parental strictness and child lying. We wanted to find whether the stricter a parent is, the more likely it is for a child to lie. We used a survey to measure how strict a parent is using a Strict Parenting Scale. How accepting a person is to lying was measuring using The Revised Lie Acceptability Scale (Oliveira & Levine, 2008) and reasons why people lie, was measured with The...
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Can Lying Be Justified As A Protection?

Many people feel Have you ever felt misunderstood?or wonder A about why people in this world lie so much to each other, whether it be like it could be a friend, family member, or even a your spouse. Sometimes lying could be a good thing to do because it could be to protect someone from getting hurt if they are told the truth. There are many different kinds of lies that could be told to people. Some are white lies,...
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Lying Is An Unavoidable Part Of Human Nature

Lying is probably one of the most common wrong deeds that we do as humans. Some have said that lying is an unavoidable part of human nature and that sometimes there is good reason for it, but I do not believe that it is a necessary thing to do, and it can cause massive amounts of damage to both the liar, the person being lied to, and society in general. Lying is a form of deception and manipulation. It is...
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How Lying Effects Moral Principles

The effect that lying has on our moral can change our lives. People would call you names, they wouldn’t want to listen to you because all they think your saying is all lies, they won’t wanna be your friend, or be around you at all. When you lie in a work place you could be fired or you could lose the respect that people had for you. Each lie i tell contradicts the part of me that that gives me...
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Ethics Of Lying In On Truth And Lie In The Extra-moral Sense And Saint Manuel Bueno

There are times when lying is better than telling the truth since lies are reflections of reality that people cannot handle. One would instead choose to believe in illusions than the truth because human beings tend to decide to remain ignorant to prevent pain and would struggle to comprehend the complexity of the meaning of truth that if they were granted the chance, they would become distressed. Moreover, if their perspective of reality is then presented with alternate facts that...
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What Parents Can Do About Their Children Lying

Have you ever ruminated about why your child lied about anything to you? Analogous to most other parents, does this continue bothering you a lot? Well, you just landed up at the perfect place to know what you can do about it by handling it properly. According to several kinds of research, children tend to commence lying at a tender age of around three. However, this trait peaks at an age ranging from six to ten. Your child might lie...
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Lexical Meaning Of The Lying Notion

Lying can be a noun and an adjective. As a noun lying is defined as the telling of lies, or false statements, untruthfulness. When lying is an adjective it is the telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false (Lying). Words that relate to this would be misleading, two faced, unreliable, fibbing, and mendacious. There are also multiple kinds of lying, perjury, minimization, exaggeration, white lies, fabrication, denial, omission, and restructuring. Every one of us lies every few minutes, lying...
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Argumentative Essay about Lying

Introduction Lying is something that everyone has done at one point or another in their lives. Whether it was a white lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or a more serious lie to cover up something, lying is a part of human nature. However, there are also many arguments against lying. Some people believe that lying is always wrong, no matter the circumstances. Others believe that lying is only wrong if it hurts someone else.  There are many different reasons...
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Addictive Lying And Its Consequences

Lying is something that should be decreased in society. “Speak the truth. People will forgive an honest mistake; they won’t forgive you if you lie” (Mark Goulston). Lying has been interpreted in many ways in society but there is one true meaning. There are many people who lie numerously over and over, but it is not a device that should be used. Why do people lie? This is a very common question discussed every day by many people. Lying is...
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Is Lying Always Wrong?

Lying, in general, seems to be a somewhat functioning part of society. Whether we deem that moral or not, is determined by our own view of morality. To those who are honest, of course it would be “wrong” to lie, but what about those who lie all the time? Since “liars” see it as a norm, is it possible that lying could be right in some cases? A decent spot to start investigating the rightness or unsoundness of lying is...
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The Most Common to Detect Deception

Many people believe that they know how to detect deception. They rely on nonverbal cues or actions that often speak louder than words. Indeed, there are body language signals that can help determine if a person is telling the real story. It is often believed that you can tell if the person is honest or not by looking at his eyes. If he looks straight in the eye, he is presumed honest. However, there have been instances where nonverbal cues...
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A Cognitive Framework Of Lying

Lying is something that everybody has done, regardless of whether individuals might want to let it out or not. Irrespective of this ideally regretful occurrence, individuals regularly don’t comprehend why somebody would lie. This research begins to speak about the lawful field where victims and offenders lie to get around talking about the severe cases that have occurred. These people may at first lie about the event, but as a rule, these same individuals accept their lies and speak the...
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Neurobiology Of Lying/Deception

Since time immemorial efforts have been made to devise methods of detecting falsehoods. For the sake of justice and security it is essential that one identifies liars. Personally I have been fascinated with the field of forensic psychology and understand the potential benefits of knowing how to detect a liar. Visualizing how the brain lies using functional MRI is a huge step in this direction. Studies have identified several brain regions that are activated when people lie as compared to...
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Functional MRI to Serve as a Lie Detector: Hit or Miss

In the article written by Patrick Keefe, ‘Can a Brain Scan Tell if You’re Lying?’, Keefe writes about experts that side with fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and their ability to be used as a lie detector test. The lie detector test would be used in court cases to determine if the offender is guilty or innocent in the crime that was committed. With fMRI still being a work in progress with many more studies needed to be done to...
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Lying: Metaphysical Issue Before A Moral Issue

Throughout history, there have been many ideas as to what a lie is and what, if anything, constitutes a lie to be okay or allowed. There are many significant figures that each have their own views on the concept of truth-telling and what they believe to be right. In some cases, these figures think that there are exceptions to lying, only when necessary, but there are also others who objectify against any type of lie or untruth. In this paper,...
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The Effect Of Coaching And Cognitive Load On Children’s Lying Behavior

Abstract The purpose of studying children’s lying behavior is to give valid reasons on why children begin to lie early in life in order to conceal their wrongdoing. However, at many times children are coached to lie and it is harder to detect the lie when the child is able to conceal transgression and have good semantic leakage. We will examine and predict the effect of coaching lies and the cognitive load of children when they lie. Children (N=240; 3-8...
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