Lying: A Double Edged Sword

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Lies are crafted to fulfill different purposes. The intention behind a lie is the dictating factor to the moral standing of the lie. Although the result of a lie is important, it can often be uncontrollable. There are several categories of lies classified by its use. Many of us lie everyday with the motive to protect others; these types of lies will fall into the category of protective lies. Facades are lies used to mask one’s true self from others. But is there a middle ground to this?

Lying is considered bad as a trait, but some lies are beneficial and told for the greater good. People lie for all sorts of reasons, but the most common is simply to help get a personal benefit. Lies are not just one sentence remarks. They can include our actions over a period of time. People put on a public illusion that portrays a different personality. Lying becomes dangerous in a multitude of ways,If you tell somebody a lie, you have to be able to remember exactly what you told them. If ever you forget the lie you told, there is a chance that you’ll contradict yourself later on and subsequently get caught. You may even find you need to tell a second lie to avoid being found out for the first one. Telling numerous lies obviously means even more remembering. Before you know it, you may find yourself tangled in an intricate web of drama and deceit. When you get caught lying, people tend to also mistrust you from that point forward. If you lie habitually, people will become especially wary of you. There may come a point in time when nobody believes anything you have to say, even though you may actually be telling the truth. This leads to a person gaining a bad reputation to even losing relationships with other people

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But when can lies be good? There are also a bunch of scenarios where lying is good and can be good for you and the people around you. A few white lies around the office aren't the end of the world. In fact, they may even boost your productivity. Telling an overbearing boss that you're doing a project on his or her exact schedule, when, in fact, you're working on a timeline that works better for you, can help you appease the powers that be while allowing you to prioritize your own skills and needs. Lying isn't just telling tall tales. Lies of omission can actually improve your friendships. If your friend has been hard at work on a diet for a year but you can't see the results, telling them they look great will still make them feel good. Sometimes, being kind is better than being completely honest.

A lie I tell myself often helps me keep on pace with my goals is self delusion. For example, whether I tell myself that my10 minutes at the gym was a great effort or that starting to save money tomorrow instead of years ago is just as good, helps keep me on track instead of making me feel like I’m not doing well or falling behind.

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