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Essay on Women's Empowerment in Contemporary Vietnam

It is seven o’clock in the morning, food vendors everywhere on the street serving Banh Mi Pho. Seeing the same ladies serving the same dish every single morning for the past four months of my stay had taught me that Vietnamese women are the most hardworking perseverant women I have met. Vietnam’s strong historical background, Confucian society, and the wars that changed the entire nation have shaped and molded Vietnam to the one we know of today. After the United...
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Thoughts on Whether Online Gaming Is Beneficial for Teenagers

With the significant development of technology within a few decades. A great number of teenagers are drawing attention to the Internet gaming. According to the latest survey results of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), by the end of December 2018, the number of Chinese Internet users had reached 829 million, making China the largest Internet user in the world. The majority of China’s Internet users are still young people aged 30 and under, who account for 68.6 percent of...
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Essay on Use of Propaganda in Animation

When it comes to propaganda, the creator of it wants the audience to agree and support their cause and their views. Propaganda can be anything from commercials, magazines, posters, movies, cartoons, and more. Although, a majority of the time propaganda is biased and full of fallacies. Only depicting what they want the audience to see and how they want it to be seen. For example, if there is a war between two countries, each one is going to create propaganda...
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State of Oral Health of Population in Vietnam: Analytical Essay

Vietnam, capitol Hanoi, is a Southeast Asian country bordered by Cambodia, China, Laos and Malaysia with the Vietnamese dong as the national currency. The national language is Vietnamese with few confident English speakers despite learning it in school, but due to the history of one thousand years of Chinese occupation and French colonization in the late 19th to the early 20th century, minority languages spoken include both French and Chinese (Lonely planet, 2019). Japanese invasion and control of Hanoi in...
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Similarity of Values of Modern Americans and Explorers of 1492: Analytical Essay

Since 1492, when Christopher Columbus first stepped onto the new land, he had values and laws. Many of which we still have today. Some of these values were good, while many were not. Some of the values that Columbus had was their selfishness, forcefulness, greediness, dishonesty, and they forced their religion and ways on the natives. The main three are their want and gain for wealth, how selfish they were, and how they forced assimilation upon the natives. Today these...
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Representation of African Americans in Jazz Music

One hundred and three years ago, on February 26, 1917, the first recording of jazz ‘Livery Stable Blues’ performed by the original Dixieland Jazz Band was released in the United States. But it was a problematic ‘first’ as these young musicians claimed to have ‘invented’ jazz. But it was published at an interesting moment in American history, when the emerging African American blues and jazz genres broke into American consciousness and spread throughout the country and the world. African American...
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Negative Impact of Disney Movies on Current Generation

Have you ever caught yourself whistling at work? Perhaps you have told yourself to just keep swimming? Maybe even had your knee kissed better when you hurt it as a child? Are these phrases ringing any bells in your head? If yes, you have likely been influenced by the monstrous bundle of movies created by Walt Disney. If not, I am guessing you are not part of the 116 million subscribers of Disney+. Nevertheless, you are still influenced by Disney...
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Essay on Limit Between Paris and His Banlieue

The urbanization of all cities has a good point and bad point to the city. In history government work and make an importance for urbanization and renovation of the cities, but any government in the world didn’t think about the future, they just think about themself and for their day. Recently, I was born in a Paris banlieue and grow up in a banlieue named Saint-Denis, our problem for people who lived in a banlieue is that, we are ejected...
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Influence of Disney Princesses on Children's Self-Esteem and Self-Identity

Numerous academic research journals can be found into the study of the progression and portrayal of Disney princesses and their impact to children’s self-esteem and self-identity. This literature was reviewed to determine the conclusion on if both environmental and biological processes are included in the discovery of the impact that Disney princesses have on children’s self-esteem and how the two approaches interplay. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches to such research have found negative representation of women (Lacroix, 2004; Dundes, 2001;...
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Impact of the Internet on Teenagers' Lives

The Internet has been one of the most life-changing and important inventions of the last century. Kids spend more time sitting at home playing video games or watching TV. Most parents don’t like seeing their kids being on their phone or on the Internet all the time. Although the Internet may be one of the greatest inventions of the last century, it has made some negative impacts on our society and children. Teenagers are one of the most common groups...
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Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Mental Health of Teenagers: Analytical Essay

Due to the growing number of deaths and cases of Covid-19, lockdown was issued by Boris Johnson on March 23rd 2020. The lockdown rules are reviewed every three weeks by the Prime Minister who would announce further plans to lift certain measures. Although, in between those 3 weeks, uncertainty was evident for all. The new lifestyle and rules everyone had to abide by was growing to be a real challenge. However, it seemed that teenagers were having it worse due...
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Impact of Ethical and Legal Information Technology Decision-Making on Society

Ethical issues that have a beset humankind since we human after started living together because of tranquil, orderly and productive communities must have certain rules and are not sustainable without any order which tells everyone what to do and what not to do. As the community growing larger after the certain period there have been a lot of changes in the rules which are formalized into codes of conduct to make sure that everyone in the community has to know...
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The Beatles and Their Huge Influence on Society

The Beatles have influenced the world in unimaginable ways. “Beatlemania: extreme enthusiasm for the Beatles, as manifested in the frenzied behavior of their fans in the 1960s” (Oxford Languages). The Beatles have sold over 600 million albums worldwide (CBS). 600 million is an unfathomable number but in the case of the Beatles, it makes complete sense. The Beatles were a group of British men composed of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. These men met through the...
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Analysis of Teenagers’ Depression: Basic Knowledge, Possible Causes, Effects, and Treatments

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say ‘My tooth is aching’, than to say ‘My heart is broken’” (C.S. Lewis, 1996). According to World Health Organization (WHO), the proportion of people from all ages suffering from depression is more than 300 million people and nearly 800 000 people commit suicide when being depressed every...
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Essay on Teenagers and Social Media

Imagine having suicidal thoughts going through your head because you are not like other people. People tell you that you are not pretty or either you look at yourself and you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Imagine if your definition of pretty comes from what you see online on social media sites. All those thoughts cause teenagers to go through a deep depression and for some of them, it has led to suicidal thoughts or the act...
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Stop Giving Alcohol to Underage Teenager: Persuasive Speech

Underage teenagers increased drinking habits replicate the destruction of a tornado. As winds of addiction hollow out teenager’s humanity, parents continue to supply this all-consuming commodity. Alcohol is society’s deadliest poison, it is everywhere, a dangerous cocktail of destruction. Perceived as the ultimate social inclusion device, it comes as no surprise that alcohol has been ingrained as a societal norm with an insidious grasp. Delusional parents are obsessed with the idea of being ‘cool’ rather than maintaining the innocence of...
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Representation of Teenagers in Media

The negative news focused around teenagers drastically outweighs any positive news about teenagers. The media has constantly criticized teenagers for a period of time only to be showing that the teenagers bring a negative impact to the public, but they have not showed anything positive about them at all. As a result of this, this gives the impression that all teenagers behavior negatively. The media plays a major role in society as it tends to represent and show media the...
2 Pages 820 Words

Representation of African Americans in Animation

Animation, which can be defined as “a way of making a movie by using a series of drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of objects (such as puppets or models) that are slightly different from one another and that when viewed quickly one after another create the appearance of movement”, according to Merriam Webster. Such an example of animation, as we know it today, are animated movies, cartoons and television shows that utilize different animation, photo, and editing techniques to create...
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Reflections on Whether Globalization Is Diluting Musical Individuality of a Culture Using the Example of K-Pop

Just like society, music will experience evolution. Said evolution may manifest itself through factors such as the ability for the world to be globally connected. Through this inevitable evolution and connectivity, the loss of cultural meaning may be a consequential factor for some genres of music, however, this may not reign true for all genres. The possibility for redefinition or emphasis of cultural facets within music is still achievable. Pop music is generalized category which includes music that adheres to...
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Reasons for Why 'Forrest Gump' Is One of the Most Popular and Iconic

‘Forrest Gump’ is a movie that follows the life events on an underrated and underappreciated man that suffers from not only a low IQ, but also mild case of cerebral palsy. Throughout his life, Gump faces many burdens and tribulations, but he never allows anyone to interfere with his happiness and mental well-being. Gump, despite facing many problems, continues to believe that good things will happen and goes after his hopes, dreams, and ambitions. From wearing braces on his legs...
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Reasons for Vietnam's Popularity among Tourists

Vietnam is one of the countries that I want to visit someday. The reason I started to be interested in Vietnam why I had made Vietnamese friend at KIFL. She is very kind and hardworking. Originally, I was interested in world culture from a young age, so I often hear Vietnam’s lifestyle, food, language and so on from her. For this reason, I started to search and make a plan about travel to Vietnam. According to travel site of Japan,...
2 Pages 818 Words

Reasons for K-Pop's Popularity: Analytical Essay

K-pop is a type of music originating in South Korea. Korea pop music is influenced by styles and genres from around the world. For example, jazz, hip-hop, country classical are all K-pop roots. K-pop idol culture began with the boy band H.O.T. in 1996. In 2003 TVXQ and BOA started a new generation of K-pop idols. Now as for development, not only in East Asia and Southeast Asia, but also in India, Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East and...
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Essay on National Parks and Indigenous Communities

In developing countries, national parks have become the subject of international conservation policies (Mombeshora and Le Bel, 2009). A national park is a region set aside by a national government to protect the natural resources for recreation and enjoyment purposes or its historical or scientific significance (Britannica, 2019). In these parks, the habitats and their associated plants and animals are maintained in their natural condition; however, it is essential to acknowledge that national parks worldwide will differ significantly in their...
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Media and People with Disabilities: Essay

Attitudes are defined as having positive or negative judgments of people, things and concepts. It is believed that attitudes are formed from affective, cognitive and conative components. Societal and cultural norms have a significant influence on many individuals’ attitudes. Societal and cultural norms of physical attributes, socioeconomic status, and health status are portrayed throughout the media. The media has a significant influence on society, as it is a part of our everyday life. However, the influence that the media holds...
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Little Girls or Little Women: Analysis of Disney Princess Effect

Parents should write a petition to Disney to make their princesses fit the mold of young girls across the world and protest the amount of sexualization that is being presented to girls through TV and the Internet. Stephanie Hanes (2011), author of ‘Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect’, claims that Disney stated: “The Disney princesses teach girls valuable life lessons like kindness and the love for animals”. Several parents have found themselves mixed up in the controversy...
2 Pages 816 Words

Life's Effects on Teenagers' Mental Health

“With around one in four teenagers developing significant mental health problems, however, parents need to know what’s normal and when to worry-it’s part of the job” (Media Release). Teenagers deal with a lot of troubles that, for the most part, others do not see or even have knowledge what they are going through or what the issue is. Some teenagers go weeks or months without speaking or acknowledging anyone, but nobody notices until the teenagers tells someone. Most people believe...
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Let Teenagers Try Adulthood: Argumentative Essay

To allow teenagers to try adulthood, as suggested by Leon Botstein in his option piece that was published in the New York Times, would change how the world functions. As suggested by Botstein the current school system does not allow teenagers to learn about what adulthood, but instead teenagers how to playschool. They learn lessons like how to keep their thoughts to themselves, and never speak out. There is more of a need to use schools to teach adult life...
2 Pages 874 Words

Information Technology and Its Importance in Today's World

Every sector of the country today’s growth and development depends on the level of information technology. Introduction 21st century has become recognized as the age of information technology; it is not only a nation’s key driver of economic growth, but the world. Information technology footprints can be seen everywhere from the hi-tech industry to an education system. Functions and IT Features Speed: IT users can use devices such as computers to perform various tasks more quickly and accurately. At the...
3 Pages 1510 Words

Inequality of Female Roles in Disney Films

The media plays a significant role in our daily lives by providing us with cultural, educational, and supplemental information that cultivates our knowledge while also shaping our political aspects and framing our cultural guidelines in society. It has the role of being an effective educator, by informing us of anything newsworthy, which is quite true, but what most people don’t know is the canny and manipulative ways on how they are doing it. They hinder with our public opinion through...
4 Pages 1732 Words

How Does Instagram Affect Today's Teenagers: Essay

Social media has become a big part of our lives today since it came out, it’s something which many people can’t live without anymore. Social media such as Instagram is known to be used for entertaining purposes but today for teenagers it isn’t used for entertaining purpose. Instagram is mostly used by teenagers to show off their beauty, luxury and all the things they have. Instagram has pros but it mostly has cons which are that social media is affecting...
3 Pages 1502 Words
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