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Generation Gap In Workplace: Pros And Cons

Generation gap is not just a difference in age between old people and youngsters. It is defined as a wall that separates the philosophies of different generations. Each generations has different opinions, beliefs, attitudes, and skils (Whitman, 2018). These days, generation gap has became an issue in workplaces. This is due to the fact that our diverse workforce which involves employees of different generations are creating conflicts and problems in organizations. According to an article by Asad Ur Rehman, this...
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Generation Gap: Children And Parents, Students And Teachers

“Teachers Can Change Lives with just the Right Mix of Chalk & Challenges” (Dr. Kumaraswamy. C Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, AIGS) What is the generation gap? Generation gap is a gap of communication that leads to misunderstanding and disharmony. It refers to the gap between young and old. It is about mindsets and methods and it is not one-sided. Youth is full of passion and drive and is risk-friendly. The old have wisdom, and experience and they are...
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Generation Gap: Parent To Child Relationships

Parent-child relationships are considered to be among the most important relationships Individuals have. These relationships area unit a primary contributor to the psychological well-being of each generations. Two basic demographic changes have created the roles that older oldsters and their adult youngsters play as joint informal mechanisms of support a lot of salient in recent years. First, the scale of current and future cohorts of older persons can challenge public and personal organizations’ ability to produce formal support to older...
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The History Of Human Evolution

An aspect of biology that interests me is the evolution of humans over many hundreds of years. Human evolution began six million years ago in Africa. This has been proven countless times by evidence such as fossils of human remains which can be dated back to many million years ago. Our first ever relative was a fish that existed 400-350 MYA. It was called the Notharctus Tenebrosus and its first fossil was discovered in 187in 1870. It is linked with...
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The Role Of Fire In Human Evolution

Humans have developed in many capacities that have led to our advantages and technology today. We have developed from over 3 million years ago with brain and body developments. There are six key essential concepts that have helped our species grow, including fire, language, cooking, shelter, clothing, and art. Each of these concepts is connected to each other in a way and can connect these inventions together. They are the basic ideas that we developed that are the first step...
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Human Evolution And Human Origins

Abstract The fossil record supplies research with evidence of human origins, offering a crucial insight into the study of palaeoanthropology. This discipline has critically developed our understanding of human origins; however, the fossil record is sporadic and incomplete, often precluding a full assessment to the potential morphological scope of past populations. Over the past couple of decades, advances in molecular genetics have precipitated a new age for evolutionary studies in human origins. Research on DNA variation in diverse human populations...
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The Significance Of Human Evolution

Introduction Evolution is the theory that is based on the idea that all species are related and gradually change overtime. Evolution is any change in the heritable traits within a population across several generations. A scientist named Charles Darwin once stated, “The love for all living creatures is the most is the most noble attribute of man” this is because Darwin was inspired by evolution. Evolution is important to this day as it is a major contributor to current scientist’s...
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Darwin’s Theory Of Human Evolution

The theory of evolution by natural selection was first formulated in Darwin’s book ‘On the Origin of Species’ in 1859. This is the process that changes a species over time due to changes in heritable physical or behavioral traits. These changes allow an organism to better adapt to its environment which helps it survive and have more offspring. (than, 2018) Evolution by natural selection is one of the best substantiated theories in the history of science, supported by evidence from...
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Gene Therapy As The Evidence Of Human Evolution Theory

Our current theory of evolution in basic terms is that all living things come from a common ancestor and that natural selection caused the adaptions that created all the different species on our planet. This is a huge claim- that everything on Earth is somehow connected. But, what evidence is there to support it? Fossils are time capsules for biologists. They are extremely solid (almost rock solid, get it?) evidence of evolution. Fossils consist of parts of deceased organisms that...
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Natural Selection And Evolution

Biston betularia, commonly known as the black and white moth or pepper moths, is a good example to show how natural selection influences the features of a species. Natural selection involves four key parts consisting of variation, influence of the environment, survival of the fittest and population changes. All populations have genetic variation which can be passed on. Some variations are more favourable than others, making those individuals better suited to their environment. Individuals with more favourable variations are more...
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Human Evolution: Bipedalism, Evolution Of Human Jaws And Teeth

Science Assessment – Evolution Sharing a common ancestor Comment by TERLIER, Blair: Get rid of headings now and turn into an essay. Where are your intext references?? Studies of fossils, genetics and proteins suggest a common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans from millions of years ago. Humans have undertaken millions of years’ worth of evolution and are the result of countless evolutionary deviations such as bipedalism, smaller teeth and shorter jaws, larger brains and increasingly complex forms of technology. The...
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Evolution Of Homo-Sapiens: Facts Of Birth Of Humankind

·Introduction: It all started about gazillions of years ago, when something really phenomenal happened, which changed the whole scenario of possibly the only living planet in the universe, i.e. Earth. The humanity has taken birth, by no one still knows how, and created a history then. Well, it is still a mystery, how human-kind was born. Many theories have been written, explaining how it all took place, but the fact is that we are still fact less. There are no...
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General Overview Of Human Evolution: Critical Analysis

All species are unique and special. Our uniquely evolved intelligence has pushed us as a species to rely on technology – something unique to human evolution. We do many things because we are the original architects behind science, engineering, and culture. From these developments, we have discovered the study of genetics, a process in which we can better understand where humans came from as a species. Genetics can help educate the connection between different peoples and give historians and anthropologists...
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Positive Selection In Human Evolution

Human Evolution has become a very prevalent topic of conversation over the past number of decades, with various ideas of how humans came to be who we are today. From a time where it was once thought that humans were a very close-knit evolutionary group, to now understanding that we do in fact, derive from apes. It is now believed that our closest ancestors are those of the African apes, the chimpanzee and the gorilla. Evidence from Charles Darwin and...
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Explanation of Human Development Using the Theory of Evolution

The theory of evolution can explain human development when examining biological adaptations. To begin, one adaptation that supports human development with regards to evolution is sweat glands. Sweating is a cooling mechanism that ultimately keeps the body’s internal temperature stable. The human skin is naked, has no coat of fur and is sweaty which helps one’s body cool down. The absence of sweating can cause the human body to overheat and die instantly. The humans developed the sweat glands mostly...
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What Is Peculiar About Millenial Workers

Introduction “There is a desire for change. There is a millennial generation that does not like what they’re seeing, but doesn’t quite know what the solution is” -Ken Moelis This report has been written to explore how the complexities, dynamics and uncertainties of the modern business environment impacts on the organisation of work and the contempered employment relationship. Specifically focusing on the relationship between a healthy psychological contract, employee resilience and engagement among millennial workers in the retail fashion industry....
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Is Narcissism Related To Millennials’ Psychological Health, Career Satisfaction And Social Media Use?

Abstract Narcissism has been associated with cognitive wellbeing, career satisfaction and social media platform. The role of narcissism in health-risk and health-protective practices were investigated on 365 college understudies. Narcissism was decidedly prescient of liquor use, cannabis use, and unsafe driving practices. An aggregate of 224 workers from an open association has rounded out self-rating proportions of employment fulfilment, FFM attributes and a proportion of narcissism. Narcissism was emphatically related with FFM extraversion and receptiveness to experience. A sum of...
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Indonesian Language Development In The Millennial Era

Abstract Indonesian is the identity and identity of the Indonesian people. Indonesian plays an essential role in all aspects of life. Today is the millennial era, a time of increasing use and familiarity with communication, media, and digital technology. This has an impact on the development of Indonesian. The current situation is that the function of the Indonesian language has begun to be replaced or displaced by foreign languages ​​and there is behavior that tends to slip international terms, even...
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How Does Millennials Spirituality Impact Your Life?

Religions have existed for as long as we know. But the most common misconception for the most part of it was that religion and spirituality go hand in hand; you can’t be spiritual, and not be religious. But how far is this true? It was the millennial generation that started speaking up on spirituality by itself. Perhaps there’s more to life and the universe than God? There have been tremendous lifestyle changes between gen x and the millenials, so it’s...
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Millennials and India's Overpopulation Problem

The causes of the overpopulation can be put in different categories, which combined represent the cause of this destructive phenomena. One of these issues is represented by the early marriage. The origins of child marriage in India are deeply rooted into its historical and cultural background. Early marriages were made backwards societies in order to maximize the chances of survival of the children due the high rate of mortality. Therefore it was advantageous for the Indian people and also to...
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Right Incentives for Each Generation in Workplace: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z

1.0 Introduction There are four generations by distinguishing their birth year: Baby Boomers (Born between 1946 – 1964), Gen X (Born between 1965 – 1980), Gen Y / Millennial (Born between 1981-1994), and Gen Z (Born between 1995 – 2010). In the workplace, these four generations will work together. While for different generations, they have different expectations, so different innovative methods are needed to engage, retain and attract them. In this assignment, we will focus on Baby Boomers, Gen X...
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The Effective Management of a Multigenerational Workforce: Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z

1 Introduction The world has been in constant demographic change and it’s experiencing immense changes with the advancement in vast technologies and proliferation in communication tools, resulting in clear and more prominent differences between different age groups or generations (Belal, Nafei, Khanfar, & Kaifi, 2012). Over the last couple of years, there has been interaction between three very different generations inside the workplace, Generation X, Generation Y better known as millennials, and most currently Generation Z (Belal, Nafei, Khanfar, &...
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Is Millennial Generation The Dumbest Generation

Throughout generations, technology has been changing and causing lasting effects on the human mind. As technology advances, many debate as to whether future generations will be less intelligent. While it is true that new technology has rewired our brains and led to shorter attention spans, the Millennial generation is not the “dumbest generation”, as Mark Bauerlein suggests, because the younger generations have higher IQ levels and because we pursue and use knowledge in different ways. Bauerlein is correct that technology...
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The Self-esteem of Millennials

According to Jean M. Twenge, PhD, author of, Generation, Millennials have been described as a more self-centered, thin-skinned, and lazy generation than any before. Twenge uses data derived from extensive research to give an overall view of Millennials and how they compare to other generations. She found that Millennials, who she defines as those born between 1982 and 1999, are more self-centered than previous generations were at the same age. They grew up during what Twenge refers to as a...
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Life Issues Faced by Millennials

Last year, many millennials seemed to be planning near-term exits from their employers. But, after 12 months of political and social upheaval, those ambitions have been tempered, according to Deloitte Global’s sixth annual Millennial Survey. Young professionals now indicate they’re less likely to leave the security of their jobs, more concerned about uncertainty arising from conflict, and—especially in developed countries—not optimistic about their future prospects nor the directions, their countries are going. The findings are based on the views of...
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Critical Analysis of Characteristics of Generation Y

Nowadays, most of the workforce in Malaysia is dominated by Generation Y. Generation Y is those born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s (Sharkawi, Syed Mohd, & Roslin, 2016). They are also known as Millennial and have unique characteristics that make them different from the generation before. This generation is raised up in surroundings which technology is widely used in daily life. More precisely, it is because of the development in the current stream of modernization is taking...
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Ways of Generation Y's Use of Social Media Influence on Individuals, Firms, and Society

1. Analyzing the business decision or problem. Generation Y or the Millennial Generation exerts a peculiar fascination on both managers and academics. In what has become common parlance, members of Generation Y are called Digital Natives, rather than Digital Immigrants. They are the first generation to have spent their entire lives in the digital environment; information technology profoundly affects how they live and work. Generation Y actively contributes, shares, searches for, and consumes content – plus works and plays –...
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Analytical Essay on Generation Y: Behavioral Factors That Lead to Spending and Savings

1.0 Introduction This research discusses about the behavioral factors that lead to spending and savings among generation Y. As we are moving forward to the millennium era, the cost of spending is getting higher with today’s Malaysia economic trend is just in a moderate par, but our young generation still have high buying power if compare to other generation. Additionally, the Malaysian Insolvency Department encompassed in an article published by Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (2014), with an 11% increase...
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Talent Retention Strategies for Generation Y: Analytical Essay

1. Abstract For organizations to grow and flourish, managing the right talent for the right job is necessary. Talent management includes acquiring, maintaining, planning, and retaining employees. Among these dimensions, retaining of employees in generation Y is difficult. So, to overcome this issue, certain strategies should be made. These strategies will help organizations to retain talented employees which are important assets for the performance of the organization. This study aims to know the reasons of non-retention in generation Y employees...
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Use of Social Media in Recruitment of Generation Y: Analytical Essay

In 1996 Ambler and Barrow were the first to discuss how organizations can apply marketing techniques to human resources management and they introduced Employer Branding by defining it as the set up of practical, economical, and psychological advantages that is established by the company and provided to the business (Ambler & Barrow, 1996). Later on, Barrow and Mosley (2005), redefined employer brand as the image of an organization that shows employees the employment place, In other words, employer brand is...
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