Essay on Teenage Pregnancy Controversy

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In discussions of teenage abortion, one of the controversial, issues has been the mandatory parental permission for this procedure. At this time as the range of socially acceptable behavior increases teenage pregnancy starts to appear as a common issue, therefore causing the rate of abortion to increase. Some might agree that abortion is an individual’s choice, while others insist that abortion is strictly affecting society, and should be done only by parental permission. From my point of view, abortion affects to minor’s behavior, emotional state, and further perception of the world, therefore I think it is essential to require parental permission before making such a procedure.

I believe that requesting mandated parental consent before making an abortion is vital since teenagers are still supervised by parents who hold responsibility for their actions and physical state. Since abortion is like any other surgical procedure, parents or legal guardians should be informed before making such a decision. Sometimes, young girls do not completely understand the effects of abortion on health and by having an abortion they could endanger their lives. Whereas parents – experienced and knowledgeable adults might know some weaknesses of the girl and could prevent her from serious consequences. It is undoubtedly true, that abortion is a complex procedure, and in the case of gynecological inaccuracy, the young girl might encounter infection, or injury to the cervix, uterus, or other organs. Since teenagers’ bodies are not fully developed, some contingencies might cause a significant impact on a girl’s further health; at such moment, parents’ guidance would help to avoid health hazards and in the case of some accidents as a guardian, they would be able to help. Therefore, it is essential to ask parental permission for such surgical procedures because it provides an opportunity to consult with an experienced adult, thus making the teen more prepared for this process.

Although, by asking for parental consent for abortion, a teen has more chances for a successful outcome of the process she also might get some emotional support. If a teenager has close relationships with her family this might benefit a lot to her overall state. One cannot deny that abortion is a physically and emotionally draining experience; at such a moment parental support is the best psychological healing. It is undoubtedly true that teenagers are individuals too, and they have the right to make decisions by themselves. But, due to an unstable emotional state, it is frequent for humans to make decisions based on their emotions, which often lead to severe consequences. In stressful situations human brain becomes clouded and the ability to think critically decreases. Parents at such a moment could offer help in the form of wise decisions, and emotional and financial support. Furthermore, we should not forget about the cost of medical examinations, which a teen could skip, due to financial dependence on parents. Parental involvement in the process of abortion might evoke confidence in a girl’s decisions and will help her avoid detrimental effects such as tormenting thoughts or self-doubts.

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However, many teens live in dysfunctional family environments where parents cannot have a deep understanding of the situation which in turn might worsen the girl’s state. Unintended pregnancies for a young female’s family might seem like a shame. Such thoughts might be based on the religion the family follows or the status of the family. In such a case it might cause more stress and pressure. There were occasions when the family refused the pregnant girl since it might expose the family's reputation to criticism. By such a requirement less dedicated parents might use various forms of abuse or other punishments; thus, leaving the girl in a hopeless situation. Such an attitude from their parents’ side might be more traumatic for her overall psychological state. Without parental backing, the feeling after an abortion might reduce the confidence in her decisions, and the ability to cope with life’s further obstacles.

Nevertheless, we should accept that the advantages of asking for parental consent before an abortion overweight its disadvantages. If we look at this problem in more broad terms, we can notice that it also has a significant impact on society and youth behavior. The fear of negative parental reactions might invoke them to consider sexual intercourse more seriously and restrict them from frivolous behavior. Since at such a young age teenager’s brain does not reach its full maturity, the ability to make the right decisions and think of the consequences is considerably small. Therefore, embedding such restrictions might contribute to their self-consciousness and restraint of their emotional behavior. Laws and rules are the main components of a strong and safe society that restrict a particular group of people from destroying the idyll. If there were no restrictions such as notifying parents before making an abortion, minors would be more independent in doing their not thoroughly considered ideas or desires.

In conclusion, despite this issue seems like a hot debatable topic I think requiring parental permission will bring more positive effects than negative. Undeniably, there exist, families, where the relationship between parent and child is not close enough; however, in my opinion, the number of adequate parents who are able to at least help the minor in making a decision is greater than those who can put the girl in a danger. The presence of parents might ease the situation: they can provide emotional, financial, and psychological support as well as control the girl’s state during and after the procedure. Even though teenagers are individuals too and they have the right to decide on their own, it would not be excessive to consult with parents before having an abortion. Thus, parental consent will represent a firm and deliberate confirmation from both sides. 

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