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Should Schools Screen Teens for Mental Illnesses? Essay

Many teens have mental health problems that get noticed by someone near them while many times it goes unnoticed. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens (Klass), making it where teens are more likely to die from a suicide than in a traffic accident, allowing kids to be screened reduces the risk of possible future suicides that could occur. In the United States, seventeen percent of teens had seriously thought and considered suicide with more than fourteen...
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Life's Effects on Teenagers' Mental Health

“With around one in four teenagers developing significant mental health problems, however, parents need to know what’s normal and when to worry-it’s part of the job” (Media Release). Teenagers deal with a lot of troubles that, for the most part, others do not see or even have knowledge what they are going through or what the issue is. Some teenagers go weeks or months without speaking or acknowledging anyone, but nobody notices until the teenagers tells someone. Most people believe...
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How Does Instagram Affect Today's Teenagers: Essay

Social media has become a big part of our lives today since it came out, it’s something which many people can’t live without anymore. Social media such as Instagram is known to be used for entertaining purposes but today for teenagers it isn’t used for entertaining purpose. Instagram is mostly used by teenagers to show off their beauty, luxury and all the things they have. Instagram has pros but it mostly has cons which are that social media is affecting...
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Effects of Excessive Cellular Phones Use for Teenagers

Most teenagers are obsessed with their cellular phones and as time passes the number of teenagers who are fully engaged with their phones are slowly increasing and it is very alarming. Back in the older times where life was simple the only means of communication are through the word of mouth and letters but as our society improved so did our ways of communication. In the present time, with the help of technology, communication is now made easier with the...
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Let Teenagers Try Adulthood: Argumentative Essay

To allow teenagers to try adulthood, as suggested by Leon Botstein in his option piece that was published in the New York Times, would change how the world functions. As suggested by Botstein the current school system does not allow teenagers to learn about what adulthood, but instead teenagers how to playschool. They learn lessons like how to keep their thoughts to themselves, and never speak out. There is more of a need to use schools to teach adult life...
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Poetry as a Cure for Teenage Mental Illness

You may think poetry is useless and dull, which it can be, but it also an amazing way to be creative and show what you feel. Poetry dates back thousands of years to the earliest literate cultures, before even written texts. In these times it was used for remembering history or law. Throughout centuries it has evolved into many new types of poems, topics and uses, such as Shakespearean sonnets or Japanese haiku. The poetry that is popular today is...
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Thoughts on Whether Online Gaming Is Beneficial for Teenagers

With the significant development of technology within a few decades. A great number of teenagers are drawing attention to the Internet gaming. According to the latest survey results of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), by the end of December 2018, the number of Chinese Internet users had reached 829 million, making China the largest Internet user in the world. The majority of China’s Internet users are still young people aged 30 and under, who account for 68.6 percent of...
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Impact of the Internet on Teenagers' Lives

The Internet has been one of the most life-changing and important inventions of the last century. Kids spend more time sitting at home playing video games or watching TV. Most parents don’t like seeing their kids being on their phone or on the Internet all the time. Although the Internet may be one of the greatest inventions of the last century, it has made some negative impacts on our society and children. Teenagers are one of the most common groups...
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Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Mental Health of Teenagers: Analytical Essay

Due to the growing number of deaths and cases of Covid-19, lockdown was issued by Boris Johnson on March 23rd 2020. The lockdown rules are reviewed every three weeks by the Prime Minister who would announce further plans to lift certain measures. Although, in between those 3 weeks, uncertainty was evident for all. The new lifestyle and rules everyone had to abide by was growing to be a real challenge. However, it seemed that teenagers were having it worse due...
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Analysis of Teenagers’ Depression: Basic Knowledge, Possible Causes, Effects, and Treatments

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say ‘My tooth is aching’, than to say ‘My heart is broken’” (C.S. Lewis, 1996). According to World Health Organization (WHO), the proportion of people from all ages suffering from depression is more than 300 million people and nearly 800 000 people commit suicide when being depressed every...
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Essay on Teenagers and Social Media

Imagine having suicidal thoughts going through your head because you are not like other people. People tell you that you are not pretty or either you look at yourself and you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Imagine if your definition of pretty comes from what you see online on social media sites. All those thoughts cause teenagers to go through a deep depression and for some of them, it has led to suicidal thoughts or the act...
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Representation of Teenagers in Media

The negative news focused around teenagers drastically outweighs any positive news about teenagers. The media has constantly criticized teenagers for a period of time only to be showing that the teenagers bring a negative impact to the public, but they have not showed anything positive about them at all. As a result of this, this gives the impression that all teenagers behavior negatively. The media plays a major role in society as it tends to represent and show media the...
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Stop Giving Alcohol to Underage Teenager: Persuasive Speech

Underage teenagers increased drinking habits replicate the destruction of a tornado. As winds of addiction hollow out teenager’s humanity, parents continue to supply this all-consuming commodity. Alcohol is society’s deadliest poison, it is everywhere, a dangerous cocktail of destruction. Perceived as the ultimate social inclusion device, it comes as no surprise that alcohol has been ingrained as a societal norm with an insidious grasp. Delusional parents are obsessed with the idea of being ‘cool’ rather than maintaining the innocence of...
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Should Young Teens and Older Pre-Teens Be Able to Play Violent Video Games? Essay

Despite the introduction of video game age ratings all the way back in the early 1990s, I have played violent video games for a fair portion of my life. These video games included titles like the Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Left 4 Dead and Halo series and I even still play them today to an extent. Some people believe younger teens and older pre-teens should be able to play violent video games if they wish as there are...
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External Beauty and Its Influence on Teenagers' Self-Esteem

It is people’s instinct to like to be beautiful. On average, time spent on appearance contributes 7.7 hours of young girls’ week time (Dahl, 2014). This phenomenon reflects teenagers’ high attention to external beauty. The standard of beauty changes with the elapse of time, and under the influence of appearance-based phenomenon, it is more important to have a captivating appearance. Modern people generally establish their self-image by their looks as people notice about someone is how they look. Having a...
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Avoiding Consequences of Drunk Driving among Teenagers

Drinking and driving is a gamble that you just can’t win. Drunk driving is when a person is under the influence of alcoholic substances and is behind the wheel. Some effects that come with this juvenile decision is the control of your body. Vision gets blurry, speech slurred, dizziness and loss of balance. An individual will feel so disoriented even; the most immune person couldn’t drive. Alcohol hinders the ability to make rational decisions, puts lives of the innocent in...
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Texting and Driving: Argument Essay

Distracted use is an exercise where the driver takes his eyes off the avenue and diverts his or her attention. Distracted riding consists of texting, using a cell phone, ingesting or drinking, reading, speaking to passengers, searching the GPS, etc. When people are using they need to focal point on the road, their lifestyles are in their palms when driving. It`s a public tutorial almost everybody has carried out while driving. I have gone to faculty with someone who received...
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How Does a Lack of Fruits and Vegetables Affect Nutritional Deficiency in Teenagers: Essay

There are numerous vitamins and minerals that are essential for body development and preventing diseased called micronutrients. These are not produced naturally by the human body and need to be obtained through diet. Nutritional deficiency occurs when the body does not absorb or acquire the amount of nutrients it requires due to either a bad diet or an inability to absorb these nutrients, causing many problems. The amount of each nutrient needed depends on age and can be gathered from...
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The Teenage Brain Essay

Recent scientific research of teenage brain MRI scans has shown that the brain goes through a transformation consisting of a series of developments within every part of the brain, starting from the rear to the front, with the majority of this change affecting the prefrontal cortex. Looking at a diagram of the brain, you will notice that the prefrontal cortex is located in the very front of the brain and since brain development in teens goes from the back to...
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Essay about Vaping among Teenagers

Vaping Among Teens What do you think about vaping? Now, how about vaping among teens? First, let’s talk about what vaping is. In short, vaping is the action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. However, the process is much more complicated than just inhaling and exhaling. Vapes or electronic cigarettes, such as e-cigarettes, e-hookah, pens, vapes, or e-cigars, work by heating a nicotine or non-nicotine solution with an electric coil...
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Should Teenagers Avoid Playing Video Games? Argumentative Essay

Video games are now very popular for young teenagers, both male and female. Those teenagers are addicted to the video games so much that most of them do not focus on their future. As a result, they face many problems, such as health, poor performance, and personality. Therefore, there is no doubt that teenagers should avoid playing video games. The first problem when teenagers spend too much time on video games is that they are prone to get health risk,...
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