Avoiding Consequences of Drunk Driving among Teenagers

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Drinking and driving is a gamble that you just can’t win. Drunk driving is when a person is under the influence of alcoholic substances and is behind the wheel. Some effects that come with this juvenile decision is the control of your body. Vision gets blurry, speech slurred, dizziness and loss of balance. An individual will feel so disoriented even; the most immune person couldn’t drive. Alcohol hinders the ability to make rational decisions, puts lives of the innocent in jeopardy and it’s very hard to operate a vehicle under such intoxication.

In alcohol claimed teens usually are one of the highest percentage of driving under substance, which is usually led by peer pressure, to fit in, feel older, and their own curiosity. For example, a sixteen year old who just got their license can now be free and drive to whom destination suits them. Such as a party with adult beverages like alcohol is distributed being a teen you eventually get pressured to drink and soon will oblige. If you drove their, then it means you shall drive back, but with the uncertain circumstances its hard to navigate with such substance in you blood system. Without a blink of an eye BOOM !! CLASH!! You’re in accident because of not being able to have control, which sucks because at one point you had control. As a result this substance takes over you in negative ways with no positive behaviors to bring.

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In 1991 to 2010 drunk driving has declined 35%. Over the years less people have had a problem with drinking and driving. Its more of texting and driving now rather than drunk driving. You'd think twenty first century would be more corrupt with stuff being handed to them. No, my friend, wrong, early 2000’s and late 1990’s are the culprits. Issues obviously didn’t become a problem until more efficient technology was made because other started to abuse the power and freedom. Even though its illegal, in all fifty states rules are way stricter for people older as in twenty-one. As an example Tony is sixteen and commits the same crime as twenty-one year old Bertha. Yes teens don’t receive the same penalty as a trialed adult, but wouldn’t it be a blessing therefore mistakes can be learned from and avoided without a next time.

The article “Too drunk to drive” shows a different perspective. As an example, in what ways can you change the outcome of the night? Maybe not drive, catch an uber / ride and all sorts of alternatives to prevent lives that could possibly be in jeopardy. If different steps are taken a different less dreadful consequence is met. Subsequently lives are spared and no damage. As a result not only is drunk driving toxic, but a health risk for anyone who dares hurt her or himself in such manner.

According to all the facts and statistics no unhealthy decision goes unheard or without destruction whether its mentally or physically. In most accidents it seems like the person who consumed the alcohol is less affected in most incidents. Therefore this injustice habit needs to be frowned upon and heard more frequently because innocent people are deceased while the criminal is living life to their fullest. In conclusion driving while intoxicated is terrible and still stands as the enemy.

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