Charity Among Teenagers Essay

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“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” - Winston Churchill

This quote is what volunteering is all about, being a light in the darkness for someone else, being a light doesn’t just mean giving money but it’s also about giving time and love. Volunteering can take in the form of helping the hardship homeless, volunteering at a youth group, providing someone with help in an area that you specialise in or even just being a caring, compassionate companion. Volunteering is something that all teenagers must be involved in their local community. Volunteering allows teenagers to help others by making a difference in the lives of someone else, provides them with skills for work and life and gives teenagers a chance to make friendships.

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Initially, volunteering is a way for teenagers to express themselves in the form of helping someone else whilst building themselves up mentally and emotionally. Children and adults go through problems every minute at home and at work. Volunteering allows insight into people’s lives allowing us to help that person overcome their difficult, daily problems. According to the Australian Government, 380 000 children have been through their parent's divorces since 1976 and each child has answered the same, haunting question, ‘which parent do I want to live with?’. The aftermath of this problem is extremely difficult for children. By supporting a child who has come to a community activity through their tough experience, we give back to society at the same time by making a difference in that child’s life. Divorce is not the only problem, children and adults suffer millions more problems daily. Being able to help someone through a difficult situation is a rewarding experience that provides all volunteers with satisfaction whilst being able to give back to the community and change another’s life. Every teenager should have the chance to make a difference in the world whilst growing their own skills, which is why all Australian teenagers should be able to volunteer in the community.

Additionally, volunteering provides teenagers with successful, strong skills that they need for their everyday life, without these skills teenagers will never be grow up in the real world. Have you ever applied for a job and struggled to think what skills you acquire? Volunteering ticks all the boxes. Through volunteering, we can gain billions of soft skills such as people skills, teamwork, communication skills, organisation skills, responsibility and more. Volunteering shows us how to become selfless by putting others first showing that we value others more than ourselves. Not only does volunteering leave a good mark on your record but also benefits academically. Jan Owen, CEO of the Foundation of Young Australians states that, “Our research has shown that we need to quickly re-skill and start to think about how to prepare young people in the next decade for jobs that consistently and constantly change, and the skills and tasks and capabilities along that.' The work force is continuously changing, and every time requires teenagers to maintain soft skills for the future. Volunteering allows these types of skills to be practiced and developed making teenagers celebrities in the land of youth employment. Volunteers are able to develop skills such as, communication, leadership and responsibility. Volunteering gives teenagers a hope for a shifting future of employment by letting them light up the dark in the changing world of young employment whilst being able to make friends at the same time.

Consequently, everyone loves having a friend that they can share life with, someone they can trust and share passions. Who doesn’t? Volunteering provides teenagers which a chance to make friends outside of school, work and sport and at the same time grow up mentally. Volunteering allows teenagers to make connections with people of all ages. Have you ever had to do something that you didn’t enjoy or felt lonely doing? A year ago, my younger sibling started their first day of high school. When lunch started, she was standing out in the courtyard alone, every day she would tell me that she didn’t like high school and wanted to stay home. Until, one girl came up to her and they became best friends. We have all been in a similar situation where we have been without a friend and having friends makes life more enjoyable for everyone. Volunteering provides this opportunity to make friends with people outside of school, work and sport.

Even though teenagers are able to help others, grow their skills and make friends teenagers have a mountain of work and activities from school and outside of school, which they need to climb. If teenager have enough time to stay on their phone, watch television or play video games why can’t they have enough time to volunteer and help someone in need? Teenagers may not be free everyday due to other commitments, but every day, seven times a week. I have a job, go to school, play sport, receive good grades and still have the time to volunteer twice a week for my local community. This just goes to show that people do have busy lives but we all need to put in the time to help someone less fortunate than us.

Every teenager should volunteer in the community and help another person in need. Volunteering is crucial to the development of a teenager as it allows them to make friends, help others and develop their own skills. All these things have massive benefits such as this will help teenagers to get a job, become confident as well as develop leadership.

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