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Community service is a social welfare service activity carried out by a community to meet the material and spiritual needs of its members. Community service is not just a social spontaneous and voluntary service activity, but a guided, organized, and systematic service system. Community service is not an ordinary social ...

service industry. It is different from a business social service industry. Community service is not a social activity that provides services for others with only a small number of people. It is a social welfare activity based on the participation of all residents of the community and self-help and mutual assistance. It is frequently done close to the region where you live, so your very own locale receives the rewards of your work. You don’t get paid to perform community services, yet volunteer your time.

If I could start my own community service, I would like to do old folks’ homes. I choose this community service because I want to prepare myself to serve my parents in the future. If I have at least a little practice on how they are taken care of, I will be able to help them in the future. I will learn to do the cleaning, organizing, and health care. The second purpose is to make our close surroundings remember to always take care of them and take the time with family and not wait until the elderly pass away to regret it. After knowing that I have joined in such community service, our family members and friends might also want to join and help others. The third purpose is to make the community realize, of course, people follow what others do. So, by seeing a group of youngsters paying a visit to the old folks and having fun, many people might also want to do the same thing.

I would serve old people. Kinds of acts of service would volunteers perform are singing, chit-chatting with them, helping them with a massage, help them cut their fingernails and hair. Another is cleaning, volunteers will sweep the floor, mop the floor clear the windows, and clear the shelves, and so on. Besides that, volunteers need to take care of them and make them feel warm and happy. Volunteers must also patiently listen to and treat the elderly.

Community service is so important to volunteerism because volunteering teaches people of all ages and backgrounds compassion and understanding. One thing I like about community service is that there are opportunities to improve and leave your mark on your global and local community. Volunteering and putting on service events can be used as a way to advocate for causes that you are personally passionate about.

Community service volunteering can also be the avenue to explore areas in which you express interest. Volunteering is something that has no time limit; you can volunteer as much or as little as you’d like or have time for and still feel some type of fulfillment from it. Not only is community service fun and rewarding, but volunteering looks great on a resume or college application. Sometimes community service is even required for high school graduation.

Volunteer efforts make the biggest difference and their benefits are psychological and mental benefits. Volunteering increases overall life satisfaction and helps you feel good about yourself since you are helping other people. It can likewise help to diminish pressure and simplicity wretchedness. Moreover, social benefits. For example, volunteering engages students with the community, makes exceptional bonds with the populace being served, and builds social mindfulness and duty. Furthermore, Cognitive and subjective benefits. For instance, volunteering enables students to improve their own insight, grow from new experiences, and develop better interpersonal communication skills.

One of the benefits of community service is good moral values. Virtues like trustworthiness, humbleness, thankfulness, regard, non-judgmental, and genuineness are a portion of the ethics to be gained from serving the community. Sadly, these can’t be instructed in the study hall. Due to all these reasons, parents are sending their kids regularly, and in larger numbers, for such activities. This gives them a good feeling of having done something for others. The youngsters figure out how to think past ‘I, me, myself’ and get a more extensive point of view of life.

Unity among all is also one of the benefits of community services. Another reason why people promote it is that it can become a vehicle for getting a nation together. It can nearly resemble the point of convergence of a country, as there is a significant accentuation on doing useful for other people. This is mostly driven by religious and political corridors.

I believe schools should require their students to perform community service. It is because of service learning associated with academic gain. Students who participate in community service learning tend to do better in school. It’s believed that community service is somewhat of a missing link for students, giving them the chance to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real human needs. Volunteering is a great way to follow up on and supplement subjects that have been covered in the classroom.

Besides that, understudies often experience an increased sense of self-adequacy. Understudies who do community services work discover that they can really have any kind of effect on what they do. This enables understudies to all the more likely comprehend their very own ability, prompting progressively self-assurance and a can-do frame of mind that can spread to their work and scholastic interests.

Moreover, service is a great problem-solving skill builder. Students participating in community service are often faced with challenges and tough problems to tackle. By working through them as a volunteer, they learn how to better solve problems, and enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming a hurdle.

Furthermore, students are more attractive to potential employers. Partaking in community services shows understudies’ aptitudes that are significant to managers, similar to critical thinking, cooperation, and the capacity to adhere to directions. Volunteering is particularly significant when it is identified with an understudy’s future vocation.

In addition, magnificent networking opportunities. Community service opens students up to a wealth of networking opportunities, allowing them to build new relationships within their community as they contribute. Understudies can meet new individuals, work with new associations, and reinforce their connections to the community.

Besides, a sense of responsibility and pride. As students work within their community, they learn that they can be responsible for making great things happen. This helps to build a sense of responsibility in students, and a sense of pride when they see what they’ve done is actually helping others.

Lastly, learning beyond the classroom. Volunteering allows students to take what they’ve learned and applied it beyond the classroom. This offers an open door for advancement and an extraordinary path for them to perceive how ideas they’ve scholarly work in reality.

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Simply put, the objectives of any community service organisation are to – Act with high standards of ethics and integrity. Honour and respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients and staff, acting reasonably and competently to deliver a quality service to clients and stakeholders. Act fairly, responsibly and observing their duty of care to clients and staff. Honour diversity in the community and the workplace, allowing all employees and clients to be treated without prejudice or bias. Treat all clients...
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Community service is a rewarding experience that helps build stronger, more connected communities. By dedicating our time and resources to benefit our neighbors and those in need, we can have a positive and lasting impact on our local areas. From aiding the homeless to preserving natural landscapes, community service provides an opportunity for individuals to give back and make a difference in their community. In this essay, we will explore the importance of community service, its benefits, and ways individuals...
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The question becomes whether or not the community really ever could be a victim, and if so, whether or not community service really makes sensible the community losses. Some have answered within the affirmative, positing that the community could be a secondary victim that’s indirectly eviscerate by crime. for instance, the community suffers psychological injury from the concern of crime, and a lot of tangible injuries, likerising insurance prices. Others argue that the harms suffered by the community as a...
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My interest in doing community service developed after joining the Women in Search of Excellence after-school program. W.I.S.E. helped me understand that any circumstance should not hold me back from attaining the best version of myself. My first experience as a volunteer, was when I attended the Martin Luther King Service Day event, in which I sorted food from the inventory provided, and packaged plus distributed baby formula, and hygiene products for the communities that were underserved with my team...
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World Quest Dorothy children’s home was founded by Elias Mbaabu on the 18th of august 2009. Elias lived in the United States of America with his wife. On one of his visits to Nairobi with his wife, he came across street kids, his immediate instinct was to help them however he only had a thousand shillings in his pocket. On his next return to the city after the last one, with twelve children he came up with Dorothy children’s home....
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Executive summary People—diverse, passionate and committed—make Bahrain strong. Through national service and volunteering, Bahraini from all walks of life contribute to their communities and the nation. Today’s social and economic challenges are complex and require comprehensive, integrated and innovative approaches to shape solutions that work. Engaged citizens are at the center of these solutions. Clean Up Bahrain (CUB) empowers and supports Bahraini to tackle persistent challenges such as helping youth succeed in school, securing safe space in beach for families,...
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Essay on Community Service

Community service is a social welfare service activity carried out by a community to meet the material and spiritual needs of its members. Community service is not just a social spontaneous and voluntary service activity, but a guided, organized, and systematic service system. Community service is not an ordinary social service industry. It is different from a business social service industry. Community service is not a social activity that provides services for others with only a small number of people....
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The Nature Of Community Service Organisations (CSOs)

“Community service organizations are those organizations, whose primary objectives are social rather than economic. The core of the sector includes charities, religious organizations, arts organizations, community organizations, campaigning organizations, trade unions, and other not-for-profit organizations” (Hudson Mike, 2009, p. xvii). “Usually referring to organisations that work with a confined local or regional focus. Community organisations may have a legal status or a constitution but there are numerous groups, which have neither.” Howieson, Brian & Julie, Hodges 2014, p.124) In the...
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