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Paramedic: Legislation And And Guidance That Govern The Protection Of The Vulnerable Patient

Introduction The author of this essay aims to answer two questions. Firstly, Describe the factors that may create a patient group that experiences vulnerability, inequality and discrimination. And secondly, as a registered Paramedic, how would you and your organisation protect the vulnerable patient? Describe the legislation and guidance that governs these actions. To achieve this the author will focus on the following patient groups. Ethnicity, gender, disability and social class. The author has chosen these subjects as he feels it...
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Secondary Roles Of A Paramedic

Paramedics as first responders to emergency scenes have the much-needed role of stabilisation, treatment and transport of the ill or injured. As vital as this primary role is, it can be only one of many the paramedic plays. These secondary roles of a paramedic shall be discussed in this essay, namely the general roles and responsibilities, well-being of the paramedic, the importance of paramedic documentation, medico-legal and ethical considerations paramedics must be mindful of, and the move towards evidence-based practice...
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The Effects Of Violence On Paramedics

The ambulance service has a leading position in the healthcare service providers. Since the past decade it has been analyzed that there is an increasing need for ambulance services and transportation of patient by the emergency medical services. The EMS missions provide pre-hospital care to the patients and transporting them to the medical facilities. The pre-hospital care has changed rapidly during the Last decade. The business organization has transformed at a faster rate from a transport organization into an integrated...
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Needle Thoracentesis: A Critical Evaluation Of A Paramedic Clinical Intervention

The skill of Needle Thorococentesis (NT) has been a core paramedic skill for many years (Reichman, 2018), used to halt the development of a Tension Pneumothorax (TP). TPs occur in 1 in 250 of major trauma patients, equating to 0.4%, and lead to rapid death if not treated timely and effectively (Leech et al, 2016). TP develops when air enters the pleural cavity without escaping, causing the lung to collapse as air pressure within the thoracic cavity prevents it from...
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The History Of Paramedic In Australia

Paramedicine has had an interesting history within Australia. Starting with first aid troops and railway corps providing first aid since the turn of the century to rapid advancements within the industry in the late 1900’s. We have seen a shift from basic first aid training and literally just driving people to hospital, to degrees and post graduate degrees and advance life saving techniques as minimums of education and training. With this change in basic training, so too have the protocols...
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Developing The Emergency Care Role

Introduction Communication is defined by Kourkouta & Papathanasiou as the “exchange of information, thoughts and feelings among people using speech or other means” (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Good communication is a vital skill for paramedics and is one of the core standards set out within the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) code of conduct (Health and Care Professions Council, 2018). During the year 2016 – 2017 poor communication by NHS staff was listed as the main cause of written...
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The Reality Of First Responders: Paramedics And Firefighters

There aren’t many jobs that are both physically and mentally stressful as the job of a firefighter and paramedic. These select individuals run into danger while everyone else is running out. Most people don’t get to experience what is really like to be a first responder. Majority of television shows related to first responders don’t really show people the raw image of what really occurs. Scenes are exaggerated to make it more suspenseful and intense for the viewer. Chicago Fire...
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The Professional Roles And Responsibilities Of An Aspirant Paramedic

Introduction Following on from my first assignment I will be looking into the legal, ethical and professional frameworks which correspond within the ambulance service setting. Alongside regulations, law and ethics which adjoin controlled drugs and how using stronger analgesia can be of benefit and comfort to our patients. Looking into legalities using the controlled drug Morphine within the ambulance service, ethics expected from myself as a health care professional and the frameworks I am expected to work from. I shall...
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The Role Of A Paramedic In The Unscheduled Care Agenda

The role of the paramedic within the NHS unscheduled care agenda relates to direct urgent or emergency patient care. In context to paramedics, it is directly about urgent care and emergency care, both types of care requiring assessments and planned interventions. (Making connections with the challenges of unscheduled care, 2012). Paramedics have the duty when called out to assess all aspects of the patient, from their called complaint to their social history. Paramedics must take everything into consideration in order...
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Why I Choose Paramedic Science As A Career Path

From a young age, I have been exceptionally interested in the science of saving lives. Paramedic Science is undeniably fascinating in every aspect; interacting with people from a diverse range of cultures, with a variety of different life experiences. I also recognise that this is a highly challenging occupation that will push me mentally and physically, however I believe it will be extremely rewarding as I help improve the health of those who are suffering. I believe this course is...
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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Paramedic

As a health care professional, a paramedics role is focused in medical emergency situations. Paramedics are usually the first on scene and generally in an ambulance, however they are also based in specialist mobile units, as well as emergency response vehicles. Paramedics’ work is unscheduled care which includes minor and major injury, illnesses etc. They are the first to administer care to a patient. A paramedic’s role requires advanced levels of care, they work with high-tech equipment in attending to...
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The Comparison And Contrasts Between Adult Nurses And Paramedics

Both professions require a high level of education. Similarly, both professions require a 3-year undergraduate degree, there are various routes to get to this goal. Higher National Certificate courses are available at selected colleges, however, as told by NHS careers (2020) applicants can apply to health or science-based subject to become a paramedic but states that nursing applicants may apply only to a healthcare practice course. The Scottish Widening Access Programme is for adult learners who have virtually no qualifications,...
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What is Peculiar about Ethics in Paramedic?

Introduction In the UK, there are over 30,000 people suffer from out-of-hospital cardiac arrests per year. According to G D Perkins and S J Brace-McDonell (2015), their research for OHCAH survival to hospital discharge in the UK showed on average to be 2-12%, which in the best case scenario of 12% survival rate, we can see that approximately only 3.500 patients survive and get discharged from hospital. However, patients often suffer from Neurological damage which occurs due to the lack...
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Headache Due To Ischemic Cerebral Vascular Accident

Introduction The point of this case study is to research and explore ischemic cerebral vascular accidents and their treatment in the pre-hospital environment. It will include the epidemiology and incidence of strokes, the clinical presentation as well as the aetiology and pathophysiology. This case study will then determine how to appropriately manage these patients in the pre-hospital setting. Stroke is a medical emergency and some of the main signs and symptoms include headache, weakness or paralysis, and slurred speech1,2 Cerebral...
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Patient Care And Management In The Pre-Hospital Environment

The global problem of Myocardial Infarction more commonly known as a “heart attack” is well documented within the world health organisation; they have completed numerous studies within this sector to indicate areas for improvement in the of quality care in a prehospital setting. This case study evaluates the management of care approiate to scope of practise for paramedics on treating such conditions and their roles in meeting “the standards of proficiency that are relevant to their scope of practice” in...
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The Dangers And Safety Of Paramedic

Every job a paramedic enters, the risk of getting injured is always prominent; But with the correct approach, that risk is minimised. Apart from being a paramedic, entails checking for dangers as part of your primary survey, to protect yourself, bystanders and the patient. After checking for dangers, the paramedic will need to check the patient’s level of consciousness using the AVPU scale. The paramedic then checks the airway, breathing and circulation of the patient, using a triple airway maneuver....
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Empathy As A Core Skill For A Paramedic

What is empathy? To the general public, empathy is most commonly understood through phrases such as ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’ or ‘seeing things through their eyes.’ This suggests imagining what it is like to experience the feelings and circumstances of another person and having the capacity to understand them yourself while maintaining some level of emotional detachment. In a clinical setting, empathy extends beyond a patient’s history, diagnosis, or treatment. The expression of empathy differs from that of...
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