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Link Between Groupthink and Quality of Decision Making

Groupthink is a psychological state that occurs in a group of people. These people somehow desire to have order and a certain understanding in the group. Sometimes, this results in irrational or wrong making of decisions. This could even result in pathological disagreement in the group, mainly in decision-making. That is why it becomes a major factor in many poor made decisions. It is basically that “loyalty requires each member to avoid raising controversial issues“ (Janis, 1982) in a group....
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The Productive Approaches Of Decision Making In Management

Introduction Decision-making is the central responsibility of executives and leaders. This includes the definition of the issue or concern and the awareness of the factors associated with it. This is a rational interpretation of what should be selected and may have an impact on the decision between choices. A significant part of any judgment is its purpose or goal. This is special in regards to the appreciation of the results of a particular decision; instead, it has to do with...
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Ethical Leadership And Critical Decision Making

Introduction This paper explores the various strategies chosen by multinational oil industries for climate change. The oil business is a standout amongst the most dominant and worldwide business segments today and its exercises and items are specifically connected with rising ozone depleting substance emissions. Understanding its environmental change techniques and activities is of most extreme significance to those strategy creators going for productive cooperation of the oil business in the move to an atmosphere inviting world. Anybody intrigued by the...
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Ethical Decision Making: Applying Ethical Principles

Abstract In health care, ethical and moral dilemmas often arise. Decision making often requires use of moral values and principles of health care ethics such as autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence and justice. Administrators also look for guidance from the American College of Healthcare Executives Code of Ethics which can provide a good benchmark when faced with making decisions that are challenging and require a certain finesse. Overview As the new director of the Emergency Department at Crosby Hospital, Corey Davidson is...
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The Importance Of Decision Making In Weather

In a Pilots career, they will encounter many different circumstances that require quick thinking and proper judgement, this is regarded as Decision Making. Circumstances such as poor weather require pilots to react and make a decision based on the environment around them. Pilots are required to provide adequate judgement calls for the safety of themselves and crew onboard. There is no secret that experience plays a significant role in decision making, decision making can be broken down into different categories...
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Decision Making In Dementia

Dementia is considered to be as a cognitive disease, which arises due to neurodegeneration of the nerve cells of brain. In these specific condition neurons of the central nervous system has been reported for their neural coating with different kinds of proteins. As a result, an unexplained neural damage has occurred. This condition is prevalent in older age when body is immunologically suppressed for several reasons. Dementia is characterized by loss of memory function, lesser decision-making capacities even with limited...
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Personal Ethical Framework For Decision Making: Essay

Ethics provides a set of idealistic expectations that helps people with making judgments while providing reasonable causes for their choices. Ethical decisions often conflict with creating resolutions regarding religion. Many religions promote ethical decision making; however, some religions often do not acknowledge the full extent of ethical choices of an individual. Most religions oppose against or forbid certain behaviors that may not be regarded ethically appropriate in their beliefs, such as sexual orientations or behaviors. Many people rely on their...
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Cognitive Bias In Decision-making Process

If faced with a dire decision to be made in but a fraction of second, could this action be trusted to be rational and logical? The human brain, when faced with such situations, tends to take mental shortcuts to make dire decisions and judgments based on the context of information the brain is given. These mental shortcuts, or cognitive biases, cause the decision-making process to be faster but cannot be relied upon for objectivity. Often the brain prefers not to...
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Perception And Decision Making In Work Organisation

Introduction What is perception? Perception can be characterized as a perplexing procedure by which individuals select, compose, and translate sensory stimulation into an important and sound image of the world (Davison, Berelson & Steiner, 1964). In a similar vein, perception is tied in with getting, choosing, securing, changing and sorting out the data provided by our senses (Goldstein, Barber & Legge, 1978). The other significant idea regarding perception is ‘action.’ Action alludes to one’s activity, for example, moving the body...
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The Experience Of Anticipated Regret Of Adolescents In Group Decision Making

Regret is a central emotion in reflecting about the past and involves blaming oneself for having done something or not having done something (Gilovich & Medvec, 1995). Many studies have been conducted on the experience of regret in people, with regards to their decision-making process and how they can factor in the anticipated regret into their final decision. In the experience of anticipated regret, many studies have been conducted to understand the impact of anticipated regret at different points in...
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Control And Decision Making

Going straight with the processes of production won’t give any value without proper control over these. Taking control over the measures for an impeccable and dependable financial statement, they have to think about the efficient control. With the increasing competitive market it is getting importance to take the key control of the processes. Businesses have to control their operation because of; Running of the business processes easily. Meeting the demand created by customers. Making the delivery processes in time. Undertaking...
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A Discussion on Comparing Opportunity Costs Upon Decision Making

When making decisions in personal and professional lives, one must identify and compare opportunity costs. When comparing options, it is important to analyze every cost and other opportunities that one must give up. Choosing between taking an absence from work, moving out of town and pursuing a MBA degree full time or maintaining one’s current job while enrolled in a local MBA program has many opportunity costs for each. Focusing first on taking an absence from work, moving out of...
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Impact of Ethical and Legal Information Technology Decision-Making on Society

Ethical issues that have a beset humankind since we human after started living together because of tranquil, orderly and productive communities must have certain rules and are not sustainable without any order which tells everyone what to do and what not to do. As the community growing larger after the certain period there have been a lot of changes in the rules which are formalized into codes of conduct to make sure that everyone in the community has to know...
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Role Model As An Inspiration In Making Decisions

Do we need a role model in our lives? What qualifications should role models have? Having a role model in our lives is very important because they inspire us in making decisions and keeping our spirits up, also, the attitude of a role model influences the people that look up to them. There are different characteristics a role model must possess, for instance, being hard-working, respectful, and creative. The first role model characteristic is hard-working, where they show their commitment...
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Relationship Between A Decision-Making Theory And A Decision-Making Model

Decision making is a critical part of the smooth functioning, successes and failures of any organisation; however, the process of arriving at a decision must be precise, so that it will yield the best results (Quain & Seidel 2019). According to Kreitner (1966) “Decision making is a process of identifying and choosing an alternative course of action in a manner appropriate to the demand of the situation”. Unfortunately, in the process of decision making it is very difficult for managers...
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Advantages And Limitations Of Rational And Ethical Decision Making Models

Introduction Decision making models are the frameworks that allow organisations to understand the issues and take systematic decisions after reviewing the whole situation or scenario. Different businesses can adopt diverse range of decision making models depending upon the objective and the kind of problems they are facing. The significance of decision making style is high on the growth perspectives of organisations and it determines the level of understanding among the companies regarding the nature of their business (Verma, 2014). The...
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My Own Decision-Making Style: My Strengths And Weaknesses

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to reflect on my own decision-making style, my strengths and weaknesses, the causes and consequences of the decisions. I will be using secondary data like the readings, theories, concepts and applications discussed in class for the analysis. The scope of the essay covers three past critical incidents in my various workplaces with a conclusion to wrap up the main learning points. Critical Incident 1 The first critical incident would be my internship for...
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Distributed Decision Making As The Main Factor To Smarter Mobility

In the context of smarter mobility, decisions need to be made on various different levels: strategic, tactical and operational. The strategic level includes processes and activities for setting long term goals, policy development and visions. At the tactical level decisions are made on projects, funding and establishment of networks and partnerships. At the operational level it involves the implementation of projects and provision of solutions to many complex problems. Therefore, is distributed decision making the answer to the many decision...
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National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing: Decision Making Report

Introduction Decision making in companies can be a synonym of management, every manager makes hundreds of decision everyday that range from simplest things to critical and life altering decisions for the organization he manages, making these decisions gets more complicated the more important they are or to what level they are related to, whether it is in HR or in operations or something that affects every department like expanding or merging. In this study we will shed a light on...
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Problems And Challenges Of Decision Making Process In Schlumberger

Introduction The oil and gas industry is a company providing the necessary items and services that are required by the international oil and gas sector to explore extract and transport oil and natural gas at the refinery and then finally to the consumer. Schlumberger is the largest oil manufacturer company in the world and the most recognized service companies on the market since 1920 and in South America since 1929. Decision making It is a process to take or make...
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The Aspects Of Managerial Decision Making

As the new chief of police, I would deal with one problem at a time. Since the problem of sexual harassment is so prevalent, I would make sexual harassment courses mandatory for the entire force. Many companies have a grievance policy for sexual harassment cases. The grievance procedure. Personnel professionals had established grievance procedures in union negotiations after the passage of the Wagner Act of 1935 (Dobbin and Kelly,2007). Anyone accused of harassment would be out under investigation and temporary...
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Analysis Of Decision Making Process Of An Ethical Dilemma Using Reamer’s Decision Making Framework

Introduction The paper focuses on a scenario which reflects an ethical dilemma in a social work setting. Furthermore, making an appropriate decision with regard to the ethical dilemma in the scenario will be analysed using Reamer Ethical framework (Reamer, 2013) Reamer Ethical Decision making framework The Ethical dilemma I have encountered with regard to Emily’s scenario (4th) is that me breaching Emily’s privacy as my care for a colleague conflicts with me breaching her privacy due to my duty toward...
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Violent Decision Making In Outsiders And Lord Of The Flies

In S.E Hinton’s The outsider’s and William Golding’s lord of the flies’ violent decision making results in chaos. In Both Novels ferocious acts results in isolation, loss of innocence and Loyalty. The widening isolation is shown in the outsider’s when pony boys parents die and his left home alone with his brothers and is always isolated and goes out alone. And in Lord of the flies when the plane crashes and only young kids and teenagers survive they are left...
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ERP And Decision Making

INTRODUCTION WHY IS EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING IMPORTANT IN ORG Businesses make a large number decisions on a daily basis. It can be a very simple decision such buying office stationery or a rather complex one such as a business acquisition .Each organizational decision has a different degree of complexity, comprise of different styles and approaches, possesses different informational requirements and are set at a different time frame. The necessity of making decisions often seems to be the only constant in...
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Classical And Behavior Models of Decision Making

There are many different models for decision making pertaining to classical and behavioral like satisficing. Satisficing refers to the satisfaction of how you do something or the outcome of it. When you are looking at the satisficing of something you are giving your best effort in completing that task effectively. There are perspective theories which talks about how someone says they are going to do an idea but in the end they it turns out to be the opposite sometimes....
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Crucial Elements For Rational Decision Making

Introduction Decision making is the first and foremost task for any kind of business enterprise whether small scale or large scale business. It is an important part of the management because the correct and accurate decision-making technique lays the foundations for the growth and survival of the business in the future. It also involves making reliable decisions from various alternative courses of action. Sound and rational decision making is considered as primary task for every business enterprise. Hence, decision making...
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