Essay on Importance of Critical Thinking in Decision Making

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The first discussion was about the importance of decision-making and critical thinking and how they differ which would be beneficial for an argument and defense. We also discussed some of the basic terminologies in debate for us to easily grasp these terms in the following lectures. Lastly, we delve into the idea of persuasive communication which is significant to the essence of being in an argument or debate. The discussion is purely simple and very natural so it was easy to navigate and understand what the professor was trying to impart within our minds.

After the fruitful lecture, I started to critically examine how I make decisions in my everyday life. Whether I’m being critical or just being passive about everything. Both decision-making and critical thinking are valuable in each of us because without these two we cannot evaluate someone’s reasoning and point of view. decision-making, from what I have comprehended is about determining an outcome and allowing oneself to clarify uncertainties and risks. On the other hand, critical thinking is a systematic evaluation that allows us to think deeply us to make the best decision or judgment. We tend to make decisions in life without being sensible all the time resulting in a not-so-good outcome. But then, if we try to think critically, we start to be more specific and broad-minded. In accordance with the reasoning that we are using when we communicate, we must also analyze the concept of it. In a simple manner, reasoning is about thinking rationally about how we try to convince others to acknowledge our own judgment about certain things. Most of the time, we try to reason out our own beliefs with the intention of persuading others to accept our very own truth. From there, the word argument will set foot into the notion and it will occur when someone starts to believe a certain point of view and then the other party will opposed. Both critical thinking and decision-making are obviously part of our daily lives. In every problem, it is a must that we assess it first and then analyze the possible effect of what decision we might be bound to make.

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decision-making is simply based on what we feel while critical thinking, is like thinking systematically. The manner of it is clearly organized and we tend to question the good and the bad or the pros and cons of certain notions which are based on rational thinking and are related to the phrase, ‘’thinking about thinking.’’

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