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Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices

Building student-teacher relationship:

I am working as a lecturer of Botany in the city Toba Tek Singh in a private sector in the superior college near the CNG STATION ON REAJANA road Toba Tek Singh. critical thinking is very important to build the character of the students and also build the student and the teacher relationship. I started the college as a botany lecturer and when I entered the college I attracted all the assembly toward me and then attended the assembly session with great zeal. After the assembly session, I met with the principal of the college and then met with my college staff. After all my meetings with my seniors, the principal took me to my Biology class the 12th class, and introduced myself to the class. After the principal introduction of myself and then I watched all the class students in one second some of the students were active and some were passive. I started my class with only my introduction and all the students were introduced one by one. It's a great day and I feel much pleasure and feel confident. Background:

I was surprised to hear the introduction of the students and felt much pleasure with their confidence level. I use the language English to communicate with them. They surprised me by communicating in English was so impressive for the active students but the opportunity was lost by the passive students. From the introductory session, I noted some points that made me able to think critically. Those points are discussed as follows:

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    • 1. students feel hesitation to use the language of English and thse are most of the passive students. Some of them were feeling shy.
    • Some of them were not able to speak in English at all.

Some of them couldn’t understand what I was questioning them. when I used the Urdu language all the students responded quickly and understood my statements. This is the first critical statement that faced on my first day of class. The question is that the degree students in this stage feel shy do not understand my words and do not have enough vocabulary related to biology. I understand that this situation is faced because most of the students belong the rural areas and choose the Urdu medium and after the matric, they choose the Fsc level subjects and do not overcome the language of English. Reflection:

Then I reflected on my student's behavior by analyzing and evaluating it. Analyzing: By myself. With the help of my critical thinking and according to my perception understanding critical incidents involves the following two stages. These are the two stages that were given as the following STAGE=01 I started using the terms of biology and having to make the vacoubelry and the concepts. STAGE=02 To explain the meaning in Urdu and explain the main issues. STAGE=03 I used the simple language and then started the expanning of the English terms. Evaluation:

    • 01 . After observing the issue of the English to Urdu medium. I started to develop an environment in which they can speak freely and independently and also share their own experiences and new ideas with the teacher present in their class and also with their fellow students.
    • 02. I made the groups in the class of the students to feel them equally and overcome the issue of shyness.
    • 03. After arranging them in groups I assigned a task for them to read a story on a specific task and after reading it they had to tell some points that they felt in their assigned topic related to it. The basic function of this assignment to them is to make them able to think critically. Keeping this fact in mind a critical thinking aspect can be applied here.
    • 04. I gave the assignments in the groups and by this action students were able to share their knowledge with them and in the class and then they were able to compete with the other class groups.


After the whole scenario and observing the critical incident that happened in my class I came to the conclusion that if it happens sometimes in your class you just don’t bother it and take it as an easy way so that you can sort it out by thinking critically and also help your students to think critically. When a teacher provides an environment in which they can talk freely and in which they don’t hesitate to share their ideas with the teacher and their fellow students as well it will help them in eradicating their shaken level of confidence and can boos their energetic skills.

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