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Introduction Small kids always get so excited when they see the trails of clouds left behind by airplanes. They normally call other kids to watch and admire the white path left by these streaks. Chemtrail is a controversial topic in the sense that while some people find the patterns made by the streaks as beautiful and harmless, others are concerned that they aggravate global warming. As a result, people have come up with various theories to explain chemtrails and their...
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Conspiracy theories have been around for decades there will always be people who will believe in conspiracy ideation examples: assassination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11 terrorist attacks or government cover-ups of alien visitation. Aaronovitch (2009) describes conspiracy belief as “the unnecessary assumption of conspiracy when other explanations are more probable”. Does this mean that there is something wrong with believing in conspiracy theories? Believing in conspiracy theories from what has been researched and studied has negative social, health and civic...
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This essay will demonstrate that rather than automatically dismissing conspiracy theories as fanciful and irrelevant in product design, the designer should acknowledge them and carefully consider their potential impact on the success of a design solution. Examples of non-mainstream ideas and beliefs that have been incorporated into the design of products will be provided, including where product designers will be aware that these ideas and beliefs exist due to the emergence of a conspiracy theory. It will be shown that...
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Abstract People have a natural desire to find explanations of the world around them. In some cases this includes the adoption of conspiracy theories. However, there is still significant doubt surrounding the features of a conspiracy theory, or the personal characteristics of the individual believer that make the conspiracy theory itself more or less persuasive. The following study will seek to gain a further understanding of conspiracy theories and why people invest differently in different conspiracy theories, and why they...
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Irrational beliefs consist of a psychological background and construct that might be biased to broader epistemological beliefs, including conspiracy theories and superstitions. The reasoning and behaviour of different individuals do not comply with rational ideas and norms. Irrational beliefs are mostly based on the cultural and pathological phenomena that have become widespread in the social environment. Irrational beliefs also have determinants that influence cognitive thoughts, including motivational and cognitive determinants. However, the most vital factor is cognitive based, mostly affecting...
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Introduction My group and I chose this conspiracy theory because it is both interesting and fun. The thought that the CIA killed off the birds in a mass geonosis and replaced them with robotic birds to spy on us is very intriguing. I have always heard my friends joke around about how birds are government spies. After joking, I noticed that usually there are large numbers of birds almost everywhere and anywhere, yet sometimes those same birds just disappear without...
4 Pages 1862 Words
Inside the assassination of President Kennedy November 22, 1963. President Kennedy was in Dallas Texas visiting for a campaign when things took a turn for the worst. While driving down the street just passed the School Book Depository, crowds and crowds of people stood along the street as shots began to fire, bang, bang, bang! Was it one? Two? Three? President Kennedy was shot twice and later pronounced dead at the nearby hospital. The first doctor that was treating president...
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The year is 1963, the most common baby name is Michael, ‘Surfin’ USA’ is the best song ever created, and the President of the United States was just assassinated. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas, perhaps killed by those within the government he was running. According to thousands of people influenced by conspiracy theorists JFK was killed by the CIA for several reasons: firstly that he was...
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