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Evolution of International Relations as a Discipline: Analytical Essay

According to Aneek Chatterjee, a world renowned author, a subject can be called an academic discipline if it has a systematic body of theory, appropriate methodology, and a distinct subject matter. The study of International Relations deals with the various theories of International Relations such as Realism and Liberalism which help to understand global happenings. It also concerns itself with the various paradigms and methodologies such as positivism and post-positivism, that help in studying social phenomena. Furthermore, International Relations has...
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Importance of International Relations Essay

At the beginning of the 20th century, the field of international relations developed primarily in the West and, in particular, in the United States, as that country rose in power and influence. While the study of international relations in the recently created Soviet Union and later in Communist China was suppressed by the officially enforced Marxist ideology, the field expanded in the West as a result of a variety of factors: an increasing desire for a less-dangerous and more effective...
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Critical Analysis of the Article: “Singing Our World Into Existence: International Relations Theory and September 11”

I selected the article, “Singing Our World Into Existence: International Relations Theory and September 11,” written by Steve Smith. This article was sourced from the International Studies Quarterly and was published by Wiley on behalf of the International Studies Association in 2004. This paper is structured as follows: in the first section I will address Smith’s main arguments and introduce the scholars he engages with throughout the text. In the second section, I will reveal the major problems the author...
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Weaknesses of Constructivism International Relations

Constructivism in international relations is one of the new concepts in the field and falls at the heels of the theories of realism, liberalism, and Marxism (economic structuralism) that exist in international relations. Constructivism is challenging realistic and liberal anarchy assumptions and the international system. Constructivism, as we shall see, focuses on ideas of norms, structural development, the relationship between actors and such structures, and how identity influences actions and behavior between and between actors (Reus-Smit, 2005: 188). Constructivists often...
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International Relations Statement of Purpose

I would like to articulate my interest in improving my knowledge and professional skills at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations of Seton Hall University as a Master’s degree student. As a priority in my desired field, Diplomacy and International Relations have always influenced my choice of study. Diplomacy and International Relations is a major factor in the development of any community and it has considerable importance for keeping peace in society. Society needs diligent leaders to protect its...
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Why I Want to Study International Relations Essay

Interconnecting political science and international relations is the key to global connection. Studying for a degree in international relations would help me unlock the key skills in order to help better global relationships. I have always been fascinated by what occurs in society day to day and the diplomatic problems that different countries face. Helping solve problems such as nationalism and militarism in Turkey leading to inequalities facing the Kurdish population has been an intriguing prospect to me. This has...
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Political Science and International Relations: Analytical Essay

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS One of the scopes of political science is international relations. Analysis of national interactions with each other, with international organizations, and with several subnational entities such as political parties, bureaucracies, and even interest groups. Applied political science, the history of civilization about a country, history, economics, law, human psychology, sociology, and philosophy of life are some of the disciplines of academic and other educational resources related to it. (Pfaltzgraff, R, 2019). Political science and international relations are interrelated...
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Argumentative Essay on Whereas International Relations Started in 1648

In this paper, I’ll argue about whereas international relations started in 1648 or they did not. My personal belief is that from a legal or formal approach, it is conceived as a starting point that later on, I’ll proceed to reason my arguments. But social interactions among states, for example regards to trade, they started way before. During decades scholars had been discussing whereas the Peace of Westphalia is the beginning of international relation or it is just an Eurocentric...
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Race within the International Relations: Analytical Essay

Introduction: The above mentioned statement is true to a large extent and will be justified by discussing race and how it plays a role in being a central organizing feature of world politics. Another focal point in this essay will be International Relations, explaining what it is and discussing why race is essential to understanding the world. What is the International Relations? The International Relations is quite a complex concept to grasp. In short, (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopaedia,2013) Explains international...
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Essence and General Overview of International Relations: Analytical Essay

What is international relations? Define the sub-disciplines under international relations? In our everyday living, we are not aware but we are participating in International Relations. By Just simply watching from the television or listening to the news on a radio. When we buy or even try to boycott products from the supermarket. When we recycle our wine bottles, we are already participating in International Relations. These daily activities which are part of our daily routine involve the world’s circulation. According...
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Positive Interconnection between International Trade and International Relations: Example of India and Pakistan

Does trade reduce conflict, or conflict reduce trade, or both, and why? It is an open secret that in the 21st century sometimes impossible to avoid war. Where every country is against the war, violence and vehemence, trade comes for help. In international relations, it is worth to mention to establish peace everywhere, because of the consequences of the war are always victims suffers the pain of bereavement. As a spineless and constructive tool, it creates the peace, stability, and...
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US-Russia Relations and the Role of Ukraine in Them

Why Tramp indicates Russia as a main direct in National Defense Strategy 2018 after obvious flirting with Putin during the first years of administration? And what role does Ukraine play in American foreign policy toward Russia? Why does US spend on defense of peripheral country? In interview for ‘Lateline’ Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Vali Nasr, called US a country that is diminishing its influence. This conclusion was based on Barack Obama’s speech about main...
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The United States and Russia: A Complicated Relationship

The relationship between the United States and Russia has always been curious, they were never really allies, as the USA and Great Britain or France, but they were never enemies before the Cold War; what transpired throughout the history? First, we must understand what was happening during the Second World War, with their communist ideology, the Soviet Union had their concerns with the increasing power of the West or the capitalism. They felt threatened. And the opposing giant of America...
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Russia’s Involvement in the War in Syria

The Syrian conflict has been going on for almost a decade now and it has not become less complex. There are many actors involved, both national and international ones. All those actors have their own interests and hidden agendas that clash. These interests and hidden agenda can help to explain certain behavior of actors. This can be an important part of both academic and foreign policy debates. One of the major actors in Syria is the Russian Federation. Following a...
5 Pages 2139 Words

Analysis of Relations between Italy and the USA

The lands of Americas, in the Renaissance period, also rode the momentum to ‘modern’ world, had diverse natives and societies which made the cultures and languages flourish much like the countries in Europe. The complexities of this diversity made it harder for the British regime stake claim starting from the east coast of modern United States. In the ‘modern world’ arc of American history, the sparks of war and revolutions ignited in the 1700s, when the American Revolution or the...
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North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Analysis from the Point of View of International Relations

To understand the nuclear crisis of North Korea, it is important that we categorize it into 3 parts: strategic interests, political factors and future hurdles. Strategic Interests Strategic interests observed by North Korea – we have both realistic and liberalist observers. In realistic terms the need for nuclear weapons is for its regime survival and security, besides to have a military influence at both regional and global levels. This means that the regime opposes denuclearization and wants the world to...
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To What Extent Has Britain Lost Its Status as a Global Power During the 20th Century Until Today?

The Suez Crisis is another chapter in British history that showcases the themes of imperialism, power struggle and the effects it had on British status as a global power at the disinclination of accepting a new post imperial era. The Suez Crisis of 1956 involved the nationalization of the Suez Canal company by the Egyptian dictator Gamal Nasser in which the British government had a significant portion of shares within the company. This led to an Anglo/French collusion with Israel...
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Reflections on Whether US Military Intervention Is Justified to Remove Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela was once the wealthiest country in Latin America and one of the leading exporters of oil. Today, Venezuela has the highest inflation rate worldwide and is suffering from political dysphoria. To fully understand the present situation, one must begin with Hugo Chávez’s presidency. Chávez reduced economic inequality and funded many social programs by taking advantage of the surge of oil prices in 2014. He used the economic boom to spend billions in favor of the poor, the demographic keeping...
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Changing Dynamics of Relations Between the US and Its Allies in the World Order: The Case of the US and Turkey

There has ever been changes in the world order in the sense that either a country whose economic, social and political spheres are much more advanced that they have a lot more say in the global environment than other less advanced countries. Or it could be that after winning in the battle field the winners come together and work on how the new world order should be shaped (usually done through international organizations like the United Nations or formally known...
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Some Countries Have Become Too Powerful and Exploit Weaker Countries: An Essay

The phenomenon of trading with and aiding foreign countries has been around for centuries. Trade is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services, and aid as a source of help or assistance. As of 2019, it can be seen that the countries that trade and provide the most aid are amongst some of the countries with high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers, and Human Development Indexes (HDI). These include the US (with a trade value of $2.5...
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Essay on the Effects of the Iranian Hostage Crisis

On November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian students seized the US embassy in Tehran, Iran and detained more than 60 people. This action constituted a diplomatic standoff between Iran and the United States. The detainees were held hostage for 444 days by the Muslim student followers who are believed to have followers of the Imam’s line that supported the Iranian revolution. The immediate cause of the crisis was an incomprehension and entanglement of vengeance that a section of the...
1 Page 619 Words

An Essay on US-Iranian Relations in the Context of the Iranian Nuclear Program

The protesters seized the placards with the phrase ‘No war to Iran’, and condemned US President Donald Trump’s order to assassinate Iranian Top Commander Qassem Soleimani, considered the 2nd highest leader in Iran. The nuclear program of Iran is one of the most engaging issues in the Middle East today. The US and its allies accuse Iran of building nuclear weapons, but Iran’s stance is firm that the only reason why they are developing a nuclear program is to harness...
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