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Motivations and Consequences of Fear in North Korea

North Koreans, from childhood, are indoctrinated to idolize their leaders and to never doubt the system in which they live. This manipulation and brainwashing stems from insecurity and fear residing in the souls of North Korea’s dictators, making them believe that complete control is a necessity for their rule. They believe that for the government to maintain control, it must have complete submission from their people, which creates an atrocious environment for the population to experience every day of their...
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Is Political Activism a Viable and Effective Form of Protest for Human Rights in North Korea?

North Korea is notorious for being one of the most repressive and secluded nations in history. During the twenty-first century, this country has pushed to secure nuclear weapons and has become a national security threat (CIA World Factbook). This being said, the main topic of conversation about North Korea needs to be shifted from war to something that sheds light on the repressed citizens that suffer their whole lives in this regime. The real people suffering in this global conflict...
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Essay on Similarities Between '1984' and North Korea

‘1984’, a novel by George Orwell, represents a dystopian society in which the people of Oceania are watched by the government almost 24/7 and have no freedom which is a society we could never imagine real. But, today citizens of North Korea can be considered the same way as the novel. Though different technological and personal ways of keeping watch, today’s government is able to monitor most aspects of people’s lives. ‘1984’ might be a dystopian society, but today’s world...
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Cultures of the Na'vi and North Korea: A Comparative Analysis

With the hundreds of cultures created through-out the centuries, fictional or non-fictional, culture is such a diverse subject. Each custom, idea and social behavior one follows is unique, however and when comparing two cultures, there can be many differences and similarities. When looking at the fictional culture from the movie ‘Avatar’, the Na’vi, which is the indigenous inhabitants of the moon ‘Pandora’, compared to early-day North Korean culture which there is a lack of similarities when cross comparing both cultures....
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The Factors for No Freedom in North Korea

After World War Two (1948), Korea was created. The political differences between North and South Korea caused the outbreak of war in 1950. After that time, they have been in conflict. Now, this country shared a border with the South. Since the 1950s, the same family was in the government. Nowadays, we have Kim Jong-un who it’s the actual leader of this country. Moreover, he does not want people entering or going out of the land to avoid the spread...
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Main Dangers In The Novel Fahrenheit 451 VS North Korea

In this novel Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury the book portrays the danger of technology, the danger of lack of education and the danger of ignorance. This book anticipates society future as it has already predicted events and circumstances domestically, politically, and globally in our world today. In the beginning of this novel we are introduced to a character named Montag who is a firefighter in a futuristic society. In this society instead of putting out fires they start...
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Challenges of North Korean Refugees in South Korea

‘My Escape from North Korea’, a speech by Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector, and activist, describes a North Korean’s experience as a refugee and the challenges she faced while settling in South Korea. The famine in the 1990s forced countless to escape from North Korea despite risking their lives. Today, North Korean refugees have settled down in various countries, notably South Korea. In a new environment, North Korean refugees are prompted to face physiological and psychological challenges such as...
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Ban on North Korean Citizens Leaving the Country

North Korea is situated in East Asia, consisting the northern section of the Korean land. The ruler of this country is Kim Jong-un. It has a population of 25.49 million people. Tourism or emigration in North Korea is strictly controlled by its government. Foreign tourists encountering local citizens have been strictly controlled. However, from photos seen around the Internet and, evidence from tourists to North Korea, few of those restrictions have relaxed in the past few years. On the other...
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North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Analysis from the Point of View of International Relations

To understand the nuclear crisis of North Korea, it is important that we categorize it into 3 parts: strategic interests, political factors and future hurdles. Strategic Interests Strategic interests observed by North Korea – we have both realistic and liberalist observers. In realistic terms the need for nuclear weapons is for its regime survival and security, besides to have a military influence at both regional and global levels. This means that the regime opposes denuclearization and wants the world to...
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The Problem of Blind Loyalty Among North Korean Population

Suki Kim explores the theme of freedom and independence in the essay ‘Without You, There Is No Us’. The piece recounts a series of attempts to expose Pyongyang University students to the world outside the dictatorship of North Korea. In North Korea, there are restrictions on all media and publications, which limits the ability of individuals to form a voice and opinions. In Western democracies there is almost no regulation in freedom of speech or press, yet there are features...
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