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Compare and Contrast Essay: French Revolution and Chinese Revolution

Two legendary revolutions, 160 years apart, separated by 8,000km. One caused democracy while under a dictatorship. The other caused the beginning of a world powerhouse while making billions suffer. Filled with juxtaposition, these two revolutions are the symbol of classic revolution, two laboratories in which all the modern possibilities of governance, both positive and negative, were tested for the first time. [A New World Begins]. So similar and so different, the Chinese communist revolution and the French revolution have changed...
4 Pages 2031 Words

Essay on Sexism in Vietnam

Introduction Individuals travel to great lengths and risk their lives to escape unfair or unjust conditions to seek work or an even better life. This can oftentimes lead to structural violence. In this paper, I argue that the Vietnamese migrants traveling from Vietnam to Europe are being faced with structural violence on their journey as well as when arriving at their destination and are introduced to a whole new world where their superiors use them as a commodity or labor...
2 Pages 895 Words

Gender Equality in the Philippines Essay

Gender subtly revolves around us, or so they for the most part question in a foremost way. Gender is a sociological construct, a factor between the elements of men and women, girls and boys even in the tasks and obligations of both intercourse in life. As a result, gender-based roles and other traits evolve in according to the cultural environment. Gender refers to the assumptions that human beings have about women's and men's abilities, qualities, and behaviors; femininity and masculinity....
3 Pages 1223 Words

Essay on Effects of Japanese Imperialism on China

To address the question of whether Japanese and Western imperialism differed, one must first understand what imperialism means. The term “imperialism” first appeared in France in the 19th century and was later introduced into English by critics of Louis Napoleon. It is descriptive of the relationship between a controlling power and those under its rule and refers to the attempt by such a power to dominate and impose its will on a foreign area. A country can be deemed imperialistic...
5 Pages 2309 Words

Objective Inflation in Philippines Essay

As obvious as it seems, the world is run by money. Businesses are established to earn money. Roads and other infrastructures were built because of money. People work because of money. This is of course in a metaphorical sense, but one cannot deny the fact that almost everything is valued through money and by money. In this economy, in this society, the involvement of money is extensive. Without that certain buying power, an individual cannot suitably fulfill his or her...
3 Pages 1393 Words

China and Its Role in Fast Fashion Essay

In today’s world, humans want everything to happen fast. They want fast cars, fast medicine, fast technology, and overall, fast fashion. And they have achieved it. Fast fashion refers to inexpensive garments that are produced rapidly to meet new trends. Challenging traditional fashion and its two clothing cycles per year, fast fashion is used to having as many as a hundred clothing cycles per year, prompting customers to buy more and keep the items for less time. As much as...
2 Pages 830 Words

Essay Speech about Volleyball

Jaja Santiago, a Filipina volleyball, was invited by a Japanese club to play for them as their import. As of Dec. 11, 2018, the volleyball superstar was in the top 3 categories: 2nd overall in spiking success rate (51.9%), #3 in most tallied number of aces (11), and #6 in service efficiency (13%). Alongside Jaja, her sister, Dindin Santiago-Manabat, is also suited for another Japanese club in the same league. Before them, Alyssa “The Phenom” Valdez, became an import in...
1 Page 614 Words

Essay about Teenage Pregnancy in the Philippines

Teenage pregnancy occurs in all societies, but the level of teenage pregnancy and childbearing varies from one place to another. The lack of information, program implementations, and collaboration with non-governmental organizations are seen to be the root problem in many countries. There is no proper sex education and proper programs to tackle the increased influx of teenage pregnancies. Ratib(2001) describes how the reproductive pattern in Saudi Arabia is characterized by pregnancies starting at an early age. In Western countries, adequate...
2 Pages 857 Words

Descriptive Essay about Christmas Celebration

When compared to other countries' celebrations, the Philippines' Christmas celebration is rather unique. It starts to feel like Christmas as soon as September arrives. People are beginning to purchase items for use as decorations. Filipinos are beginning to arrange the things needed to celebrate Christmas at this time. Some families are considering how they may make their decorations more appealing. Children are ecstatic and planning what gifts they would want to receive from Santa Claus. We Filipino Christians believe that...
2 Pages 982 Words

Essay on Water Pollution in the Philippines

The Earth has been around for more than 3 billion years. In all these years, it has encountered an environmental problem known as pollution. Water pollution is a huge problem for the entire human population. In the Philippines, approximately nine million people use unsafe and unreliable water sources. (, 2019). Water pollution along with improper sewage causes fifty-five deaths a day (The Borgen Project, 2018). It is said that rapid increase in population, urbanization, and industrialization are the main causes...
1 Page 637 Words

Essay on Effects of Globalization on Air Pollution in China

When we walk out of the door on a Monday morning, the first word that comes to our mind is ‘school’. When a student walks out of the door in China, the first word they think about is ‘pollution.’ Air pollution. In China, people suffer every day for no reason at all by breathing in toxic air. They only suffer due to the sheer lack of awareness of the Chinese government. This is not just horrible but selfish as well...
1 Page 531 Words

Essay on Promotion of Tourism through Celebrity Advertising in India

In the 21st-century competitive market environment, advertising has played a vital role. Nowadays, advertisements have become a model to persuade, to influence, to attract, to inform the people or the audience. In advertisements, the themes remain the same, but it ensures not only selling the product but also the visibility of the product and business. Celebrity endorsement means tying the relationship between three points: the star, the product, and us. Here the Internet or media brings all of its participants...
2 Pages 931 Words

My Purpose for Studying in Japan: Essay

The formation of a civilized society entails an equilibrium between all stakeholders representing many individuals with common and diverse interests. This equilibrium balances the need and voices of the citizens through negotiation, compromise, and reconciliation so that a responsible government can then accordingly formulate and implement appropriate policies and propose legislation to defuse tension and confrontation. This may facilitate all levels of application, including public welfare, facilities, and education, propelling everyone’s daily life forward. It is therefore important for us...
2 Pages 818 Words

Filipino Culture and Its Interrelation with Planning: Essay

According to Elie Wiesel, “Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future”. That being said, we need memories to be able to recall and recollect our culture, doing so would lead us to history or our past. Some historical books and accounts discuss culture as a whole and culture in different parts of the world. These accounts would help us understand, comprehend and appreciate our values, principles and beliefs. These accounts...
5 Pages 2117 Words

Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor: Essay

The Second World War was unlike the First World War in that it was not seen as a European war. World War II was a clearly defined world war in that it was a war fought in two spheres and involved several countries across the globe. The first sphere was the European sphere where Germany and Italy tried to ravage Europe, and the second sphere was the Pacific sphere, a newcomer to the fore. Japan, a rising power, was threatening...
1 Page 524 Words

Essay on Child Malnutrition in India as a Still Current Problem

India, the emerging economic ‘super power’, is not immune to the plague of hunger and malnutrition. Its economic progress is not an indicator of its social progress. According to the Global Hunger Index Report 2018, India is ranked 103rd out of 119 countries (IFPRI) and continues to be in a position of unnerving hunger. With this alarming situation, India has introduced many public programs to strive against this distressing state of affairs. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) is one of...
1 Page 637 Words

Hotel the Flag as a Good Hotel: Essay

As a globetrotter, I have visited many destinations around the globe, and Japan remains one of my favourite destinations. For my last trip, I used a clever app, Hipmunk, to help me discover new neighbourhoods to explore in Japan, seeing that I had previously visited Japan numerous times. This brought me to the district of Shinsaibashi and the newly-opened Hotel the Flag, which I think absolutely meets the criteria of a good hotel. Hotel the Flag is well situated between...
1 Page 494 Words

Essay on India's Independence Day

After a long and dedicated struggle of our freedom fighters, on August 15, 1947, India became free from British rule. Jawaharlal Nehru, one of the freedom fighters, became the first Prime Minister of independent India, and he hoisted the Indian flag, tricolor, on the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi at noon, as the zero hour of 15 August began on that day in 1947. He called the moment 'India's tryst with destiny'. Delhi was declared the capital of...
1 Page 463 Words

Japan's Health Care System Vs. the US: Comparative Essay

It is an obvious fact that healthcare systems in different countries differ. For this comparative essay, I chose the country of Japan, with the intention of comparing its healthcare system with ours, America. Access Japan has a universal, public statutory health insurance system (SHIS) that provides coverage regulated by the government. It is mandatory for all citizens of all ages and anyone who will be living in Japan for more than 90 days to enroll in a SHIS plan. 98.3%...
4 Pages 1837 Words

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam: Essay

Vietnam has a fascinating culture. The everyday life of the inhabitants of this country is significantly different from that of Americans. With such a contrasting way of life, Vietnam also hones several diverse and attractive holidays. Some of these attractive holidays include Tết (Vietnamese New Year), Tết Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival), Tết Đoan Ngọ (Double Fifth Festival), and Lễ Phật Đản (Buddha Day). Each of these holidays has a unique history, wonderful traditions, and most importantly, delicious food! In my...
1 Page 484 Words

Essay on Family Planning Policy in India

India is one of the world’s most populous countries. Its population is 1.3 billion. Overpopulation comes with a slew of problems, such as pollution, lack of food, and overuse of resources, that all intertwine and make solving poverty even more difficult. In an effort to decrease rapid population growth to preserve resources and aid economic development, India implemented population control policies - with its emergency period and sterilizations. India enacted its policies with the mindset that citizens must make sacrifices...
3 Pages 1312 Words

Essay about the 2022 Philippine Election

Political polarization in a society is a key definitely variable that quantifies the volume to which public opinion is broken up into opposing extremes, fairly contrary to popular belief. This causes individuals to increasingly select social groups among those with shared belief systems. This year 2022 election essentially explode exceedingly controversy regarding the leading candidate for the presidency who is Mr. Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr., the son of the very former president of the Philippines Mr. Ferdinand Marcos with the...
2 Pages 873 Words

Essay on the Importance of Old Age Homes in India

With the recent radical transformations in the family setup, with the decline or disappearance of the joint family system replaced by the nuclear family system, there has been a significant impact on society in different sectors such as societal, business, and personal, which has created an alarming situation underlining the growing need for elderly care in metros as well as cities. Discourtesy to the parents has grown and crime has deeply crept into families. It's high time to work for...
2 Pages 691 Words

Poverty in Malaysia: Essay

With a population of 32.7 million, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic religious nation, distinguished primarily by three major ethnic groups: Malay and indigenous people, Chinese, and Indians. Malaysia has been effectively converting itself from a poor nation into a middle-income country since its independence in 1957. Despite difficult external factors, the economy of Malaysia has shown periodic expansion. It may also certainly assert its fighting success against poverty. Despite its progress in decreasing poverty, for certain geographical and societal factors, a...
1 Page 598 Words

Population Growth in China and Its Negative Effects Essay

Population growth is defined as the increase of numbers in a population, whether it be in a country, state, or city. The way that population growth is calculated is with a simple equation; this is the birth rate added to immigration subtracting the death rate and emigration. Population growth affects the government and economy both positively and negatively. It affects them negatively because as more people are joining the workforce, the demands for pensions increase, and affects them positively because...
1 Page 611 Words

Censorship in North Korea: Essay

In well-known dystopian novels such as George Orwell's '1984' and Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale', the strict rules imposed by their respective totalitarian states bespeak repression. Although both novels deal with issues that predominated the 20th century, many aspects of life imposed by totalitarian governments unfortunately still exist today in some countries, most notably North Korea, whose regime continues to use censorship as a means of control. to ensure the successful repression of basic human rights and freedoms. Inside the...
1 Page 517 Words

Exploratory Essay on Digitization in India

As we know, In today’s modern world new and rapidly improving technologies are in the process of transforming India’s higher education system. With the help of technology like ICT, we can enhance the learning experience of the students and teachers in a cost-effective manner. Initiatives like SWAYAM and SWAYAM PRABHA, Shodhganga, Shodhgangotri, Open Journal Access System, and Virtual Labs have made knowledge accessible to all across the nation. The Massive Open Online Courses work as digital learning platforms to meet...
5 Pages 2249 Words

Suicides in India: Exploratory Essay

Abstract Suicides are in the top 3 leading causes of death worldwide. The purpose of this study was to identify the most vulnerable group of people who commit suicide. The present study is based on data from the Government of India made available at It analyses the number of suicides among individuals involved with different professions. The analysis is based on the data available for various states viz. Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu over a period of...
4 Pages 1920 Words

What Makes Port De La Mer an Ideal Community: Essay

Dubai offers more than just 'glitz and glamour', it is the ultimate playground for those young and those not so young. It also provides numerous communities that also accommodate the family-oriented lifestyle. Port de La Mer by Meraas is one of those communities targeted to create the ultimate oasis for families. In this essay, I want to discuss what makes it an ideal community, especially for family living. Firstly, La Mer is one of the city’s premium beach districts. Therefore,...
1 Page 431 Words

Unknown Historical Places in India: Essay

India is rich in historical places of incredible beauty and fascinating history, which every year attract tourists from all corners of our planet. However, there are also several places whose history has never become known to people. It is about them that will be discussed in this essay. Kumbhalgarh Fort will be the first. Located in Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh Fort is popular for its royal treatment and culture. It stands for its reputation to date. This fort was constructed by Maharana...
1 Page 680 Words
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