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Essay on Communism in China

Communism has been around for several years, and has been implemented in varying countries including Laos, China, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea. Communism is commonly associated with Karl Marx’s early ideas. Karl Marx was a German philosopher who outlined his ideas in his manifesto ‘The Communist Manifesto’, which he wrote in 1848. He liked to emphasize that capitalism led to inequality between citizens in the population and that his goal was to promote a classless society where everyone shares the...
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What Caused the Sepoy Rebellion: Analytical Essay

The document is an extract from Ian Barrow’s book, ‘The East India Company 1600-1858, A Short History with Documents, Passages: Key Moments in History’ published in 2017. This book deals mainly with the British East India Company, the first modern multinational Company which operates a global trading network. The author reviews the history of this company, in specific how it has skilled such a large rise and a sudden decline. This extract deals more specifically with the Sepoy rebellion and...
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US Trade with China: Pros and Cons

To constructively engineer the threshold of this scholarly piece, it’s quite apt to quip that trade which ordinarily means buying and selling is the heart of every nation and country. It is so germane for the growth of any Country, that’s the reason it can be noticed that the countries that are dominating are actually countries that are well established in commerce. Seeing then the salient vitality of trade, over the years there has been a ‘trade war’ and of...
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Truman's Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb: Analytical Essay

As the last World War society has ever experienced, instead of causing another war in the future, it created a notorious debate for the historical event. America’s controversial decision to drop two bombs on Japan caused one of the most discussed topics amongst people passionate about WW2 History. Whether the two bombings were justified or not has made others change their minds or keep their original decision. With all the evidence I have gathered, I believe that The bombings of...
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Theoretical and Practical Issues of Crime Prevention in Malaysia

Introduction The Royal Malaysian Police (RMP; Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia, PDRM) is a branch of Malaysia’s security forces. The force is a centralized organization charged with the task of everything from traffic control to intelligence gathering. Its main headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Aman district. The RMP collaborates collaboratively with police forces all across the world, including those of the four neighboring countries. Malaysia is bordered by the Indonesian National Police, the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Royal Thai...
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Essay about Temples

Galtaji Temple: Where The Monkeys Run The World India is a land of temples, and more importantly, it is a land of unique and fascinating temples. From temples that are dedicated to movie stars, to temples that are dedicated to rats, you will find something different in India. I too wished to visit one such temple and was fervently looking for one. Suddenly I came across a temple in Jaipur called the Monkey Temple or the Galtaji Temple. At first,...
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System of Foreign Exchange in Malaysia

Introduction This study is to inspect the effect of reserve assets ( gold, Bank Negara Malaysia external reserve, and foreign exchange), Malaysia’s lending rate, and the U.S. trade-weighted value of the U.S. dollar against major currencies on the exchange price movement in Malaysia. This part of the section will be discussing the background of the study, problem statement, research questions, research objectives, scope of the study, the significance of the study, limitations of the study, definition of terms, and also...
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Essay about Vietnamese Culture

What do I like the most when I live in Vietnam and why? Vietnam is located in the Indochina Peninsula, Southeast Asia, and the country shares borders with three main countries: China in the North, Laos in the Northwest, and Cambodia in the southwest. Vietnam has its own specific culture which is the most significant attraction for tourists from both inside and outside the country to keep coming to visit and travel in Vietnam. As I am an international student...
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Essay about Vietnam

Vietnam is known for the Vietnam war, motorbikes, its food, and its capital, Hanoi. Vietnam’s capital is Hanoi and it became its capital because there are certainly political and symbolic values in Hanoi. Also, most political institutions in the north of Vietnam are in Hanoi. Hanoi is Vietnam’s first capital. The population of Hanoi, when it was the capital, was about 800k and is mainly Asian. Vietnam is located in Asia and at 21.0278° N, 105.8342° E, in the northern...
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Essay on Women's Empowerment in Contemporary Vietnam

It is seven o’clock in the morning, food vendors everywhere on the street serving Banh Mi Pho. Seeing the same ladies serving the same dish every single morning for the past four months of my stay had taught me that Vietnamese women are the most hardworking perseverant women I have met. Vietnam’s strong historical background, Confucian society, and the wars that changed the entire nation have shaped and molded Vietnam to the one we know of today. After the United...
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What Are Dubai's Prospects for Becoming the Most Innovative City in the World: Analytical Essay

Millions of people from around the world are currently working in Dubai and are earning a lot more than what they ever expected for themselves. At the same time there are millions around the world, who are looking forward to shift their setup to UAE and start working in this country. But what are the reasons people are choosing UAE and Dubai in general as their host land for investing the money that they have. It is well-established fact that...
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State of Oral Health of Population in Vietnam: Analytical Essay

Vietnam, capitol Hanoi, is a Southeast Asian country bordered by Cambodia, China, Laos and Malaysia with the Vietnamese dong as the national currency. The national language is Vietnamese with few confident English speakers despite learning it in school, but due to the history of one thousand years of Chinese occupation and French colonization in the late 19th to the early 20th century, minority languages spoken include both French and Chinese (Lonely planet, 2019). Japanese invasion and control of Hanoi in...
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North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Analysis from the Point of View of International Relations

To understand the nuclear crisis of North Korea, it is important that we categorize it into 3 parts: strategic interests, political factors and future hurdles. Strategic Interests Strategic interests observed by North Korea – we have both realistic and liberalist observers. In realistic terms the need for nuclear weapons is for its regime survival and security, besides to have a military influence at both regional and global levels. This means that the regime opposes denuclearization and wants the world to...
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Essay on the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Philippines

According to experts, the Philippines has the best conditions to create an ideal 100 percent renewable energy economies most especially because of our tropical weather and massive amount of sunlight. The biggest solar farm facility in the Philippines up to this date is located in Calatagan, Batangas. This facility is so huge that it crosses three towns in Batangas. These are Lian, Calatagan and Balayan towns. Its location is very accessible as it is only a ten-minute drive from Calatagan’s...
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Impact Marketing of K-Pop Idols on Japan's Economic Growth

The boom of South Korean pop (K-pop) originally expanded to few Asian countries in mid-1990s; however, in early twenty first century, it has gained global popularity in the twinkling of an eye. The latest BTS – a Korean idol group which consists seven boys – got the first place on America’s Billboard album chart (Dal and Lee, 2019). It was also for the first time to get that record as Asian music stars. The announce means BTS got international fame...
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Impact of Climate Change on Vietnam: Analytical Essay

Global warming is an inevitable topic since the 21st century, which related to the well-being of hundreds of millions of people on the earth and the survival of humanity in the future. Especially in Southeast Asia, the region is largely affected by climate change. This is because Southeast Asia located in a tropical marine area, the national income is mainly depended on the agricultural economy and marine economy. The climate change also leads to the problem of environmental disruption. Such...
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Should the United States Have Annexed the Philippines: Discursive Essay

By and large, there are numerous logical inconsistencies concerning the addition of the Philippines. Consequently, against colonialism remains contrary to the U.S. development; while dominion underpins the possibility of occupation. There is a need to think about the contentions of the two sides to comprehend the points of interest and inconveniences of the approaches. Albert Beveridge believes that individuals are to be controlled without their assent. In this manner, he discusses their effective approach concerning different regions the nation controls....
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Reasons for Vietnam's Popularity among Tourists

Vietnam is one of the countries that I want to visit someday. The reason I started to be interested in Vietnam why I had made Vietnamese friend at KIFL. She is very kind and hardworking. Originally, I was interested in world culture from a young age, so I often hear Vietnam’s lifestyle, food, language and so on from her. For this reason, I started to search and make a plan about travel to Vietnam. According to travel site of Japan,...
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Public Policy Under the Belt and Road Initiative: Essay

Public policy, whether in the domestic or international context, is of variable scope. It is often referred to as an amorphous exception the unruly horse. Burrough, J. stating that public policy is a very unruly horse, and when once you get astride, you never know where it will carry you. It may lead you from the sound law. It is never argued at all but when other points fail. It is some moral, social, or economic principle so sacrosanct as...
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Essay on Public Health Issues in Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing economies and has plans on becoming a developed nation within the next decade. With a population of 96.1 million, Vietnam is a densely populated developing country that has been adjusting since 1986 from the rigors of a centrally planned, urban economy to a more industrial and market-based economy, and it has raised incomes significantly. While the government of Vietnam has made commendable efforts in improving the health of the...
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Poverty in the Philippines

Ever since money was introduced to us a thousand years ago, it had controlled our lives ceaselessly. Due to this many people were blessed to have enormous amounts of riches to sustain and to provide for their families and selves, but if there are people who are at the top there are also people at the bottom. Poverty is not having enough material possessions or income for a person’s needs. Some families, mainly in the Philippines are greatly affected by...
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Mining in the Philippines

A destruction of surroundings due to mining. It has a vary of advantages and dangers that affects the surroundings and the lives of each human being in the Philippines. Mining is the method of digging mines to obtain minerals, metals, and jewels that serves as the livelihood to every and every human being. It provides human beings some of the belongings favored for present day civilization, however it can lead to environmental harm. Some are opposite and based totally definitely...
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Japan Vs the Philippines: Comparative Essay

In this essay, I will tackle the difference and similarities between the two countries, Japan and the Philippines. Even though these two countries are near to each other, the people, climate and culture are very different. Japan belongs to the first-class countries, while the Philippines belongs to the third world countries, and that was the first difference. Japan is almost the same size as the Philippines. However, the two countries are placed in Asia. Japan is one hour advance than...
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How Can Vietnam Benefit from the US-China Trade War: Essay

The trade war between the US and China has been attracting global citizens’ attention since July 2018. Until now, Washington’s tariffs on Chinese merchandises have reached US$550 billion. Beijing struck back with tariffs of US$185 billion on US merchandises. Therefore, the trade war between the US and China is affecting the world. Global The US-China trade war impacts the world in general and ASEAN members more specifically. Its effects can be either positive or negative, and nations must try their...
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Hong Kong's Social Movements: Economic Impact

Hong Kong is one of the countries which actively involved in social demonstrations or protests. The protesters are young and old alike with a diverse mix of families in Hong Kong. Based on a crowd survey by three scholars, almost a fifth of the population were 45 years old and older, whereas about 60% of the people involved were under 30. Journalists stated that many shopkeepers, drivers and others helped the demonstrators with their water supplies and financial support. It...
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Essay on Failures in Malaysia's Economic Growth

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country, occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It is known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European culture references. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur. In 2021, Malaysia’s population is 33.42 million, it is an undeveloped country. Malaysia is very special among unique countries in the world. It is because, the diversity of races, religions and cultures. Malaysia’s climate is tropical, and they have natural resources...
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Educational Tour of Cebu and Bohol

I had an educational tour of Cebu and Bohol which are 2 of the biggest tourist areas in the Philippines. My college SLU organized our trip with the goal of sharing us to visit and gather knowledge of what it is like to experience ourselves about tourism, and to observe the common traits related to HRM which consists of work that involves lodging and food service that is most important in the hospitality industry. The outing is regarded to be...
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Essay on Cultural Intelligence: Country in Focus Japan

Japan is an island nation which borders China, South Korea, the Philippines, North Korea, Taiwan and Russia by sea. Japan’s bolstering economy makes this country of great interest for conducting business. With proper preparation foreign managers can formulate better strategy and develop better awareness throughout their intercultural interactions. Helpful knowledge includes an overview of the country’s current cultural systems and cultural values that inform decision making, communication, relationship building, and more business elements (Livermore, 2015). Demographics in Japan Japan’s population...
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Essay on Corruption Problem in Malaysia

Corruption is a crime where a person gets benefits like freedom, contracts or privileges from another person after giving money, gift or even entertainment as bribes. Generally, corruption is defined as the abuse of entrusted power, status or wealth for private and dishonest gain. According to the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), corruption can be classified into four forms, namely, requesting or receiving favors, offering favors, making false claims and misusing job or position. Based on Corruption Perceptions Index reported by...
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Comparison of Japan and Switzerland

Japan and Switzerland are two sovereign nation – states that greatly differ between each other from their sovereignty, government, population, and territory. Japan has both a larger territory and population size than Switzerland and their timelines of sovereignty are quite different, but their government systems share some similarities. These two nation states are prime examples of the similarities and differences between the variety of different groups on this planet. Japan was always a sovereign state for it was never colonized...
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