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Essay on Political Corruption in Brazil

Introduction Fogel, (2019) depicts that Tracing the roots of political corruption in Brazil from Vargas to Bolsonaro exposes corruption as a political tactic that has long been woven into the structure of Brazilian politics. As the largest nation in South America with a population of over 200 million, Brazil`s importance on the global stage is clear; however, corruption charges and convictions have riddled the country`s reputation (Jenkins, 2019). Corruption is defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain;...
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Will Food Delivery Be Bad For Canadian Restaurant Business: Analytical Essay

In Vancouver, restaurant-to-consumer delivery is becoming an indispensable part of Canadian business. However, not all of the restaurants offer delivery service. As a result, more and more businessmen catch up this opportunity and develop food delivery apps, such as Uber, SkipThe Dishes, DoorDash, and Fantuan. “Delivery, in general, is really underpenetrated in Canada, relative to other countries globally”, said Ms. Pang. As we know that these services are attracting a lot of people in Canada but besides this, it is...
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Notable Desserts of Peru

South America is a continent known for its wide selection of cuisine. One country in South America that is no stranger to food, or more specifically, no stranger to desserts, is Peru. Peru was recently named the world’s leading culinary destination for the eighth year in a row at the World Travel Awards. Peru won that award because it has a lot of variety when it comes to food, and that includes its many exotic desserts. The country has many...
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Analysis of Internet Overuse in Brazil and Possible Solutions to the Problem

As information technologies have become very popular in recent years, thousands of people around the world use smartphones and the Internet to work, create and maintain interactive relationships that challenge geographic space. Despite the above-mentioned benefits brought by technologies, Brazil has accumulated problems related to the excessive use of portable media. Data from the State of Mobile Services Report, prepared by Annie, one of the most complete consultancies in the world, revealed, in 2018, that Brazil ranks fifth in the...
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Globalization in Mexico: Pros and Cons

Over 150 years ago, Charles Dickens (1859) began a book with a line that, strangely, describes modern globalization in Mexico very well. It read as follows: “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”. Like the conflict between values during the mid-1800’s, people are fighting for globalization with people who oppose this movement just as passionately. Can something be both right and wrong at the same time? Of course! Electricity can cook your dinner, light your...
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Essay on Exploitation Hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas) in Mexico

In this paper, I am going to reflect on the impacts that extractive policies have on the populations in which they are carried out, the criminalization of social protest and the violation of human rights that takes place for this reason, since that the contamination of water and natural resources produce alterations in the environment and in health that negatively affect the inhabitants and the territory where they settle. Indigenous peoples establish a particular relationship with the environment, as various...
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Discrimination as a Serious Problem in Mexico

Discrimination has always been a big issue around the world and two of these types are racism and colorism. According to Ware, “Racism involves discrimination against individuals based on their racial category. Colorism, in contrast, involves discrimination against dark-complexioned people on the basis of their color”. According to Statista, Mexico is 62% mestizo, 28% mostly or entirely Amerindian, and 10% other races (mostly European). If Mexico is a place with diversity, then why are Mexicans discriminating against each other? Mexico...
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Costa Rica's Steps to Being a More Sustainable Country

In an ever changing and progressively green society all humans, including Costa Ricans are finally adapting to the constant changes to the social, economic and financial benefits of becoming greener. Although not perfect, Costa Rica is making very notable moves towards becoming a more sustainable country. In San Jose, the capital, the largest issue for Costa Rica is carbon emissions, they are the one of the highest emitters within the Central American nations per capita, just behind Mexico and Brazil...
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Essay on Brazil: Its Internal Weaknesses and Role in Global Affairs as a Regional Power

Brazil has achieved an immense economic growth over the last decades and managed to enhance its influence regionally, in Latin America, and globally. Nevertheless, the country is plagued by social problems, corruption, crime and human rights abuses. This essay will discuss Brazil’s internal weaknesses and its role in global affairs as a regional power. Firstly, it will examine President Jair Bolsonaro’s stance on the environment and what threats does his outlook pose to the future of Brazil and the world...
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Brazil Vs America: Can Brazil Be a World Power Like America

America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And Brazil is not a world power but could it be? America and Brazil have a lot of similarities and differences. America is one of the most powerful countries, but Brazil is not. But the US has some limitations as well. However, the US doesn’t have as many limitations as Brazil though. Since the US is far away from anyone else it doesn’t have any threat of invasion and since...
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Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the Hope of Mexico

The streets of Mexico are infested with criminals, who are causing Mexico to bleed. It is very clear that Mexico is infamously known for its exploitation and violence. The previous presidents have selfishly allowed Mexico to get beaten down by oppressors and neglected the people, leaving them to suffer the consequences. Are the citizens of Mexico ever going to feel safe in their own homes? There is hope, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, has risen and is...
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Air Pollution as a Key Issue in Mexico Caused by Urbanization

Mexico City is located in the center of Central America. It is geographically located in the Valley of Mexico. It has an altitude of 2,240 meters. The city covers an area of around 1,485 sq. km. Its coordinates are 19°25′57.85″N 99°07′59.71″W. Mexico is located in the tropical zone. The high altitude determines the climate of Mexico City. It experiences hot summers and mild winters with an annual average temperature of 18°C. It has small seasonal changes and January is the...
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Wrong Policies Caused Food Crisis in Venezuela: Inflation, Urbanization and Food Shortgage

Around 9.3 million Venezuelans, 32% of the total population, are food insecure and are in need of assistance. Of these, 2.3 million are considered severely food insecure and 7 million are moderately food insecure. The majority of Venezuelans (60 percent) are marginally food secure, meaning they have acceptable food consumption, although, over ⅔ of the population engage within hunger-coping strategies and 98% are unable to afford many essential food items. The causes of Venezuela’s food crisis are commonly divided into...
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Mechanism and Benefits of Common Law System in Canada

The common law system is recognized as an older; as well as proficient technique in quite a few countries helping making the system of law a better one. In Canada, common law is used and based on judges past decisions rather than written law (Department of Justice, 2017). The common law system takes past decisions made by judges and uses them in new situations that are similar to the original event – otherwise known as the term “stare decisis,” which...
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Unintentional Tort or Negligence: Description of a Court Case in Canada

Summary Mr. Mustapha lawsuit against Culligan of Canada Ltd. was the case captured media attention in 2005. According to Mr. Mustapha, when his wife was opening a new bottle of water which they purchased from Culligan of Canada Ltd., she discovered a dead fly floating in it. After that, the couple claimed they had been vomited and Mr. Mustapha developed into an extreme psychiatric reaction characterized by server depression, anxiety and phobia. The mental illness caused him to lose revenue...
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Health Care Reform in the United States and Canada: Analytical Essay

The reforms initiated by the Obama administration are the result of ugly, inflammatory and misleading statements in public forums in the United States over the past year. Along with the complexity of enacting laws, it is possible that the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives can pass the Senate. The resulting ‘hybrid’ approach to health care reform has produced a conservative strategy that ignores the experience of other wealthy democracies. More importantly, given the possible changes in administrative...
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Essay on Visiting Mexico City: Diego Rivera Murals

On Friday, March 27, we will begin be taking it easy for our first day in Mexico City will a few gallery walks. In the morning we will start at the Museo Soumaya. This museum is known for its striking architecture by Fernando Romera. It houses a large private collection of over 66,000 works of art dating from Mesoamerica to modern day. Some standout works include French artist Auguste Rodin, Salvatore Dali, and Diego Rivera. It also has the largest...
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Issues of Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Imagine you’re a cancer patient in Wisconsin. You’re terminally ill, in the last stages of your lung cancer, in great pain, and the only drugs available to you are highly addictive painkillers. A natural painkiller is illegal in your state, and if you want this drug, you are forced to buy it on the black market where it could be potentially dangerous. Marijuana, a drug that could save you is completely locked away simply because someone- a politician, or a...
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Impact of Medical Photography on Plastic Surgery in Brazil

A 19th-century invention, photography today is often looked at as a way for people to take perfect pictures (blemish free) and serve as a memory of your life. However, photography has had a bigger impact than taking selfies (self-portraits) on a smartphone. What is often overlooked within photography is that it opened so many doors for the medical field, specifically with plastic surgery. The invention of photography allows surgeons the ability to see the success of the performance of their...
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Essay on Mexico Population Policy in 1974

Abstract This is paper discusses the family planning population policy implemented in Mexico in 1974, and also covered its effect on Mexico’s fertility and population age structure by comparing the demographic data before and after this policy. To better understand this policy, there is also some demographic background of Mexico in the last century. This population policy is for how to lower Mexico’s fertility rate to make its economy grow better. And it made a good performance on change Mexico’s...
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Essay on How Political Corruption Affects Brazil

Introduction Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. Its rich culture, natural beauty, and geographic location all contribute to my interest in this location for Lulu Lemon’s international expansion. In terms of cultural distance, Brazilians and Canadians score very differently in individualism and uncertainty avoidance. Brazil is a collectivist society, with high uncertainty avoidance. Canada has an individualistic society with low uncertainty avoidance. Upon analyzing the administrative distance, it became clear that Brazil’s political corruption and customs regulations...
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Report on Costa Rica

Today, Costa Rica is shaped by Spanish and Catholicism influences. However, Costa Rica has been inhabited as far back as 5000 years BC by people of the Aztecs, Mayas, and the Incas. The first natives in Costa Rica included hunters and gatherers and Costa Rica served as a middle region between Mesoamerican and Andean native cultures. Costa Rica is a rain forest full Central American country with coastlines running 19,730 square miles with a population of 4.906 million citizens that...
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Poverty in Costa Rica

According to World Vision, poverty is a severe lack of certain possessions which significantly reduces the quality of a person’s life. People living in poverty struggle to meet basic needs, including having limited access to food, clothing, healthcare, education, shelter and safety. People affected by poverty may also lack social, economic, political or material income and resources. In this case, Cost Rica, who have a total population of 4.85 million people, have about 1.1 million residents who are living in...
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Future Prospects for Work in Canada

The future of work in Canada will see intensified debates between business and workers, pitting Canada’s growing small business and corporate class against the working class. Even at a time when more Canadians are entrepreneurs, independent contractors, working from home, and working on more favorable, convenient terms, one can still see every day Canadians having difficulty achieving fair wages and fair conditions as the business class does not want to provide benefits, does not want to provide increased wages, and...
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Feminism and Motherhood in Costa Rica: Research Paper

Feminism and motherhood have a complicated and unique relationship. Since the formation of the women’s movement in Latin America, women have fought for reproductive freedom, pushed for economic equality, and called for universal childcare in an effort to achieve greater success in the public sphere. However, the women of Costa Rica remain faced with one problem: womanhood hasn’t been separated from motherhood in the same sense that men are separated from fatherhood. Society continues to ignore the work mothers do...
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Dengue Prevention Campaign in Costa Rica

To begin, the epidemic of dengue has become an increasing global public health concern in developing countries in the regions of Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. However, Costa Rica presents the largest amount of cases, which enhances the probability of a person contracting the hemorrhage form of the disease that may lead to death if not properly treated (Lopez, 2014). As a result, the Ministry of Health declared a public health alert and is allocating resources to areas that...
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Costa Rica: Country Report

I chose Costa Rica for my country report because one of my close friends just got back from a year of studying abroad there. She told me all about the culture and the beautiful places that she went. Starting a little bit with the history, in 1502; Christopher Columbus visits the area, naming it Costa Rica. In 1821; Costa Rica declares independence from Spain and then in 1838; Costa Rica becomes fully independent. Moving onto the geographic and location, Costa...
2 Pages 1028 Words

Costa Rica: Country Branding

Costa Rica, a country situated in central America with its main source of income through tourism. The country is one of the most visited destinations and has no army from a long time. Costa Rica is also an enticing investment country and provides tremendous opportunities for the establishment of major multinational corporations, due to the high academic level of its workforce as well as the high quality of modern facilities and social and political stability. Many misconceptions that people have...
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Costa Rica PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE analysis is key for any business looking to enter a new market or even improving business in the market they are currently in. PESTLE is a strategic analysis tool to understand the rise or fall of the market and whether to advance or retreat in the current market. PESTLE is also known as PEST, both of these acronyms have four common features: political, economic, social and technological. PESTLE contains these four factors but also tacks on legal and environmental...
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Costa Rica and Its Sustainable Practices

Costa Rica can provide insight into how, despite the common practice, it is possible to have sustainable practices that do not harm the environment and still experience economic growth. The focus of this essay will be on tourism as it is Costa Rica’s main source of income and because tourism itself accounts for around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Lenzen et al., 2018). It is important to identify cases of current practice that go against common practice as it...
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