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Youth Unemployment Essay

1.0 Introduction In this study, youth unemployment in Canada is taken into consideration. Canada is a nation situated in northern North America and the population of Canada is around 37 million people. In this study, the trend of unemployment in the period from 2000 to 2019 will be stated clearly by giving the measurement of the unemployment rate in Canada. Besides, the factors of youth unemployment in Canada need to be defined and clarified. In addition, the impacts of unemployment...
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Essay on Why Is Education Important for the Latino Community

Current statistics show that twenty-five percent of school-going children are Latinos and is projected that by 2050 these figures will rise to thirty percent. Nevertheless, 5.4 million Latino students can’t access basic education. As the Latino population increases it is crucial to have educated Latinos with quality education who can serve in decision-making platforms for overall population empowerment. Education is a key component of economic and political development. This can be seen by the wide gap in lifelong outcomes due...
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Essay on Imperialism in Latin America

Since the early 1500s, foreign intervention has played a major role in the history of Latin America. While the region has seen some benefit from this involvement it has been mostly for the worse. The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende touches on this with its depiction of an American-backed coup in a fictional Latin American nation during the Cold War. While this incident in the novel reflects the real-world negative implications of American intervention in Central and South...
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Gender Equality in Canada Essay

Gender equality, as defined by, is the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. Women makeup about half of the population, which makes gender equality such a crucial topic to discuss ( Many countries have their own beliefs and traditions that may conflict with a new set of laws being introduced. Despite this animosity, the question is still up to debate as to whether or not a universal body of laws should be created...
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Venezuela and US Inflation Essay

Economic Situation • Foreign trade The United States supplies more than one-third of Venezuela's food imports. Recent government import policies have led to a shortage of goods throughout the country. During the crisis in Bolivarian Venezuela, Maduro decided to purchase hundreds of military vehicles to be used against large waves of protests instead of purchasing goods for Venezuelans, allocating only 15% of the necessary amount of funds to buy goods for supermarkets. • International assistance In January 2015, Maduro toured...
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Essay on Was Manifest Destiny Justified

How, and with what success, has the United States justified political interventions in Latin America? (1500 words) “Latin America was rich with raw materials, opportunities, land, and trade routes to link certain parts of the world together.” (Livingstone,2013)Thus, making Latin America somewhere the US could greatly benefit from. This essay will discuss and analyze how US political interventions have been successful throughout history and how US ambition and self-interest have negatively influenced Latin American countries. This will be done through...
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Essay on Latin America and the Cold War

'The main cause of instability in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America between 1945 and 1990 were the domestic politics of those regions.” Do you agree? Discuss with detailed empirical examples of countries in at least two of the three regions mentioned. Introduction During the 19th century, a global transformation rearranged the basic structure of the international order.[footnoteRef:1] The emerging state system and the international order it produced became blurry once again after the Second World War, where state...
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Canada's Role in the Cold War: Essay

The Cold War was a conflict lasting forty-four years between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). This all happened post-World War 2 when the United States and the USSR two superpowers were in a nuclear arms race to see who could make the most nuclear weapons. With fear surrounding the globe tensions were high and nuclear war was on the rise no one could know what was next. Being caught geographically between two...
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Autobiography Essay about Peru

In the critical analysis, the formation of the writing will be directed by how I analyzed my country and how throughout the semester made statements on how Peru is a democratic institution and how it has grown over the years in terms of development, the concern of overpopulation with so many Venezuelan migrants going into the country for being an open-door policy for accepting so many migrants, the string of corruption due to bad presidents that were in power in...
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What Can I Do to Unite Our Country as Prime Minister: Essay

Canada is a very diverse country, full of people of many different ethnicities, languages, cultures, and backgrounds. How can we unite our country? If I were elected, I would work on solutions to problems that are crucial and deeply affecting Canadians. Statistics show that millions of people avoid going to the dentist because of the cost, and many young people cannot afford to go at all. Growing up in a very busy and expensive town, I know that people struggle...
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Problem of Child Poverty in Canada: Essay

According to Investopedia, poverty is defined as “a state or condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials for a minimum standard of living. Poverty means that the income level from employment is so low that basic human needs can't be met” (2019). Childhood poverty is then a situation in which children lack resources for living. In Canada, childhood poverty continues to be a growing concern as it directly affects health outcomes, educational attainment, and...
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What Are the Benefits of Studying in Canada: Essay

Canada has become very popular among international students who are passionate about staying in the country even after completing their program. Canada is no longer a downgraded place when it comes to acquiring foreign education. International students are open to numerous opportunities in this country and they have a better chance of securing a permanent residence after the completion of their studies. Canada is highly ranked among the top ten places to study and live in the global world, plus,...
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Informative Essay about Canada Culture

The culture of Canada has a lot of elements such as artistic, literary, humor, musical, political, and social that represent Canada and Canadians. Throughout Canada's history, Canada's culture has been influenced by many cultures such as European culture British culture, French culture, and its own baronial culture. Many elements of the cultures of Canada's immigrant countries have been put into Canadian history to make a bigger Canadian culture. Why I chose Canadian culture because I wanted to learn more about...
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Informative Essay on the French Language and Culture in Quebec

Culture and language are indivisible. Language is culture. They are components of one system. Losing one’s language is losing one’s distinct cultural identity. Through our language, we generate our customs and traditions distinct from others, thus building our own identity. ‘The French Quebecoise’ is a term used to portray the people of Quebec. Understanding its history, the threats and challenges it is facing, the government’s strategies to preserve its unique identity, as well as weighing the benefits and drawbacks of...
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Nursing Shortage as a Serious Problem in Canada: Critical Essay

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) has highlighted an impending shortage of nurses who have the skills and knowledge to meet the healthcare needs of the Canadian population, a lack, according to the CNA, that has been unequaled in past decades (McDonald, C. and McIntyre, M., 2019, p.317). Economic analysts and political analysts have voiced a lot of views and opinions on the reasons for this issue. From a financial perspective, the shortage is mostly driven more by the supply. McIntyre...
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History, Economy and Geography of Honduras Essay

History The Central American country of Honduras has a long and varied history that dates back thousands of years. The Maya and Lenca peoples were only two of the ancient civilizations that lived in the area before the advent of the Europeans. These cultures created spectacular buildings, excellent agricultural techniques, beautiful artwork, and hieroglyphic writing. Christopher Columbus arrived at the Honduran coast during his fourth journey to the Americas in 1502. Soon after, Spain established a colony in Honduras, and...
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Proud to Be Canadian: Narrative Essay

Has one ever thought about how proud and honorable Canadians are to their own land? Well, Canadians show their politeness, and generosity to others by welcoming, and accepting their ethics; therefore, Canada is a nation where one can contribute their beliefs without being segregated; this is why one should be proud because everyone is equal in our eyes. Canada is a nation where one can be free, proud, and loved for many reasons: the education system, the first nation to...
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Canadian Education System and Its History

Whist researching my topic, I wanted some background noise to help me concentrate. So, I turned on my TV and started to play one of my favorite shows, ‘Black Mirror’. The episodes are all individually casted and have unique storylines. The topics on the show explore relevant topics, but with exaggerated storyline to create an unease about our modern society. As I was endlessly sifting through information and glancing up at my screen, I realized that the mind warping ideas...
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Anpan for the Canadian Bread Industry

The industry of bread production in Canada has only seen a discreet growth from 2013 to 2018. The situation arose from steady growth in exports and solid demand for higher-end types but only to be offset by the festering consumption of wheat products in the domestic market. Due to consumer preferences for healthier products as a current trend, the efforts in the reinvigoration of the bread market were futile during the mentioned five-year period. The same trend is forecasted for...
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Essay on Forestry Activities in Canada

Canada is the third-largest forested area in the world. The enormous amount of forested land is an obvious explanation as to why large-scale commercial forest harvesting is taking place in Canada and contributes a lot to its economy. However, the deforestation of such a large number of trees has affected the environment in a severe way. If steps are taken to manage forests with a more sustainable approach, then attempts can be made to restore the environment and preserve it....
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Essay on Canada’s Boreal Forest

The boreal zone, situated within the northern regions of the globe, stretches around 5000 kilometers from Labrador and Newfoundland in the east to Yukon in the west, extending south 1000 kilometers from the edge of the arctic tundra. Estimated to be around 270 million hectares, this boreal region covers more than half of Canada’s land area, sheltering millions of wildlife species. Making up a third of this boreal zone, Canada’s boreal forest is essential for not solely the tradition and...
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Essay on Political Corruption in Brazil

Introduction Fogel, (2019) depicts that Tracing the roots of political corruption in Brazil from Vargas to Bolsonaro exposes corruption as a political tactic that has long been woven into the structure of Brazilian politics. As the largest nation in South America with a population of over 200 million, Brazil`s importance on the global stage is clear; however, corruption charges and convictions have riddled the country`s reputation (Jenkins, 2019). Corruption is defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain;...
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Will Food Delivery Be Bad For Canadian Restaurant Business: Analytical Essay

In Vancouver, restaurant-to-consumer delivery is becoming an indispensable part of Canadian business. However, not all of the restaurants offer delivery service. As a result, more and more businessmen catch up this opportunity and develop food delivery apps, such as Uber, SkipThe Dishes, DoorDash, and Fantuan. “Delivery, in general, is really underpenetrated in Canada, relative to other countries globally”, said Ms. Pang. As we know that these services are attracting a lot of people in Canada but besides this, it is...
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Analysis of Internet Overuse in Brazil and Possible Solutions to the Problem

As information technologies have become very popular in recent years, thousands of people around the world use smartphones and the Internet to work, create and maintain interactive relationships that challenge geographic space. Despite the above-mentioned benefits brought by technologies, Brazil has accumulated problems related to the excessive use of portable media. Data from the State of Mobile Services Report, prepared by Annie, one of the most complete consultancies in the world, revealed, in 2018, that Brazil ranks fifth in the...
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Globalization in Mexico: Pros and Cons

Over 150 years ago, Charles Dickens (1859) began a book with a line that, strangely, describes modern globalization in Mexico very well. It read as follows: “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”. Like the conflict between values during the mid-1800’s, people are fighting for globalization with people who oppose this movement just as passionately. Can something be both right and wrong at the same time? Of course! Electricity can cook your dinner, light your...
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Essay on Exploitation Hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas) in Mexico

In this paper, I am going to reflect on the impacts that extractive policies have on the populations in which they are carried out, the criminalization of social protest and the violation of human rights that takes place for this reason, since that the contamination of water and natural resources produce alterations in the environment and in health that negatively affect the inhabitants and the territory where they settle. Indigenous peoples establish a particular relationship with the environment, as various...
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Discrimination as a Serious Problem in Mexico

Discrimination has always been a big issue around the world and two of these types are racism and colorism. According to Ware, “Racism involves discrimination against individuals based on their racial category. Colorism, in contrast, involves discrimination against dark-complexioned people on the basis of their color”. According to Statista, Mexico is 62% mestizo, 28% mostly or entirely Amerindian, and 10% other races (mostly European). If Mexico is a place with diversity, then why are Mexicans discriminating against each other? Mexico...
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Costa Rica's Steps to Being a More Sustainable Country

In an ever changing and progressively green society all humans, including Costa Ricans are finally adapting to the constant changes to the social, economic and financial benefits of becoming greener. Although not perfect, Costa Rica is making very notable moves towards becoming a more sustainable country. In San Jose, the capital, the largest issue for Costa Rica is carbon emissions, they are the one of the highest emitters within the Central American nations per capita, just behind Mexico and Brazil...
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Essay on Brazil: Its Internal Weaknesses and Role in Global Affairs as a Regional Power

Brazil has achieved an immense economic growth over the last decades and managed to enhance its influence regionally, in Latin America, and globally. Nevertheless, the country is plagued by social problems, corruption, crime and human rights abuses. This essay will discuss Brazil’s internal weaknesses and its role in global affairs as a regional power. Firstly, it will examine President Jair Bolsonaro’s stance on the environment and what threats does his outlook pose to the future of Brazil and the world...
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Brazil Vs America: Can Brazil Be a World Power Like America

America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And Brazil is not a world power but could it be? America and Brazil have a lot of similarities and differences. America is one of the most powerful countries, but Brazil is not. But the US has some limitations as well. However, the US doesn't have as many limitations as Brazil though. Since the US is far away from anyone else it doesn't have any threat of invasion and since...
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