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Liberalism vs Socialism Comparison Essay

The terms ‘socialism’ and liberalism’ are used a lot nowadays, and many people often mistake one for the other. In order to differentiate between these two terms, one must keep in mind the clear-cut differences by defining the prevailing ideology of each term. The tenets of socialism assert that the state should wield total economic power by manipulating prices of goods and wages of workers. Furthermore, socialism requires people to submit to the rule of law. In return for their...
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Pursuance of Economic Liberalism in the Philippines: a Hypothetical View

Globalization is a phenomenon which encompasses the idea and act of dramatic or gradual changes in a certain nation. These changes are meant to affect the actors in the society, for the very reason that it is them who has the capability to permit the said changes. In this hypothetical view of writing, it will focus on one of the effects of globalization, and that is the economic liberalism. Economic liberalism is a practice in a society which focuses on...
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Pros and Cons of Liberalism

Research Paper In this essay, I am going to discuss different theories of government such as liberalism and communism. I am going to go into depth on how these theories operate as well as discuss how these theories affect societies. I will also go into depth on how these theories operate and also provide critique on what is wrong with them. I am often going to use examples of past or present governments that practice these theories and how it...
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Father of Liberalism: John Locke

1. John Locke: The Father of Liberalism English philosopher John Locke’s works are considered the foundation of modern philosophical empiricism, political liberalism, and the early age of enlightenment. Locke’s ideas were used as the basis for the revolution of the English colonies in North America. It is posited that philosophy is often a reflection of personal disposition and life circumstances. Locke was deeply involved in the political affairs of his country which no doubt influenced his philosophical work. John Locke...
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Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism

If there is no one in a position of power in the world how can that lead to total peace? By its definition, international anarchy refers to the world not having anyone in any position of power or not having any kind of authority or world government. This means that if the world would be in a state of anarchy, then no country and its citizens would have to follow any strict rules or laws and it would not have...
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Liberalism vs Conservatism Essay

“Modern English Conservatism was mostly birthed out of coalition between classical Liberals and Social Conservatives in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century”. It contains the constellation of governmental ideologies including Fiscal ideology, free exchange or economical Liberalism, party Conservatism, ideology, Bio-Conservatism, and Religious Conservatism, also as help for a strong military, small government, and state rights. Liberalism is frequently contrasted with Conservatism, but these two are non-diametrically opposed. Liberal emphasis on individual liberty contrasts with conventional Conservatives which support...
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Modern Conservatism vs Modern Liberalism

Despite the common narrative of a conservative ascendancy in the 1970s, the decade also saw continued radical activism and resistance to bring about great reform in American society. Although the 1970s saw a conservative ascendency in electoral politics, ultimately leading to the consequential election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, the decade also saw expanded, intensified, and often successful protest efforts bred by broader action and the continued endeavor for civil rights and liberal objectives. Ultimately, the 1970s was encompassed by...
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Realism vs Liberalism Essay

The comparison between Realism and Liberalism Introduction When considering realism and liberalism in terms of international relations both these theories can be regarded as useful. However, these two theories can be used as tools for exploring and explaining what are the subjects. According to Bayliss and Smith (2005:186) Realism as a theory is the “natural party of government and Liberalism (as) the leader of the opposition”. The purpose of this essay is to distinguish between realism and liberalism and apply...
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Liberalism vs Constructivism

International Relations Political events have always been quite complex and just one theoretical approach cannot explain why they occur their impacts or their consequences. The only way to have a better understanding is by putting together all the theories and seeing the wider picture. That is the reason why Liberalism and Constructivism are the theories that better explain contemporary global politics, as they are the ones that take into account more reasons and approaches to why political affairs are the...
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How Does Liberalism Compare with Mercantilism

International Political Economy The international political economy is the convergence of political and economic powers to produce a particular set of forces and dynamics in the world. The contemporary global system can be explained through three theoretical paradigms of Liberalism, Mercantilism, and Marxism. They are essential in understanding the characteristics of the economic system and the challenges it faces. This essay will explore the fundamental political and economic ideas or assumptions that underpin each of the key theoretical perspectives as...
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Strenghts and Weaknesses of the Liberal Case for Free Trade

The liberal case for free trade—seen through the knowledge-representation-interest nexus—obfuscates the interests of (neo)imperial powers in maintaining their monopolies by controlling foreign markets, politics and common sense. In other words, the ongoing internalisation of a (neo)liberal economic culture that ties such ideas as the international division of labour, mutual gains and comparative advantage—in the context of minimal protectionism—to global prosperity, is a manifestation of cultural imperialism. By analysing the political arguments made by Adam Smith in favour of free trade,...
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Review of 'Why Liberalism Failed' by Patrick Deneen

‘Why Liberalism Failed’ provides insight to the beliefs of author Patrick Deneen. Deneen is a political philosophy and constitutional studies professor at Notre Dame, believing that liberalism has failed by succeeding. He believes the contradicting principles have allowed our citizens to take on individualistic beliefs and therefore succeeding in that sense, however this fails to unite the nation and produce an effective, long-term result in American society. Inspired by today’s governmental and societal structure, Deneen wrote this book to call...
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Lyndon B Johnson and American Liberalism

The Great Society was the name for Johnson’s domestic agenda (analogous to FDR’s New Deal). It demonstrated the height of liberal policymaking in the post-World War II era. Unlike the New Deal, it occurred during a time of prosperity for most Americans. By the end of Johnson’s presidency, the liberal Great Society was undergoing criticism from both the Right and the Left. In 1963, President Lyndon Johnson attended a joint meeting of Congress and vowed to ensure economic opportunities and...
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Impact of Neoliberalism and Globalization on the War on Drugs

Neoliberalism is a policy model that tends to bridge politics, economics and social studies. The ideology of Neo-liberalism emphasizes on free market competition and capitalism that moves away from government regulation, spending or public ownership. This ideology was identified in 1980’s during the conservative governments of Ronald Reagan in the US and Margret Thatcher in the UK (Harp 2010). It is commonly associated with seeking a middle ground between the far right and the leftists. It supports free trade, minimal...
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Rousseau on Liberalism

In a beer hall in Munich, a mesmerizing public speaker addressed the issues troubling the German people with a furious passion, calling for a new order to replace what he saw as an incompetent and inefficient liberal democratic regime run by an economic elite that was not translating the will of the people into action and had brought humiliation to a proud people. In the new Germany, all citizens would unselfishly serve the state or Volk; democracy would be abolished,...
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