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Essay on Liberals Vs Conservatives Gun Control

Gun control is a divisive issue that has sparked intense debates within the political landscape. The perspectives of liberals and conservatives on this matter diverge significantly, reflecting their fundamental beliefs and values. This essay delves into the differences between liberals and conservatives regarding gun control, highlighting their respective arguments, stances, and underlying ideologies. Thesis Statement The debate over gun control reveals contrasting viewpoints between liberals, who advocate for stricter regulations to enhance public safety, and conservatives, who emphasize the importance...
1 Page 544 Words

Critical Essay on Patriotism Today

Rizal's Law states that the existence and works of Jose Rizal ought to be taught in colleges and universities to college students at some stage in their formative and decisive years. The rules pastimes to supply improve the college college college students' ethical character, non-public discipline, and civic conscience. The legislation comes with a premise that the existence and works of Rizal can have an impact on a man or female to choose what is morally just, to act with...
2 Pages 719 Words

Critical Essay on Ideology in American Politics

This discussion examines what is the meaning of the concept of ideology and tries different approaches to answering this question. However, this term is very commonly used in the academic sphere but many researchers tend to use it in different ways be it pejorative or meliorative. It is considered a ‘notorious pedigree’. It comes from the Greek; idea ‘form, pattern’ and the term ‘logos’ which denotes a discourse or compilation. An ideology can be understood as a theoretical approach trying...
3 Pages 1587 Words

Essay on How Did Communist Movements Affect Women's Rights

Wars, disagreements, and different kinds of economic and political revolutions started the quick and rapid spread of communism in the late 20th century. It spread everywhere and it enforced traditional roles upon women and men. With men who got higher authority and power, and with women on the lower scale with men who had little to no opportunities. Women tried and were successful for a while standing up for their rights and gaining equality. This was shown through reform and...
3 Pages 1422 Words

Political Globalization Essay

The concept of globalization as used in this essay refers to the multidimensional, accelerated, and interconnected organization of space and time across national borders. Specifically with respect to political globalization, it concerns an approach to the social world that stresses postnational and transnational processes as well as a consciousness of the compressed nature of space and time. Political globalization has been much discussed in the globalization literature where the emphasis has been on the decline of the nation-state under the...
1 Page 330 Words

Definition Essay about Patriotism

Rizal's Law states that the existence and works of Jose Rizal ought to be taught in schools and universities to students at some point in their formative and decisive years. The regulation pursuits to improve college students' ethical character, personal discipline, and civic conscience. The law comes with a premise that the existence and works of Rizal can have an effect on an individual to select what is morally just, to act with discipline, and to feature in society as...
1 Page 660 Words

Essay on the Threat of Communism during Cold War

Historians have often disagreed on the origins of the Cold War placing the blame on either the United States, or the Soviet Union, or even maintaining a neutral stance. This is apparent with the various schools of thought as Arthur Schlesinger Jr., who is an Orthodox historian, argues that the Soviet Union was aggressively trying to expand its sphere of influence into Europe due to Stalin's expansionism, his anti-west paranoia and the nature of Marxism-Leninism - that international world revolution...
5 Pages 2334 Words

Communism Vs Democracy during Cold War: Essay

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses. -Malcolm X This quote by Malcolm X details that propaganda is promoted by the media and it is used to control people and groups and make them look bad even if it is inaccurate information people would still believe it. During the Cold War propaganda...
1 Page 655 Words

Exemplification Essay on the Term Tyranny

On Tyranny, by Timothy Snyder Timothy Snyder is an American author and professor at Yale University who focuses on the history of Eastern and Central Europe. On Tyranny, written by Snyder focuses on how threats to democracies still exist in today’s day and twenty different strategies that citizens could utilize to uphold democracy against authoritarian government regimes. In the book, it was implied that history does not repeat but it does instruct. It could be seen that studying major historical...
2 Pages 742 Words

Themes of Consumerism, Commodity Fetishism and Commodification in O. Henry’s ‘The Gift of the Magi’

Marxist philosophy believes that society views the world by way of a purely financial lens. Marxism dictates that society is separated into two classes: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie makes use of ideology to suppress the proletariat in the major with the useful resource of manipulating their perceptions of their free agency. One ideology that the greater type perpetuates onto the working class is consumerism. Consumerism is the faith that the notable objects that one acquires can beautify...
4 Pages 1641 Words

True Patriotism: Persuasive Essay

True patriotism is an act of courage and velour towards your country. It means keeping the interest of the country before one's own personal needs. It makes the nation stronger. We refer to our nation as our Motherland and we must endeavor to make it a better place for all. True patriotism helps in building a country with a better future so that people live in harmony. Passion and sacrifice must be adhered to instead of being violent showcasing our...
1 Page 443 Words

Social Democracy vs Socialism: Deductive Essay

A simple definition of Social Democracy would be a political, social, and monetary belief system that bolsters financial and social intercessions to advance social equity inside the structure of liberal law-based arrangement and entrepreneur economy. However, the idea of free enterprise is that there will dependably be a contention between specialist and industrialist, as the entrepreneur needs more benefit from his business, which means bringing down wages and more work for the laborer, and the specialist needs a higher wage...
1 Page 430 Words

George Orwell's '1984' as a Warning against Totalitarianism: Argumentative Essay

George Orwell's '1984' remains highly controversial to this day as one of the fundamental warnings against totalitarian regimes. This arises from the repressive regime of the 'Party', which is inspired by both the Soviet and Nazi regimes at the time of Orwell's writing the novel. Hence, Orwell's work serves as a warning against totalitarianism, but it can also relate to the modern day - whereby advancements in surveillance are now a significant contentious issue as it intrudes on citizens' everyday...
4 Pages 1651 Words

Essay on Pros and Cons of Marxism

Karl Marx introduced the idea of Marxism, a socioeconomic way of organizing society by making the workers own the means of production. Marx proposed that this was the next step for all of society. This idea had its fair share of pros and cons that prevent people from making it a part of their society today. Marxism had many pros. The most prominent strength of this theory is that it promotes equality. This theory, although connected to communism, focuses on...
2 Pages 884 Words

Communism Vs. Capitalism: Essay

With loud machines that produce millions of products to profit the rich, capitalism continues to be glorified. Capitalism is constantly portrayed as the ideal economic system, one that promotes freedom and hope. Communism, on the other hand, carries a terrorizing and despairing image. Positive Western ideas of capitalism have matriculated on a global scale, hiding the violence that happens behind the scenes. As rational thinkers, it is imperative to evaluate arguments from both sides and not dismiss a particular worldview...
3 Pages 1199 Words

Persuasive Analysis Essay on Literature

Should Literature be Political? Defining Political Literature: To fully answer this question, it is important to establish the definition of literature. While literature is often taken to mean any written work, in this context, I have chosen to define literature as works of the creative imagination, including fiction, poetry, and drama. I also aim to clarify the definition of politics, and what it means to modern civilians. People’s impression of ‘politics’ tends to be of partisan politics, divisiveness, and smear...
4 Pages 1937 Words

Essay about Pro-Gun Conservatives

Many years ago, I was taught about the Bill of Rights in school. Among the ten amendments was the right to bear arms just in case the people of America needed to fight back. Growing up in a no-gun household, I never understood the need to have guns, let alone AKs and shotguns. However, the following research will aim to open a new perspective to the idea of lessening gun control in the states. Although pro-gun enthusiasts are generally painted...
2 Pages 919 Words

War and Peace in Terms of Realism and Liberalism': Critical Essay

“War made the state, and the state made war”, this cyclical representation of war and peace presented by Charles Tilly is a defining feature of international relations (IR). By using theory in this discipline, the recurring theme of war and peace amongst states can again be expanded upon. Realism and liberalism are two core theoretical concepts in IR which attempt to provide a conceptual framework in which themes like this can be examined. Realism focuses on power politics and the...
3 Pages 1481 Words

Use of Karl Marx's Theories of Culture and Ideology in Literature

Karl Marx sought the answers to questions by trying to understand how our capitalist society works (for whom it works better, for whom worse), how it arose out of feudalism and where it is likely to lead. Concentrating on the social and economic relations in which people earn their livings, Marx saw behind capitalism's law and order appearance a struggle of two main classes: the capitalists, who own the productive resources, and the workers or proletariat, who must work in...
3 Pages 1237 Words

Totalitarianism and Its Effects in George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Chelsea Vowel’s ‘Monster’

A totalitarian government desire to stay in power by denying individualism, and eradicating freedom through propaganda and terror. Is this birthright or is it something that we, as a human, need to chase and fight for? There are stories that have been told about oppressed people who met their savior and have redeemed them from the injustice they have been suffering. For someone to step in such situations where they have no business being in, it must be driven by...
3 Pages 1155 Words

Totalitarianism and Communism, Is It Still Occurring to This Day?

In the story ‘1984’, it discusses this dystopia that the author, George Orwell, believes will eventually become a reality. The government, also is known as Big Brother, watches everyone in the city of Oceania and controls everything everyone does. The government decides where people live, work, what they eat, what they drink, who they can have babies with, etc. The Party had created a language called Newspeak. Newspeak is the official language of Oceania. The main character, Winston, is an...
4 Pages 1618 Words

Three Main Classes of Marxist Criticism in the Novel 'Snowpiercer'

The graphic novel 'Snowpiercer', created by Jacques Lob and illustrated by Jean-Marc Rochette is a clear depiction of the three major classes of Marxist criticism: the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, and the proletariat. To begin with, in the novel, the Snowpiercer is a train consisting of one thousand and one carriages which are divided into classes. The closer a carriage is to the engine the higher the class. So, since the aristocracy class according to Marxist criticism consists of a small...
1 Page 447 Words

American Ideal of Democracy in the Education System

“Through liberty and justice for all!”. Each school day, these words leave the mouths of thousands of children across America. They stand up tall, hand over their hearts, declaring that this nation - our nation - is a place that provides for them, where they have a voice. It is a place of equality that is worthy of each of their undying allegiance. Each of these children pledges their devotion to a democracy, and in return it is expected that...
6 Pages 2705 Words

Representation of the Graphic Novel ‘Snowpiercer’ by Marxist Criticism

The graphic novel ‘Snowpiercer’, written by Jacques Lob and illustrated by Jean-Marc Rochette, is most closely represented by Marxist criticism. Marxist literary criticism is a loose term describing literary criticism based on socialist and dialectic theories. ‘Snowpiercer’ represents the three-class in Marxist criticism: the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, and the proletariat. The aristocracy can be best represented by the lieutenant in the graphic novel. An aristocracy is a form of government that places strength in the hands of a small, privileged...
1 Page 478 Words

Perspectives on the Relationship between the Individual and Society

Liberal, Marxist, and nationalist perspectives are often described as contrary to one another in their beliefs of the relationship between the individual and society. In this essay, I will show that through these differences, though with slight underlying agreements, liberalism has been the most successful in predicting a relationship between the individual and society. I will first explore each of their basic, normative, understandings of human nature; then how society will, foundationally, organize in line with these basic understandings; and...
4 Pages 1601 Words

Nations under Totalitarian Rule and Their Histories

Why would anyone want to give up their liberty to be controlled completely by a supreme figure? Totalitarianism was found in a few European countries and the common reason between them was that they were living in miserable conditions, and it feels irreparable. Some of the outcomes of their conditions caused production to plummet, faltered economies, and a rapid decline in population. The people of these falling nations began to reject their current government because they were unable to hold...
2 Pages 998 Words

Marxist Criticism in the Novels ‘Scythe’ by Neal Shusterman and ‘1984’ by George Orwell

“It is a wise man who said that there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals” (Frankfurter). Inequality happens anywhere and everywhere in different times and places throughout the world. It is oppressive by nature and seeks to condemn those who are seen as lesser or unworthy of equal and fair treatment. Prominently, the novels ‘Scythe’ by Neal Shusterman and ‘1984’ by George Orwell, depicts two stories of different individuals, which takes place in the future dominated...
6 Pages 2833 Words

Marxist and Post-Colonialism Criticism of F. Sionil José's Story 'The God Stealer'

From a National Artist for Literature and one of the famous Filipino writers not only known in the country but globally, Francisco Sionil Jose who was not born with a silver spoon in Pangasinan on December 1924. He has experienced political and economic activities in different countries. With his experience, he put it into a story which he titled ‘The God Stealer’, consisting of two friends with the nationalities Filipino and an American, which represents the relationship between a ‘colonizer’...
2 Pages 766 Words

Marxism Criticism and Post-Colonialism in F. Sionil José’s Short Story ‘The God Stealer’

F. Sionil José’s ‘The God Stealer’ has to be one of the best short stories to be written since it has won the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Short Story, one of the best awards to be won by a writer for his or her work. Back in 1959, José’s inspiration for writing ‘The God Stealer’ was from his own experience in Ifugao with an American cultural officer alongside his Ifugao assistant. It all started when the American’s assistant wanted...
2 Pages 738 Words

George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Its Warning about Totalitarianism

‘1984’ delves into a world where the all-powerful party, Ingsoc, governs the state of Oceania. The party limits free-thought and individualism with the power of newspeak, double-think, and the existence of Big Brother. The worldbuilding and general tone of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ allow darkness and pessimism to burgeon using several motifs and symbolism to paint a bleak, gray, and dystopian future comparable to today’s real world totalitarian regimes in order to warn readers about their dangers and prevalence. In ‘1984’,...
3 Pages 1331 Words
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