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Communism Vs Capitalism: Main Differences

There are different operations, strategy, beliefs, and principles that guide every economic structure. The principles and ideas that are dominating in such territories determine the type of system in operation. Capitalism vs. communism are two contrasting economic systems which are applicable in different places. Majorly, the difference between communism and capitalism is that the formal support equality in society by making economic services owned and controlled by the community, whereas the latter seeks to privatize production activities. Definition of Communism...
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Comparing Economic Systems: Capitalism, Communism and Socialism

Capitalism and socialism are somewhat opposing schools of thought in economics. The central arguments in the socialism/capitalism debate are about economic equality and the role of government: socialists believe economic inequality is bad for society and the government is responsible for reducing it via programs that benefit the poor. e.g. free public education, free or subsidized healthcare, social security for the elderly, higher taxes on the rich. On the other hand, capitalists believe that government does not use economic resources...
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Difference Between Communism vs. Capitalism

There are different operations, strategies, beliefs, and principles that guide every economic structure. The principles and ideas that are dominating in such territories determine the type of system in operation. Capitalism vs. communism concepts are two contrasting economic systems that are applicable in different places. Indeed, the difference between communism and capitalism is that the former supports equality in society by making economic services owned and controlled by the community. In contrast, the latter seeks to privatize production activities. However,...
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Education and Theory of Communism under Plato's Ideal State: Analytical Essay on The Republic

Chapter one: Introduction “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” – Plato Plato (427–347 B.C.E.) is, by any reckoning, one of the most dazzling writers in the Western literary tradition and one of the most penetrating, wide-ranging, and influential authors in the history of philosophy. An Athenian citizen of high status, he displays in his works his absorption in the political events and intellectual movements of his time, but the questions he raises are so profound...
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Communism Essay

Communism is a relatively new term but still holds its place across numerous societies across the world. Communism is a social and economic system in which all resources, such as property, are owned collectively by the classless society. This essay will look into what communism looked like in South East Asia in the 20th century and some of the various conflicts that saw the west fighting to keep their way of life and attempting to prevent the spread of communism...
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Lenin's War Communism: An Essay

According to Pipes, the economic policies Lenin imposed were not in the best interest of the Russian people, it was a façade in a way to implicitly have control over the people. Pipes states that the Bolsheviks “were revolutionaries not for the sake of improving the condition of the people but for the sake of gaining domination over the people and remaking them in their image”. Lenin tried to introduce state capitalism in 1917. However, Lenin’s period of economic trial...
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Communism Vs Fascism: An Essay

During the war period, there was a need for leaders to organize people and prepare for the war, and as a result, forms of government started to emerge. Initially, the ideologies that people had were communism, where everything was owned communally, and people could contribute according to their needs and liberal democracy, which is a political and ethical way of life based on liberty, approval of the people being governed, and equality of all people before the law. However, during...
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Reflections on Why Communism Is Not Historically Inevitable

The conflict between different social classes was once so real and that one could think that it will result in a revolution. Nevertheless, today, 171 years after the idea of communism was founded, things seem to be taking the opposite direction. The social gap is widening every day. The working class which was presumed to be the one to revolt against the social inequality and thus causing a revolution are the one working so hard even when they are underpaid...
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Essay on Communism and Why It Doesn't Always Work

A political ideology is necessary in order for a country to function but some political theories are more widespread, while some are less, which is a result of many factors and some, such as capitalism and communism, change beyond recognition from the original. Some are better and some are worse. The idea of communism existed for centuries even before Karl Marx and Christopher Engels popularized it. Before communism became popular the idea had many different names and was imagined in...
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Essay on Why Communism Is Good

Communism refers to a system of social organization that encourage for classless and equal community in which all wealth and property is communally owned instead of by individuals or private corporation. In summary, communism is the view that every person in a certain community is treated and receives equal portion of the benefits derived. Communism is structured to enable low-income people to prosper and achieve financial and social status equally to that of the middle-class people. Equality is attained by...
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How Did the US Contain Communism? Essay

Imagine if you lived in a place where you had no freedom and was ruled by a terrible man named Joseph Stalin. That is what it was like in many countries until America’s policy of containment. The United States made a policy of containment because they didn’t like the idea of communism. Communism is where you have no freedoms and you were under the rule of a dictator. There are three main reasons for how did the US contain communism:...
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Factors Contributing to the Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe

The loss of legitimacy, the arms race with the West and the Economic problems are the main precursor to eventual collapse of communism. While the Soviet government failed to create the correct policies to tackle their social and economic woes, their political actions in the 1980s also proved to be pivotal in the downfall of the Soviet Union and the eventual downfall of communism throughout Eastern Europe. The arms race exhausted the productive capacity of the Soviet Union and other...
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Democracy VS Communism Essay

European history from the beginning of French Revolution to the end of the Second World War can be explored as a series of struggles between competing or conflicting ideologies. The events with the ideologies presented brought about the modernisation of Europe as it is in present day through significantly important documents, a rise of public perception and knowledge towards a certain unfair rule or class discrimination, mass participation, the development of science and technology, amongst many others. This essay will...
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Pros and Cons of Communism

Karl Heinrich Marx the father of the most effective economic system we know of was born on May 5th, 1818 in Trier, Germany. Marx was the oldest boy that survived of nine children which I would call fate. Marx was born into a Jewish background which exposed him to prejudice and discrimination that may have been a factor in his questioning of the role of religion in society and contributed to his desire for social change (McLellan, 2019). In the...
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Views of Karl Marx and Plato on Political Theory

It is interesting to see the views and opinions of different philosophers who lived in different time period when it comes to the subject of political theory. These philosophers may not have directly written about political theory, but their way of thinking can be applied to political theory. In this essay I am going to talk about Karl Marx and Plato. We can say that these two philosophers share different opinions about political theory. The first philosopher that I have...
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