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Essay on Communism and Why It Doesn't Always Work

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A political ideology is necessary in order for a country to function but some political theories are more widespread, while some are less, which is a result of many factors and some, such as capitalism and communism, change beyond recognition from the original. Some are better and some are worse. The idea of communism existed for centuries even before Karl Marx and Christopher Engels popularized it. Before communism became popular the idea had many different names and was imagined in different ways. The modern-day communism was drawn out when Karl Marx and Christopher Engels published the books ‘Das Kapital’ and ‘The Communist Manifesto’. These books unified the ideas of communism, socialism and capitalism and described in what ways a government should behave and in what ways the finances should be managed. The publication of these books led to the first unification of communist ideas and the creation of multiple committees dedicated to the topic. ‘The Communist Manifesto’ was the basis for most of communism and it was used for reference in many places.

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The first major impact of the books was the formation of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (Russia before 1917 was called the Russian Empire). The formation of the party happened on March 1898. The party was the first of its kind in Russia. There were numerous more political groups created in Russia but the two that stood out the most were the Group of Democratic Centralism and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (USSR, in Russian ‘СССР’). The two parties ending up going to ‘war’; in other words, the Bolsheviks murdered out the democratic party and the tzars entire family. Then, the Bolsheviks took control over all of Russia. They modernized the industries and seized the means of production. On December 30th, 1922 the Soviet Union was formed. Lenin then made three-year plans to maximize the efficiency of production. This transformed the problematic Russia that heavily relied on farming into a prosperous industrial nation ready for any obstacle.

The Soviet Union was the first working example of a socialist state. By saying “working”, I mean that they had a stable government, a set ruler and a fed population. The Soviet Union eliminated the influence of wealthy people in the government. They then distributed their money amongst the people. Now that the industry was the property of the government everyone could have a steady job and pay. This is the main reason why the USSR flourished. The idea of having a steady job and pay for everyone eliminated poverty (poverty is earning less than 1 dollar 90 cents per day). This standard is inaccurate because you need to accommodate that the prices of living can be different. In a fictional setting the cost of a ‘comfortable’ life could be 10 cents per day and the average person earns 1 dollar. There can also be an example in which the person earns 10 dollars a day but the cost of living per day is 20 dollars. Many people consider the people living in socialist countries to be poor but that is because of the misleading definition. In many cases they are actually better than people in capitalist countries. An individual in a capitalist country may have the money to buy a 2000 dollar watch and an individual in a socialist state may have the money to buy a 20-dollar watch; the watch could be the same or very similar. A socialist state can also have some disadvantages. The necessary commodities were usually extremely cheap but luxury items that were imported would usually carry with them a very big price tag. This is due to importing being expensive and unnecessary from the survival standpoint. This seems ideal to most people but human nature is to be egocentric so communism doesn’t always work. A human always wants more than the others have.

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