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Electoral College Argumentative Essay

Is the Electoral College fair? This debate has been dividing the opinions of Americans ever since it was first established by the Founding Fathers in 1804. In all honesty, the concept does not make a great deal of sense; the US is the only democracy...
2 Pages 1004 Words

Communism Essay

Communism is a relatively new term but still holds its place across numerous societies across the world. Communism is a social and economic system in which all resources, such as property, are owned collectively by the classless society. This essay will look into what communism...
4 Pages 1675 Words

Electoral College Essay

In November 2020, the United States Elections were held, Joe Biden won the election with 305 Electoral College votes compared to Presidential Incumbent Donald Trump’s 232. For centuries the United States utilized the Electoral College voting system. A simple description of the system is that...
4 Pages 1741 Words

Hamilton vs Jefferson Essay

During the late 1700s, there was a heated debate between the Federalists and the Republicans. While both political parties had different ideas of what the government should become, it was ultimately Alexander Hamilton’s that eventually bested Thomas Jefferson’s vision. Hamilton was the first treasury secretary...
2 Pages 688 Words

Honesty Is the Best Policy Essay

Honesty means honesty. Honesty means developing the habit of telling the truth throughout your life. A person who practices honesty in life has a strong moral character. Honest people display good behavior, always abide by rules and regulations, observe discipline, tell the truth, and are...
1 Page 427 Words

Characteristics of Conservatism

This essay aims to describe the main features of conservatism with reference to the historical and philosophical origins, the core value, and the perspectives on the welfare state and social policy. Conservatives are hard to define but they tend to want less control over an...
2 Pages 776 Words

What Is Social Policy Essay

Social policy focuses on human needs, social issues, social welfare, equity, and social justice. These concepts are drawn from a range of different subjects such as sociology, law, politics, psychology, economics, and philosophy. Seen to be a field of study, as well as a form...
1 Page 430 Words

Jimmy Carter Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Essay

Carter calls for the protection of the Arctic Refuge in his foreword to “Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land, A Photographic Journey.” Carter creates a case for the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in order to convince his audience. Jimmy...
1 Page 638 Words

Joe Biden: Pros and Cons

U.S President of 2021, Joseph Robinette Jr. Biden, more known as Joe Biden, is big in the political industry today. He is well known for being Senator, Vice President, and now President. Besides being known as Vice President and today’s President, he has a bigger...
2 Pages 931 Words
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