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Essay on Solar Energy Solutions

5 Pages 2138 Words
India's abundant solar energy potential provides a clean and sustainable energy that can replace the extremely harmful, polluting and rapidly depleting conventional sources of energy. The development of policies and promotion of renewable energy will help India meet the solar target. This paper presents a comprehensive study of the current scenario of solar energy in India along with the challenges...

Essay on Chesapeake Colonies Government

1 Page 574 Words
Introduction The Chesapeake Colonies, consisting primarily of Virginia and Maryland, played a significant role in the early development of English colonization in North America. In this informative essay, we will explore the government structure of the Chesapeake Colonies and its significance in shaping the region's history. Colonial Charters and Proprietary Rule The Chesapeake Colonies were established under different forms of...

Essay on China’s One-Child Policy

2 Pages 1122 Words
China’s one-child policy has become a controversial topic for numerous years. Many believe that this was a necessary step for the Chinese government to take in order to combat the issue of overpopulation that was taking place in China. However, others argue that the morality of this rule was severely poor and was not worth continuing. I had previously heard...

Essay on What Was a Negative Effect of the Columbian Exchange

1 Page 679 Words
The Columbian Exchange, a turning point in world history, brought about a profound transformation of cultures, ecosystems, and economies through the exchange of goods, ideas, and diseases between the Old World and the New World. While there were both positive and negative consequences, one particularly devastating negative effect of the Columbian Exchange was the introduction of diseases to indigenous populations...

Essay on Global Refugee Issues

3 Pages 1506 Words
In Gammeltoft-Hansen and Tan's (2017) article, 'The End of the Deterrence Paradigm? Future Directions for Global Refugee Policy', three principles are put forward which are proposed as being essential in adopting an effective and durable system of refugee protection. These principles are discussed and outlined as, 'respect for international refugee law', 'meaningful burden-sharing', and a broader notion of refugee protection...

American Refugee Policy Essay

6 Pages 2677 Words
'The waste majority (of refugees) are assailable families, women, children, -ol and they're fleeing for their living,' Appleby aforesaid. While the technicalities of the policies may change regulated in answer to the progress litigation and notorious distress, it has suited notorious that the administration will not discontinue its efforts to vilify refugees and basin back America’s profession to tender sure...

Synthesis Essay on Daylight Savings Time

4 Pages 1631 Words
What if you are traveling overnight by train during the time we are switching our clocks back an hour? You will probably be stuck in a train station an hour longer than you expected. Amtrak trains have a scheduled time to run by, so in October when we change the clocks back by one hour, all trains stop at 2:00...

Essay on Importance of Environmental Law

2 Pages 840 Words
Environmental law is a relatively recent idea that encompasses a wide range of topics such as climate change, energy sources, pollution, and corporate social responsibility. Sinha stated that environmental conservation cannot be realized without sufficient laws. Environmental education and raising environmental awareness are two vital ways to ensure that the environment is conserved for future generations. At the level of...

Cause and Effect Essay on Immigration

4 Pages 1563 Words
Small Island, Big Challenge: Irregular Immigration in Malta since 2000 Immigration and more specifically irregular immigration have been current and troubling topics that bear unexpected tasks and challenges for many European countries. Especially if the question of solidarity and burden sharing is raised by other EU members, that demand help and support. After joining the EU in 2004 Malta has...

Why I Want to Be a Politician Essay

2 Pages 824 Words
Introduction Politics is appealing because it has a significant influence on administration and society. As someone who is fervently committed to bringing about significant change, I identify with the political role. Politicians have a special ability to mold our reality in many ways, from social welfare to the law. This essay explores my personal path towards a career in politics,...

Essay on Family Planning Policy in India

3 Pages 1311 Words
India is one of the world’s most populous countries. Its population is 1.3 billion. Overpopulation comes with a slew of problems, such as pollution, lack of food, and overuse of resources, that all intertwine and make solving poverty even more difficult. In an effort to decrease rapid population growth to preserve resources and aid economic development, India implemented population control...

No Child Left Behind Act: Analytical Essay

1 Page 404 Words
In this essay, a brief description of educational policy is discussed, showing how interested parties collaborate to form a new public policy within education. The various actors within the network are discussed, along with competing interests surrounding these policies. Next, an explanation is given of how policy networks influence democratic governance. This information will be used to draw a conclusion...

Thematic Essay about the Ideal Political System

4 Pages 1887 Words
Regarding this thematical essay, the discussion being covered regards the ‘ideal political system’, in which I will analyze, as well as investigate, the ideal political system with the support of real-life examples from real-world political systems, in addition, to support my arguments, the use of academic debates and literature on the topic will be prominent in aiding whether, for example,...

Decriminalization of Drug Use as a Solution: Problem Solution Essay

2 Pages 774 Words
In 1971, President Richard Nixon proclaimed drug abuse ‘public enemy number one’ in the United States. Ever since that time the policy of ‘War on Drugs’ has directed the political mindset of the United States. The basis for Nixon’s argument was that the best way to prevent further drug use would be the eradication of available drugs through strict policing...

Paid Maternity Leave Policy: Critical Essay

3 Pages 1296 Words
Paid maternity leave is a fairly new topic, specifically within the United States. Less than sixty years ago, women were still largely considered as inferior to men in the workplace and were denied opportunities and jobs based off that fact. A considerable portion of women still took the stereotypical role of the ‘homemaker’, while the men brought in the income....

Comparative Essay on the Columbian Exchange

1 Page 541 Words
Introduction The Columbian Exchange, triggered by Christopher Columbus's historic voyage in 1492, forever transformed the world by initiating the global transfer of plants, animals, diseases, and ideas between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. This comparative essay will explore the impacts of the Columbian Exchange on both the Old World (Europe, Africa, and Asia) and the New World (the Americas), highlighting...

Essay on One Unintended Consequence of the Columbian Exchange

1 Page 422 Words
Introduction The Columbian Exchange, a period of extensive cultural and biological exchange between the Old World and the New World following Christopher Columbus' voyages, had far-reaching consequences. While it brought about advancements in trade, agriculture, and the exchange of ideas, it also had unintended consequences that significantly impacted indigenous populations. This informative essay focuses on one of those unintended consequences:...

Reducing Obesity in Youth Act of 2018: Healthcare Policy and Eating Habits

4 Pages 1999 Words
An epidemic plaguing the United States currently is childhood obesity. The problem is extremely significant and it continues to increase at an alarming rate. (Childhood Obesity Facts, 2019), found that 13.9% of children between the ages of 2-5, 18.4% of children 6-11, and 20.6% of adolescent children are obese. If these rates continue to climb in this direction the United...

Policy Analysis of the Affordable Care Act

7 Pages 3268 Words
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as The Affordable Care Act (ACA), is a policy, or federal statute, signed into law by Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The enactment of this policy serves as one of the largest changes to the American healthcare system since the passage of Medicare/Medicaid in the mid-60s (Cohen et. al, 2015)....

Issues of Forest Policy in the Philippines

3 Pages 1279 Words
Executive Summary The utilization of supposedly forestall areas for agricultural production purposes and industrialization inevitably results in the loss of important natural resources that could support both human and other animal life. The shrinking forestall areas all over the country manifest large-scale deforestation. Human activities led to this problem and so as caretakers of this planet, it is just right...

Influence of Political Ideology, Public Opinion and Economic Factors on Developments in Health and Social Care Policy

7 Pages 2987 Words
This essay aims to provide a critical discussion on how the influence of political ideology, public opinion, and economic factors had on major stages that the UK health and social care policy passed since the Beveridge Report published in 1942. The writer surveys the literature that documents significant events of the health and social care policies. Furthermore, the four significant...

Bernie Sanders as an Excellent Leader: Analytical Essay

1 Page 422 Words
My answer is going to be somewhat different than a mainstream answer. I believe and I know that US Senator Bernie Sanders is an excellent leader and would be one of the best presidents we have ever had here in America. He is of, by, and for the people and has consistently had the same message for over 4 decades....

Problem of People's Loss of Interest in Supporting Traditional Political Parties

4 Pages 1662 Words
This essay be explaining why so many electorates are losing interest in supporting traditional political parties using evidence from different sources. It will first be talking briefly about the origins and developments of political parties and their position on the political spectrum. Than go on to explain why political parties are so important within society, to understand why electorates are...

Analysis of Japan's Economic Policy

4 Pages 1792 Words
For a long time, Japan has been known for its distinct lack of natural resources such as oil, gas, metals and other traditional energy sources, depending highly on imports for energy and raw materials for activity such as construction (Owuor, S. 2019). In this economy, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing are the main sectors, and has continued to flourish owing to...

Principles of Medical Paternalism and Patient Autonomy: Analytical Essay

4 Pages 1810 Words
A fundamental debate in the field of medical ethics and English medical law has been finding the right balance between the principles of medical paternalism and patient autonomy. While there are commonly used definitions of medical paternalism, such as “treating of others in their best interests, regardless of their own view of what their best interests are”, as well as...

Notion of Autonomy and Its Application within Medicine: Analytical Essay

2 Pages 877 Words
Written by Scott Y.H. Kim, this academic article concentrates on bioethics and the particular ethical philosophies that are prominent within the provision of healthcare. The article was written for the philosophy, psychiatry and psychology journal published by John Hopkins University Press in 2013. Through this article, Kim expands on the notion of autonomy and its application within medicine. The presence...

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